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Ken speaks up, "I don't know much about politics other than I hate capitalism because that's my life you know, but. I feel like the people behind Prism should at least reveal themselves, if only to gain trust. Maybe some of us have pseudonyms - or multiple ones - but those are usually one person per identity. At least, the Prism people should reveal themselves. To gain our collective trust?"
"Sorry! I didn't mean to call you a bug you're just a big moth person and that's the first thing that popped in my head. And uh... That's a nice scarf." Esen blurts out to Theraea before Nocturne shows up to rescue her from the awkwardness. She listens to his speech and slaps her forehead.

"Oh, shit, that's why he showed up," she says to herself. "That guy's my boss's boss."
Sam raised his hand from the back.


He tilted his hat back.

Finn rubs her chin.

"Aye- er, yeah, I mean. I... I don't mean to be rude, or anything, but the cowpoke over here has a point? One that sort of feeds into the Prism thing, even if it's not a concern of his. Like, this is being organized in a really... sketchy. Way. I mean, I know I'm a shitheel nobody - pardon my language - but I've never heard of Prism? And then suddenly they're at the center of this massive attempt to overthrow the Omnicorp. The fact that this whole operation is being built and structured around a group of people who no one's ever heard of and who have such a big ol' group identity thing going on that no one can really hold any individual there to account is... kind of concerning? Real concerning, yeah."
Yeah, hi, I'm gonna break the rule and reply because I didn't introduce my dumbass because I forgot this thread only updates at night or the ass crack of dawn, whoops.

The woman that enters beside Cadence is nearly her antithesis. She's maybe 5'2" at maximum. Her skin is very dark, contrasted by stark white hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. The clothing she wears is functional but not necessarily a costume. Jeans, combat boots, an under shirt, and a leather jacket make up her ensemble, her only accessory a pendant draped across her neck. She seems woefully ill-equipped, and it's likely no one would recognize her like this at all. Just some motorcycle butch off the street, come to observe.

If possible, she'd take a seat by Cadence and Lady Light, content to watch, listen, and wait. It didn't seem her place to ask questions with how green she was, and the other experienced heroes seemed content to flap their gums. Listening might help her learn!
<I know I'm gonna regret this, fuck> She texted Devana, before standing up herself and manifesting her golden wings. She was, technically, still just wearing a swim-suit--but the power of illusion converted that into whatever the hell she wanted it to be.

It had been a simple black dress, just something cute and somewhat formal to wear to Nocturne's big announcement. But right now? Now that she was having to come step on stage? As she flew over, it morphed into an armored gown that seemed to be made from the fabric of the night sky, stars and all. She put out a hand for a microphone, and a table rose from the stage with one on it.

"You may know me," said Lux, one of the most heavily merchandised super heroes of North America. "I call myself 'Lux'. It's a name I invented for myself as a child, just starting on this path--a mask the Omnicorp was more than happy to claim as their own and twist to their own ends, as a vehicle for profit and fruitless feeding of their eternal greed. As they do with everything they touch. With the environment. With ideas. With lives. All callously fed to the grinder of this monstrous capitalistic beast."

"I call myself by other names--such as the one my parents gave me. The one so many of us hide--and why? Not for our own sakes. Your enemy cares not what name you have, unless it can use your name against you. Against this enemy, to be known is not only to endanger yourself, but to endanger also those who know you, who raised you, who love you or merely exist in physical proximity to you--But I speak of things that we all already know. To have your identity exposed is a danger and a tragedy not because we are having fun being cryptic and mysterious, but because it is a shield for those who we love." Yeah, Emily, why are you yelling Orla's name around the compound? Gosh. Shaking her damn head.

"And this is the reasoning behind Prism as well. To further obscure from our enemies our lines of communication, those lines of connection which form a strong basis upon which we can organize, can hold an advantage. Perhaps it is overkill, a shield upon a shield. I shall reveal this now, and let it be considered."

"I am Prism." As she paused a moment to let that be heard, three other women joined Lux on the stage.

One was a woman appearing to be in her late fifties, very tall and wearing a suit of Greek style hoplite armor. A sword was at her side and a shield was at her back. Her hair and eyes were both gray, and her wrinkled skin a mediterranean tone.

