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Well, the one now, the other later.

In response, though, the Dark Knight made to remove a section of their faceplate, revealing a swirling cloud of darkness beneath, that dripped out like a heavy fog.

The coffee went into the cloud, and an empty cup came out. Dramatic.
Out of the dropship came the Demon as well. She wore bulky yet surprisingly flexible black and red armor with an elaborate and terrifying demon mask. She stood at around 5’8”, and was equipped with a pair of pistols in their leg holsters. She walked off to her room as guided by Emily.

The dropships parked on the landing pads then took off back towards America.
The big Not Quite A Moth took a much less dramatic drink of coffee. Just because she didn't have an obvious mouth doesn't mean there wasn't one present.

As Finn walked up, she gave a big wave. Literally big, because it must be noted that she was just hanging out in full moth alien form and she was therefore something like nine feet tall. Seeing her sit at a human-scale bar was probably a little comical.

"Pie... eyed?" she asked while taking another swig. "Sorry, um, I don't know what that means. But! We're having coffee! Feel free to join us!"
The Raven appeared walking out of the apartments and took a second to stop, taking note of all the other arrivals walking into the resort.

He wore a suit of magical enchanted armour of bulky, flexible plates, which seemed at a glance to be made out of polymer, metal and ballistic fiber, yet despite its bulk did not seem to offset his movements as he walked nor slowed him down. Most of it was obscured by a heavy, encompassing cape. His raven mask, true to tradition was made of matt black metal and styled on the old plague doctor's mask, yet integrated into an armoured cowl. He noticed the gathering beside Theraea and made his way over. he stopped just beside the huge Moth person.

"Theraea, good to see you again." he said, before lifting off his mask which detached from the cowl with a pneumatic hiss. He gave a brief nod to the other two, equally black clad personages at the bar before turning back to the moth person. "How are things?"
The young lady pulls down her facemask and throws up deuces to the 'tender.

"I'll have my coffee irish, big fella." Wink. "It means sloshed, wasted, absolutely knackered w' drink. Ya new tae th'language or th'worlt or sommin?"

Ah, but there were more pressing matters. ANOTHER edgelord had appeared. "OI! AY!!! YOU THERE-- YER THE RAVEN, AYE???? LIKE, TH' BIG HERO FROM THE WAR, YEAH!?"
Raven smiled lightly.

"One of them, yes. And you?"
"I!!! Fuck, havnae come up with a hero name yet... I'll work on that!!! But if yer the Raven that means..."

Her eyes are practically BUBBLING with excitement. Her big stupid grin is now on display for all, and she looks like she's gonna squeal with joy, Jesus fuck.

"You know Lux an' th' Coyote an' all them, yeah!?"
"Lux? Yes I know of her. I met her once decades ago, but haven't spoken to her before or since. Coyote I know, we didn't start off on the best footing when we met but we're on better terms now."
"Ah, gods above, y'gotta introduce me tae them!!! Lux's been my fave since I was a wee lass -- collected th'whole Bright Night saga out in the sticks, even if it was hard as collectin' a stream of piss wicher bare hands - and the youtube videos, god I had a USB fer the lotta them, 2019-2022 'fore I could even tie my laces!!!!!!!! An' Coyote-- I ain't exactly usually a fan o' edgy bastarts - its why yer not in mucha my stuff, ta be frank - but god her plotlines were always so solid. Gods!!!!!!!" She slams her fist on the counter, TOO HYPE.
Desmond gave her a bemused look.

"I'll... Try to pass you on, I suppose. I'm sorry, I didn't get your name?"
Oh my god, she was so incredibly enthusiastic.

Lex had had fans before, of course. And she'd had subjects fawn over her, that was fun. But never had it happened when she was in the room, pretending to be a hilariously stoic and self-serious knight of shadow.

The Dark Knight had gone very still, coffee cup halfway to its resting place on the table. If she sat perfectly still she wouldn't laugh.

