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Maria walked back to the party just in time to witness Lex fuckin destroy an old man.


He wasn't like, dead, right?

((Sniped by the gm, smh))

....... What? Ok, ok, she was gonna ignore the HELL out of that whole group, and start... Making headcounts of fuckin' everyone there.
Sam runs over and shoots Solar Flare point-blank with a laser pistol, killing him instantly
(06-24-2019, 01:57 AM)Pharmacy Wrote: [ -> ]"Oh can I join the Rainbow Network? Is it a world-wide thing?" Ken said excitedly. "I mean we are already part of the Resistance but I feel like I should cover my bases and join TWO groups."

Esen shrugs.

"Uh, I dunno, talk to Nocturne I guess? Actually I can sort-of introduce you two, since he kind of bailed my ass out once? And is technically my resistance boss?"

She gets up from the table and looks around for Nocturne
"You had a whaaaaat!" Lux laughed, at this reveal. God, she was getting old.

She scanned Lady Light up and down, appraising. Leapt to her father's defense, good. Light powers, gr, but you can shoot her....probably. Hm. Maybe she'd also be a good amplifier. Kind of an idiot......made the rest more tolerable.

Lux cocked her head to the side, and took the handshake after a pause. She had a strong grip, and was applying it a bit!

"Mm. Takes after you, I think." she said. Unless Lady Light's mom was also just Like That. "Would you like to try?" She grinned, brandishing her scepter with her free hand? After a moment, without waiting for Lady Light to fully respond or even process the request, she let out a very mild, continuous sunbeam.

Emily probably wouldn't want her testing out Star Bursts on her guests!
Esen went off to talk to Nocturne!

Lady Light just stood there.

"I mean, that's great? I get my powers at night. I have all my da-Solar Flare's powers, but I can't really be overcharged like he can," Lady Light explained to Lux, glancing at her dad. "Your sunblasts won't HURT me, but all they do is fill up my batteries."

"Hey, I'd give up the overcharge I've only used a few times in my life for some night batteries," Solar Flare weighed in, smiling.
Maria very pointedly did not look. God. God. God. If anyone looked at her though, she had the most un-righteous frown on. The least tubular scowl. The tensest shoulders. The- god she needed to do something else, needed to not be RIGHT there, it was time to mingle, hey fellow kids, anger mom is going to sit with- oh, oh those kids were leaving, uhh, the little Cow Boy, the regular ass lady, Little Miss Eco-friendly, she was sitting there, as she continued her casual look about... Like, everywhere BUT that one spot.

Or at least she was going to start to sit, and then realize she should probably, "Hey folks, room for one more?
Sam looked over to Maria, and tilted his hat.


He paused mid-tilt, frowned a little.

"Have we... Met before? You seem... Familiar..."
Maria... Squinted at him. "..." Kinda reminded her of some chump she just shot in a video game. "I don't think so, but I've heard that before."

She reached behind the counter to grab a glass, and just... floated some water out from the tap. She wasn't picky. Sip. "Coyote. Don't think I got everyone's... I guess people are new enough to have to specify, fake names here?
"Coyote? But yer..."

He narrowed his eyes, then shook his head.

"Shit, sorry. I forget some people like followin' the old Family Legacy. So you're the successor of the ol' Coyote? Damn, some shoes to fill. The old lady still around and kickin'? I mean, she was younger than my old ma-entor, but still, if she's been off the grid the years would have had to be rough."
Finn rolls her eyes. "Learn th'lore, cowboy. She's immune tae death - y'really think she ages???"


"I mean, that's a way to put it, but. She's got it well enough. I'm just beautiful." Maria said, with her big bug eyes and her uncomfortable tiny-buffness
Sam narrows his eyes. Reeeeeal narrow like. Near-slits. He sips his Red Bull Hyper Ultra Lite slowly.

"You... You SURE you ain't a friend of a katana-wieldin' fedora lord who sent you over to pull a prank on me?"
"How long have you been doing this?" Maria asked, taking another sip. Of water. Because she needed to fuckin' sleep tonight. "This can't be the weirdest thing you've heard today. People usually think I'm a cop, not like, my own protege."
A knife flew at Sam from across the swimming pool where Jim was sitting, penetrating Sam' Red Bull and pinning it to a nearby wall.

Jim wasn't even looking.

Sam grumbled, ordering another Red Bull, but this time a Hyper Ultra Lite Zero.