The second was a woman closely resembling the first, though likely half her age. She too was tall, and she too wore a suit of Greek style hoplite armor. A sword was also at her side and a shield on her back, though her hair was honey-colored and her eyes blue. She could easily be described as the most beautiful woman anybody in the room had seen, her skin and features flawless.

Finally, the third was a woman of Lex's height, with blond hair, blue eyes, and awfully pale skin. She wore a suit of fur-lined metal armor, and a sword was also at her side.

One at a time, they repeated Lex's words.

"I am Prism."

"I am Prism."

"I am Prism."

They looked to Maria in the crowd as well, though they did so discretely. Nobody expected Coyote to join Lux up on stage. Such an expectation would be foolish.

Indeed, Maria quietly opened a water bottle and placed three question-marks in the air for them to see.

"I helped create her. I am one of those who animates her. The others are all, to a one, close friends of mine, who have fought beside me. Whom I trust with my life, and fight with me to protect the world. It is my preference to guard their identities as well." Though she wasn't the only voice in this matter, and had been joined by at least most of the others, at least the reasoning was out on the table.

"As for what comes after we destroy the Omnicorp? What exact system replaces this great evil we are all assembled here to tear out root and limb? We shall discuss this. We shall debate this. And I dare say a great deal of time and thought will be dedicated to the question."

"I tell you this now, in all seriousness: It is almost completely irrelevant." Fuckin' bombshell opinion there.

"There are many potential arrangements a government can take to distribute resources, to ensure the safety of its people, to create a just and good society. Various arrangements of councils, of judges, of figureheads and elections and checks and balances--these are not questions that are solved overnight, they are built!"

"They are built and grown as this resistance must! By working together! By deciding on a goal, and moving towards it!"

"There will be problems! There will be setbacks, and enemies, and trying times and arguments, but I tell you this now. I will never stop fighting. For Earth. For its people. For a better future. And that is the task I ask you all to join together for. Right here, and now!"

"Who's ready to take down the Omnicorp?!" She called out, spreading her wings as she invited a show of enthusiasm from those assembled.
Nocturne looked to Lex with a nod then back to the crowd.

"I'd reveal my identity in a heartbeat to you. You're only here because I trust you," he told the crowd. "But the corporations also have tools and methods to help you reveal information you don't want to reveal, including mind-readers and dream manipulation, and if my identity gets out it could derail the entire resistance. That said, yes we're using these people for communication. If any of you have a better idea for unhackable, instant, foolproof communication I'd be totally willing to consider and implement it. Dream communication isn't even perfect, considering you need to be asleep to use it. I'd love a better method. And nope, this isn't a corporate trick. Not that you should believe that if you ever hear it. That's like asking somebody you think might be scamming you if something's a scam, or asking a potential cop if they're a cop."
Was that the most beautiful woman Zil had ever seen? Hmmm. Tough question. Probably not. Maybe? Maybe one of the most. She certainly notes the appearance of all these big heroes as she listens, eyes carefully following movements.

At the call to action, Zil nods her head, though the whoop she gives is strangely quiet before she raises her hand.
"So...the...Prism is more than one person and you can all hop into our dreams? Are we- are we revealing our identities as team bonding?"
Ah, that was quite the spectacle! Well, Candy wasn't one to turn away from theatrics at all that's for sure! She clapped after everyone spoke! Even after the people in the crowd spoke out she clapped!

Candy leaned over to Zil and whispers. "I don't think that is exactly the case, But if you want to, You should go ahead and do it! Since the omnicorp already knows your identity."

Then she speaks up herself!! When people listen though, it's like listening to someone who's standing in front of you for clarity and ease of hearing! It's a soft silky smooth voice that enunciates clear as a bell.

"I think everyone that showed up here is at least interested in the resistance, and feel free to speak up if I'm wrong about that. So! I feel that we should move from rousing speeches to the previous topic!

