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I'm sure we're all music lovers here. So let's have a thread for music discussions! Specifically, proponents of each genre should make a reasoned argument for the obvious superiority of their genre...oh whatever let's just talk about music in general. Do you play an instrument? Do you make music? That sort of thing. Let's inspire some posts!

Modnote: Please be bandwidth-considerate and spoiler your videos!
Needs more all of the above option. I will listen to any genre of music. I do listen to all genres of music. Well almost all genres.
Yeah i dislike the idea of saying "i like this and this genre". When people ask me what musics do i like i just say "oh you know, good ones".
Unlike Ed I like every single peice of music that can be arbitarily labelled as rock. I am super dedicated to the rock music.
I listen almost exclusively to video game music.
Hey me too, Fogel. But just recently.

Ix, that is a shame. Being open minded is Whoa great Whoa
I cannot vote in this poll. What is the deal is what I am asking.
I also cannot vote in this poll. And judging by the results, neither can anyone else. What is the deal indeed.

Musically, I'm going to tip my hat in the direction of downtempo, also electronica, classic rock, chiptunes, trip-hop, alt rock and a bunch of other junk that I can't think of right now or whatever. Also, what's a music thread for if not for inflicting your musical tastes on others?


(The implication is that is is for NAUGHT)
I am now hungry for Pop Rocks because of poor option juxtaposition. Whoa
You can only have 10 options, unfortunately. I should probably go and complain about that too.
I don't think I have an absolute favorite genre but I usually have phases where one genre is really awesome to me for a while.

right now I'm really loving '90s big beat stuff. Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim <3
ANYHOW, poll aside (:3)

Iiiii listen to the genre of music known as "a lot" (not to be confused with alot). But more specifically I like to sum it up with this:

A lot of my forest friends (as my little dear brother dubbed a skype group with some furries in it) are into Renard. To me Renard sounds like that one chain-comment about a heron starting shit in my kitchen. He has some okay stuff in his discography of 12 aliases, but to be frank it drowns in the mess of "Secret Place (Between my Legs)" and "Sean Paul opens a MFing Carnival." Both titles are real songs.

As a kid, I used to have a lot of trouble falling asleep, so one day my mom bought me this CD full of panflute music, and it pretty much solved all my problems with sleeping immediately. I believe listening to the right or wrong music when sleeping/waking up can determine your mood for the next day, so ever since she told me that I made the habit of listening to folk music before bed. It's been working, I've generally been a lot more sociable during the day instead of my usual "Screw sunlight, only computers" attitude. But maybe that's because I want it to work. Hmm...

I found a very good album of video game remakes lately. Probably no one knows the Touhou series on here, but it's not really required to enjoy the works. This song is one of the better, carrying with it a smackton of emotion. Whenever I write my usualy fuckshitcrazy writing style this is usually one of the songs I play in the background.

Also a very good collection of music is Nagisa Cosmetic, a Shibuya-Kei band that basically got me into the happy pop genre altogether. When I found out a YouTube user named LiccaDrop has been uploading hundreds of the songs by the dozen each day lately, my day was pretty much made. He used to go by Aleciel, but after a second copyright strike he packed his bags and went to start anew. One of my absolute favorites, and I think one of the first songs he reuploaded is Chocolate Philosophy. Like I said, wake-up songs are not to be dismissed that easily, so consider using this song as your alarm instead of La Bamba:

A friend of mine has been introducing me to Vocaloids, and it really surprised me how much songwriting talent Japan was hiding fro m me all these years. The personas Yamaha made were fan-christened into their own style and genre very soon, as well as some interesting duets between the robot voices. One of my favorites right now has to be Sakasama Rainbow.
This song has a very interesting mellow feel to it, as opposed to the usual Vocaloid music. Still very upbeat, but more relaxed. But one of my favorite Vocaloid songs has to be... anything by GUMI really. She's the alternative-rock spice in Yamaha's toolshed, and songs like Matryoshka, Ten-Faced and Poker Face (I think she has a face thing) all send shivers up my spine by the final parts.

I wonder what waking up to Renard or GUMI would be like. Probably homicidal.
B-but Renard! You can't just discount everything because of one or two bad s-(actually come to think of it Secret Place just kinda sucked as a track) b-but he really does have...then again my taste in music is horrifying. Disregard my ramblings.