"... Still had half a can... Anyway, I've been runnin' loose merc work for a while now, ain't ever run into any gods. I always just assumed ya'll, like, shone or somethin'. I didn't think ya'll looked like characters from one of them Japanese animes."

He'd totally watched anime with his brother before, not that he'd admit it now.
Theraea considered. "...A walking dimensional tear? I mean... actually, now that I think about it, yeah. That's happened before. I mean, I've never witnessed it but like, that's a thing that Weavers have encountered in the past. Why, is that... happening here? That question doesn't sound theoretical."



Maria snorted, covering her snoot, because oww, oww, oww, water in the nose, that fuckin sucked. She COULD have stopped this. But divinity didn't remove stupidity from the soul. "No, that's just my luck. And anyway, not every immortal jerk is a god. I'm sure you've met more than you realize. Is someone gonna catch me up on the super-titles, or am I like, too old and uncool? I get it, I just don't want to be hanging on the edge of my seat if a handle isn't coming.
Finn sighs and turns back to Zil. GOD this cowboy was STRESSFUL, even if it was in a pretty funny way.

"Nae, again, lass, I'm no throwin' shite on myself. 'Less ye think normal people are somehow worse? I dinnae got any desire tae be anythin' more than what I am, is all. Think that's fair enough. That bein' said--" She turns her gaze over toward Cadence. "Good tae be meetin' ya! An'-- Shite!!!" She turns AGAIN to Coyote, suddenly going very straight and trying to hide the alcoholic slur to her voice.

"A-Ah, yes ma'am!!! We were just-- gettin' caught up on eachother's names, an' powersets an' all, aye? I'm goin' by Nimue, I decided, this here's Zil, an' Cadence, an Blackstar. I'm a wizert, like was mentioned -- most people seem to've met the fella who went n' fathered me? -- Blackstar's a shooty-fella, an' I'll let the other two lasses speak fer themselves, 'cause I'm sure they'll speak better'n me." Plus she didn't know Cadence's power set yet.
"Maybe on a day to day basis, but the overcharge is my favorite feature," Lux briefly frowned, a bit disappointed, and the scepter vanished.

"Still operating on the West Coast?"
“I’m retired,” Solar Flare said. “That could change though. I mainly just didn’t want to miss this.”

“You are very retired,” Lady Light told her old ass dad who really shouldn’t be heroing. “But yeah, I’m active in Oakland now!”

She seemed happy to take her father’s torch.
"Grown kid? Retirement? Ugh, stooop, you'll make me feel old! Well, be sure to break him out of the shed if you need a boost in firepower," she told Lady Light. It was a good trick!

"Well, you might be too creaky for flying around town...but hey. There's a lot of desk-work involved in running an effective cell. If you wanted to try your hand at it."
"It isn't. I have encountered such a person, though I did not know that was what he was at the time, I picked him out of a crowd precisely because he radiated as if he himself were an open portal. I cannot see the tears normally unless I open them, so you can understand why I was slightly alarmed when I saw him. He is a fae, one of the magical races that share this dimension with us humans, specifically Earth, I investigated my encounter with him after the fact with other fae, which is how I found out about the dimensional tear aspect. The Fae had some form of soul magic that they utilised to manipulate their dimension, but it supposedly tore it apart, hence why they crashed into ours to survive. This fae seems to have rediscovered some portion of the old magic. There will be an announcement about this shortly."
"Stop encouraging him, please," Lady Light said, sighing.

"I flew across the Atlantic today. I think I've still got it," Solar Flare said to both of them. "But nah, I'd be a liability in darkness or at night. If I were younger, it'd not be as dangerous, but uh...yeah. And I'll leave desk jobs to the smart people who actually know a thing or two about this revolution thing."
Theraea actually started taking notes on what Desmond said, which was new.

"Okay, um... that might explain a few things about the instability of this universe. Maybe. It's a lot more extreme than the other phenomena I've encountered so far, at least. ...I'm going to need to assess the threat this person poses... And you said it's related to something that previously tore an entire dimension apart, okay, okay... Um, thank you for coming to me with this."
"C'mon," she said, giving him a wink and light punch, and completely going against Lady Light's request. "You don't become a vigilante if you can sit back completely while there's big things going on..."

She shrugged, like it wasn't a big deal, and went to plant an idea. "But, hey. Might as well meet some new friends, while you're here. Revolutions are built person to person..." And so saying, she went to introduce him to some of the newbies who could use a confidence boost...
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