First of all, I don't feel exactly 'cool as a cucumber' having mostly supered power people here deciding what to do after in great detail. It just comes off wrong that a bunch of people gathered on a mountain to decide the order after the resistance." She laughs lightly. "Not that I don't think we don't have the people's best interest at heart, because I really liked what the Teal Titan girl had to say." A whisper breaks off only for Finn to say. "Sorry if that isn't your name, I haven't met you yet!" The rest continue to hear. "I don't know... It just seems in bad form. I still think we need to collaborate with the populace at the end of this. I'm all for a plan for the in between state after this! I'm aware there has to be SOME plan, I'm not Naive. I'm free to debate if some disagree with my view. I just like people having their voices! Except Nazi's... and basically any hate group."

"Oh! I also think we should form an eco friendly fast and cheap, transport system connecting the entirety of America! It will help the distributions of supplies way faster for the people that need it, help with people remaking cities, and help with environmental efforts in getting the wastes to how they were before the Omnicorps and slowly trying to reintroduce animals and fauna back into their habitat and prevent further extinction!"

Candy blushes and sits back down.
"Whoo!" Went Orla from the back, clapping at the end of Lux's speech. And Nocturnes bit too, he seemed nice. With the same seeming sort of enthusiasm as that first teacher's clapping after a guest's speech to show to the students that now is the time to clap. Except actually super sincere in this case! She hadn't totally agreed or disagreed with everything she was hearing and seeing. Seeming a bit weird that there'd been that whole Prism subterfuge thing, but, she wasn't a superhero used to espionage and stuff.

Besides, Lux was here and in on it, so it was probably fine! Assuming it was really Lux. Probably was really Lux. Damn guys, this was why trust needed to be encouraged immediately.

Orla also gave Finn a small pap on her arm after the comment about how her name had been said. Just to show with a touch and a look that she appreciated the thought there, but it was okay. Finn seemed nice too, if hard to understand. Lot of nice people here. Like the cowboy man. And hey, rad! Another short person close to her age not wearing a weird uniform! She gave another whoop too as Zil did, aural support

Now that they'd gathered, it was so cool to see some other young-ish superheroes here. Like that other kid actually maybe her age! She'd have to talk to him later. She'd give Ken a wave if he looked around or caught her eye at any point.

Orla clapped again after the neon-blue and pink radical chick! Gave a thumbs-up! Yeah! Fuck Nazis! She was also a fellow sincere clapper!

^(Just to reply to the Finn conversation from before the bit talk started!)
When Candy sits, Zil gives a louder whoop for her! Because yeah, the people do really matter, huh?

"Looking forward to the future isn't a bad idea, and looking out for the people is important, yeah. I mean, why would considering people and what's to come be an issue? Ern-- I'd be down to help with any sort of construction or organization that needs to be done after. Since. Something definitely needs to be done and non-powered people need a voice. I've always just been around to help people anyway, be they injured or angry or displaced."

For a second, Zil pauses.

"There are people that live on the outskirts of cities in the woods, too. Ensuring they're safe and potentially allowing them to reintegrate into a society that will accept and support them rather than bleeding them dry and running them out is also important. But. Uh. I'm new at all this and not the smartest at this stuff. I'm just muscle here, I think? Yeah. I also won't. Reveal my stuff yet. Since that's not a thing. My bad."
Finn... frowns. She frowns deep. Her well-practiced anglo breaks... along with her heart, maybe??? Because damn. For a bunch of her childhood heroes, people sure were acting pretty fucking cowardly. Here were these two newbies, acting pretty open and honest - hell, here was ORLA, A CHILD, forced into absolute open honesty - and yet they needed... a second layer of secret identities? To protect what? Their public image? To protect them from their fellow heroes? This whole thing reeked of a lack of trust. Like a lot of secrecy and not so much of the nobility and loyalty and friendship she'd read about. This wasn't daring and brave. It was... spy shit. Antihero at best. And yet Lux was in on it??? She talked like Lux, but... this wasn't a Lux move. Wasn't in character. This. This didn't bode well.