<Em I'm gonna burst out laughing. Help. Save me.>
Lady Nightstalker leaned in to whisper to the Dark Knight.

"Just take her aside and have a chat," she whispered. "It'd make her day, and I think we can trust her. I think she might be Nick's kid, actually, based on what he told me back in the Sahara."
<Ugh, I want to, but it's not about trust...if it were just about trust we'd be Lux and Devana already...>

The cup lowered. A sensible, difficult conversation about secrecy and protecting that darn kid was a good grounding from the comedy stylings of Nick Urias' kid!
"I didn't give it!!! I mean, like I said, I'm still figurin' out my supertitle an' whatnot. Can't exactly go givin' out my name, even if I know yers. I'm a fair bit smarter 'n that, old man." She winks and gives him a thumbs up. 

"I've got like... two o' yers??? They're alright, I guess. Dunno how true they are t' real life. You find yerself goin' off on broody monologues often?"
As they talked, another stealth ship came down and landed on one of the landing pads! The cargo ramp came down.

Lady Nightstalker looked to Finn.

"That is wise," she told Finn. "Guard your name well."
Big Moth Friend nodded to Desmond when addressed. "Oh, hi! Pretty good. Genghis Khan showed up, but he was easy enough to put back where he belonged."

She then turned to Finn and the others, because Gallo was asleep. "Hello! Are we... not using our names here? I didn't even... realize everyone had codenames."
"Oh! Right, that makes a lot of sense." Theraea looked between the various gathered people. "I guess I have a 'secret identity' too, but that's really more of a, um, 'hello, I am a normal human!' kind of disguise."
"Ah -- are ye some kinda inter-dimensional fella???"
"Yeah, actually! I'm surprised you guessed that so fast. Most people guess that I'm from space or something." She extended a hand to Finn for one of those human "hand shakes". "Call me Theraea! Ibuarska clan, seventeenth spire. Which... I don't think that means anything to anyone here, but still!"
Nick Urias (dressed in his ordinary attire of a duster, an old band t-shirt, and a pair of jeans) walked out and took a seat at one of the other tables. He waved to Finn and the Raven as he walked by.

A few moments later, the Demon left her room to sit at that very same table. She waved to the Demon (not Finn as she'd arrived with her), and went to sit and catch up with Nick.
"Oh, hey guys, glad you could make it." Raven said to the two wizards as they arrived, genuinely glad to see they had made it. He turned back to Finn who he did not know was Finn and asked once Theraea had answered.

"Two of my what?" He asked. "I dont remember giving out anything. You mean two of my old identities? I did die a few times in the past."
Nightstalker leaned over to whisper to the Dark Knight again.

“Honestly? I think we’re fine to come out as ourselves. We were already enemies of the corps. We were raiding them for years and generally making their lives hell. I don’t think the omnicorp will be surprised that we’re helping the resistance if they find out.”
Esen gapes at the massive compound as her dropship comes in to land. She steps out and looks around the resort, suddenly wondering how the fuck a Bronx girl like her got invited to a place like this. She then notices the people sitting at the table and makes a nervous wave, before taking a deep breath to steady herself and put on a "yep I belong here" face.

The assembled folks in the lobby see a 5'11" tan-skinned girl walk towards them. She's got a braid half-way down her back and is wearing a light green tank top, black running shorts, a pair of scuffed-up but good quality sneakers (in green, teal, and black), and leather fingerless gloves with bright green trim. Over the top she has a light blue zip-up hoodie, currently unzipped. She's carrying a lumpy duffel bag in one hand as she walks up to the group.

"Hi. I'm, uh, es- I mean Aura. Or Green. Either works. Nice to meet you."
The huge, intimidating alien turned to look at Esen! Maybe even spun on the barstool, if this was the kind of barstool where the top swivels around. That would be fun. She waved, appreciating Esen's moderately colorful getup! Somebody wearing several colors, wow!

"Hello, Aura Green!" came that ethereal voice. "Welcome to Switzerland! I'm, um, Theraea."