"Aye, it sounds like ye've all done a lot of this organizin' and plannin' without us, aye? Guess I cannae really complain, though... Ugh. Whate're happens here, I'm fer an end tae capitalism. Tired o' seein folks starvin' in the streets an' toilin' fer bosses. Ye want my arms in this? We cannae just go back to the America my mum came tae. We tried the 1700s on fer a couple hundret years. It fit like a glove for a lil' while, 'til genocide an' fuckery went sour, then we kept it on an' let ourselves smell like spoilt milk, an' then we kept it on 'til we caught a hunnret different viruses an' it kilt the whole damn't thing. I've lived in the cities fer a fair bit o' time now, an' the sufferin' needs tae end. No more top-down, lots more bottom-up, aye? Sorta like she said." She nods towards Zil. "Think the bright haired lassie's ideas are a good start, too - once the groundwork's settled, if this whole thing's gonna be even sortae united, travel should stop bein' such a fukkin' bastert. Dinnae wanna ride another sex doll boat tae shore. My biggest concern's with makin' sure we don't sub out one corporation for a lotta smaller ones, though."
"I think I should add a bit here that needs discussing." Raven began. "Talk of what's best for America after the Omnicorp is overthrown should be left until then, when we can hold a proper convention involving the public to decide what should be done. Personally I think it's a mess no matter what we do as there is zero chance of united the country afterwards unless we have a single symbol everyone can agree on, and the last effective symbol was Bald Eagle. The only thing thats clear here is whatever America's fate is, it'll be better than what the Omnicorp is leading it to be, and dividing and arguing over whats the right course now is pedeantic and is only going to lead to divisions, factionalisation, fearmongering and secret alliances. The only thing I desperately want is to depopulate the cities and recolonise the interior of America with the population America has so no matter what course our future takes, the vast majority of our population is no longer trapped in huge easily controlled penhouses."

"As for wether we can trust Nocturne, if Emily and the others trust him, then I'm willing to give him a shot. He's hardly the most unreliable person here, nor the most secretive. Myself aside, how many of us are of dubious character? Besides he's right, the omnicorp has insidious means of screwing with peoples' minds. I and a friend did a raid on an Omnicorp site in North Africa, details are not important but we rescued several of their mages from their control. Turns out they use extensive hyno-indoctrination, dream manipulation and perception warping methods to ensure their key assets that they dont trust have no real means of telling whats real and whats fantasy, so they cant even think about sharing their secrets or doubts with their closest friends, and cannot tell if what they are experiencing is a dream or real. Old school torturers could induce that on people, but not while allowing them to still be functional. The Omnicorp can."
Upon seeing a little kid, Zil has to resist an instinct to offer a lollipop. Doctor's habits die hard, but she listens to the hard-to-understand-one's points after, nodding her head in agreement.

"Right. I agree with all of that, too. Not- not the doll part. Can't agree with that. Killing capitalism though? That sounds right. We can't have more people trying this again down the line and repeating these mistakes. Society shouldn't have had to deal with it now and it definitely shouldn't a second time. Eradicating all this is a good start, but there'll be more clean up after. Structure can be determined by the people in sort of a group setting. That's how a lotta the forest folk do it. Pooled resources and such."

The Raven speaks, and she arches a brow.
"So we can give examples of mind control but not talk about our concern for the people? Noted. Look, I'm fine with Nocturne, or anyone to rally at this point, I just know I'm here to tear the Omnicorp apart piece by piece and what my priorities are after. I can drop the future talk for now but it isn't out of mind. One can't just say they want to do something without considering how to do it in advance. That's all."
Finn falls deeper into her chair. Ugh. This is... bad. This is getting worse. There's no heroic ideal folks can settle on. The newbies want something the old folks won't give. Things are just... getting bad. The bad shit is starting to hit her. Thoughts of people hurting. Thoughts of the tragedies she's had to dredge up. Thoughts of the disappointed and despairing families she's had to inform. Thoughts of hopelessness. Thoughts of loss. She thought maybe they would go away if they could come together and make things work. She saw all her legends in front of her. Surely if they were all here, something was to finally be done?

But that was not to be. The heroes were not acting heroic. The suffering was not going to end. The visions were not to leave. Her hopes were dumb. Very, very dumb - and she was starting to realize that.

So she did what she always did when it was time to confront the hopelessness and toughen up. She gave Orla a pat on the head and a smile, excused herself, and headed straight for the bar.

"Whiskey. Th'whole bottle, if ye will."


"Make it two."
"I think the only sensible thing for us to agree on regarding the future, is that we shall involve the people in its making. Because in terms of getting the people on our side, we only need to tell them the simple truth: That we are destroying the Omnicorp and paving the way to a brighter future for all of America." he said.

"The second we say that, we're going to have tens of millions of people with different ideas of what that better future entails, but willing to fight for it anyway and trying to narrow it down further than that is just going to cause dissension and disunity in the movement. If we all agree on the one proposition: 'Fuck the Omnicorp', and are willing to set aside our own biases and disagreements and work together toward that end, which I think we all can, then this meeting has already been a success on its first objective in creating a united resistance, everything else is an operational matter."
Er. Okay, Orla was, a little conflicted about getting patted on the head. Well, mmm. Finn seemed like she'd blanked out for a second there, but Orla didn't really know how to handle that. She just hoped Finn was okay. But... Well, Urgh, she didn't want to say anything, but maybe, tssk.

"Sorry, but, could we hear about what else you had to say Mr Nocturne? Maybe I'm wrong but I feel like you were going to continue a bit? It's wonderful that everyone had a chance to give input, but maybe we should hear entirely what you and the others, er... Well, 'Prism' and the rest that organised this, had planned or thought. I know I didn't have anything planned involving a bunch of heroes, and I think a lot of others here probably didn't, so, we should hear from, the organisers and everything first, right? And If I can just, I want to say, um, Just thank you and, everyone else for doing all this, It is... Just, so fantastic to see all these people here willing to band together for a good cause, and, I'm really happy to be here to see it and everyone here. Thank you all." Then she just, coughed lightly and sat down, blushing a lot at that last bit, glancing at Umeko and John to see if what she'd said was okay.
Lux used her super vision and mirrors to keep a careful eye on Nocturne's face at this suggestion. If he had absolutely no idea what he was doing, she was going to have to swoop in. Again.

She prayed he had an idea what he was doing.
Oh jeez. Maria was having a rough time there. An actual, physical, real headache caused by Lex existing and being around her and being loud about being around her. People starting the meeting out by lying. Everyone getting upset about everything immediately. God. She was already so tired. More people here than she remembered, were they all hiding from Superbullshit too? Ugh.

Somewhere in the middle of this dramatic mysterious nonsense she cracked open a water bottle to express confusion- why couldn't people just talk. Be transparent. Actually tell you what the fuck they wanted from you instead of just staring. Stop talking in the fucking godvoice when we had mics goddamn. When that finished, it dropped down above her lap, and she started taking notes on talking points, because everyone was talking and to be perfectly frank, it was hard to keep up.

1: Prism thing/transparency within org/accountability/ONLY as a means of contacting new people until we know can trust them?
1a: Dream identity protection briefing ://///
2: Kid, why named? Why in meeting? General identity briefing for newbies jfc
3: What we're setting up afterward (talk to blue/white hair lady maybe, forest people stuff)
4: Environmental issues now? City planning??? Dream come true??? Love it- What group are we :/

And then she kept quiet and waited because. The child who was here for some fucking reason (maybe she should say something, but if- actually wait no-) Point two, actually, on the list, was crossed out and removed.

"Hey, before that, sorry hon," Maria spoke up, looking briefly to Orla. Up front, to the girl, a gentle tone, and then uhhhhh terse! "Why is the kid here? If the previous explanation, of which that better not have been her real name, was true? She shouldn't be here now that the goofs are over. The transparency has been low on the onset so far, feel I need to ask. She shouldn't know things that can be pried out of her."
Orla was SUPER uncomfortable with this scrutiny. "I'm er, probably not going to be involved with the corps actually, at least not til I'm older? I'm training... I probably shouldn't say where, right? But, it's somewhere that the corps would find very hard to reach or get their influence to. And, it helps me find closure to see people standing up against the corps that have, well, uprooted my life pretty badly. I'm sorry for the trouble I'm causing. Sorry. I do want to help, but I do understand the limitations of my involvement, and am working to be capable of doing so when I'm older, and being here to see all this I think helps a lot." She gave Maria a quick small half-smile back, she did understand now that her presence was making people uncomfortable, but she didn't want it to be a thing that caused more disruption to this group's beginning.
"She's a player character and Cid didn't want to exclude Quinny from literally everything for the rest of the game."

"Hey," Emily's voice said quietly out of Maria's armrest speaker. "Yeah, Orla's in training with some very nice friends of mine. I initially put her with a nice family in England but she was having none of it. Her name was said because her face is plastered all over the news along with her name. I didn't realize nobody here knew who she was. That's kind of weird. None of you guys must watch American news...which is fair! Anyway, she shouldn't be here for this next part, since we're moving on to actually sensitive intelligence that she doesn't need to hear, even if she isn't at risk of being captured."

Orla was promptly shuffled out of the room gently by an Emily. She'd be taken upstairs and given a burger and a milkshake! Or whatever she wanted if she didn't like those.

It was a fucking good burger and milkshake.

Meanwhile, Nocturne was up on stage.

"Well, we're moving on. We can all agree that the Omnicorp needs to be taken down, and we can agree that corporations WILL NOT exist in the post-revolutionary future. But first we have to win, so we'll focus on that," Nocturne told them.

And then Nocturne proceeded to introduce the more comprehensive and well-prepared part of his planning: the War Plan. He had a lot of intelligence on corporate holdings, forces, resources, and supply lines. It was all useful intelligence to the various militia commanders there, and the plans he fabricated for their guerrilla forces were actually quite good. The militia groups were also given various useful contacts in their local area, and plans were made to deliver weapons and supplies to them. They were to build up their forces using these resources until they were prepared, at which point the proper war would start. That was at least a year away, and further plans would be formed and executed via Prism.

All in all, it seemed that Nocturne was a lot better at planning and fighting a guerrilla war than politics. Eventually he ran out of war-related things to talk about.

"Now on to the operatives. You guys will be assisting in the war effort when the time comes. You won't be necessary in the immediate future, but you'll be contacted when we have ways that you can assist the militias," he told them all. "Thank you all for coming to this. I look forward to fighting at your side and taking down the Corporatists. A better future WILL be built, that I give you my word on. A better future not built on greed, tyranny, and corruption, but on freedom, equality, and the basic truth that prosperity should be shared between all people, not concentrated into the hands of the rich and powerful. Now, stick around, talk to one of us if you want. Us knowing each other better can only help our cause."

With that, the lights came back on! Everybody was shuffled back up to the resort, including Nocturne and the ladies that made up Prism!

Socialization time was back on!

Esen is super wowed by the lightshow and everything.

"Yeah, fuck the corps! Right on!"
Maria asked Emily to stop talking about the girl as soon as she said “nice family in England”. Kind of terse, still. A talk needed having. Yeah, this was a shitshow, and she looked pissed by the time they were herded out of discussion.

God she hated this already.

New items formed on the list

-Talk about identity security
-ask who the fuck thinks they’re running this on no credibility after the last get-together screw-ups

And she was going to find herself a private spot to talk to Emily :/ That first.
Lux played the part of the socialite (or possibly the politician), flitting around the party, trying to put names to faces and reassure new allies about the organization's confidence by exuding plenty of her own, and trying to take the temperature of the resistance's buy-in to the plans in an unobtrusive manner.

But eventually, she pulled Nocturne aside to a private room to kick his ass. Devana or Jeanette could come as well, she wouldn't stop them, but she also didn't invite them.

She folded her arms, shroud fluttering in a black cloud to convey her general mood. "Ok. You managed to pull it together in the second half. That first part though? Was really bad!" She scolded, her hands and shroud emoting vigorously. "You can't pull a movement together if you lead with 'oh hey I don't know what I'm doing'! And what were you doing talking about Prism! No one needed to know about that! I thought you understood the point of her! But I had to reveal so much to keep that from completely breaking bad, and it still leaves a shady first impression!"

"I asked if you needed my help with this! Why didn't you come to me for help?" Lux complained.
Finn gulps down the last of the bottle and pushes it forward. She's starting to sway a little bit.

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