Now for those of us into electronica, I'd defs recommend Waterflame, whose location on Newgrounds should not dissuade us in search of...music and stuff!

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://waterflame.newgrounds.com/audio/">http://waterflame.newgrounds.com/audio/</a><!-- m -->

And for those of us that need to listen to a piece before jumping into a new artist (most of us I'm sure :3):

Chocolate Philosophy is now the happiest song I have ever heard, but I find it strangely offputting. Perhaps it's just too saccharine.

And the Waterflame song started off great, but it almost got too monotonous towards the later parts. Eh. ;n;

But then I favour songs with clear lyrics more than songs without for some reason, so that could account for my apparent lack of taste.

One of my favourite songs at the moment is by Stornoway, whose music takes a bit of listening to enjoy but is great once you get into it. Watching Birds is one of their best (although that might not be saying much considering that they've only released one album) and I found it kind of extremely addictive. (There's also a video of a live performance sans audience in the Oxford Botanical Gardens which is kind of great here. It deserves a mention just for adorable dorkyness/Britishness if you appreciate that sort of thing.)


Another band I like is Hard Fi, but in spite of having released three albums the only one I've listened to Stars of CCTV. (I guess that doesn't really count as 'liking' a band but eh.) Favourite song off that one is Feltham Is Singing Out:


Finally, The Carpels. They haven't released their first album yet, but their first (free!) single is absolutely top notch. Hopefully the album will follow suit.


(I also adore MGMT's stuff, more the second album than the first, but they're an American band and fairly well known so to bring them up in any more than a passing reference would be incongruous with the other British and less famous bands featured in this post.)
Oooh, I like the sound of them Carpels. If I do a videodump in a similar vein, I'm gonna have to plug Diasteradio. Dude is a one-man synth-pop-producing machine who also plays a mean live gig. He's been to Europe quite a few times, and I can assure from personal experience pretty fun times whenever I've been to one of his shows.


Oh yeah, and often his music videos are like bad acid trips, of the "christ what am I watching what did I just watch why am I hitting replay on it" variety.

And both of his bandcamp albums are free to download! Or any amount you want to pay for 'em, really.
Combining the alternative rock trend we've been going at with the hallucinatory Disasteradio clips, have some Polysics!

Also in line of previous events, here's a song by Oceanship. I found them when they appeared in NitendoCapriSun's favorites, and I'm liking it so far!
Can I join the "I like ALL the genres!!!" club? Back when I was a dumb little teenager I was one of those kids who'd claim to like "everything except rap and country" but whoops guess I like them too now. I think a lot of the "I don't like [genre]" claims come from not really delving into them much. I'm from rural Kansas as basically everyone here listens to awful saccharine country-pop and that Kid Rock type country-rock, both of which I still detest, but then back around our senior year of high school a friend and I were making the hour long drive into the city to see a movie and he had a Best of Johnny Cash CD in the stereo. It was a sort of weird, gradual realization that hey...this doesn't suck! This does the opposite of sucking!

Blah blah blah talking who cares. Here are a few random favorites in no particular order



Oh man I lovelovelove Heads Will Roll. Haven't heard it in absolutely ages, but damn.

The other two songs you posted are pretty great too, Aves. I will have to check out the artists. (And such awesome music videos!)

Going to post another one of my favourites, since Heads Will Roll reminded me of it for some reason and I absolutely adore this one as well.

Niall introduced me to this song and I sort of love it a lot.
It was playing when I read Kracht's deathpost and may be the reason why it may or may not have made me cry.

This is just silly and awesome.

i really don't have a preference with music, but I really like video game music and the stuff made by the MSPA Music Team a lot.

This is probably one of my favorite video game tracks.
I think that this is really one of the best End Credits I've ever heard and that it plays with after Courser is pretty awesome.
The Naked and Famous. Another New Zealand band I'm gonna demand everyone listen to.

So this is pretty cool, 'specially for someone like me who needs longer instrumental shit if she's going to pay attention to any one computer-pertaining project for an appreciable length of time without distractions. Need to go dig out my debit card from wherever the heck I've put it so I can slap down some cashmoneys for it.
It's probably perfectly easy to describe my musical tastes using genres but I have no idea what they are called so here are some videos
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://corridordigital.bandcamp.com/track/clock-blockers">http://corridordigital.bandcamp.com/tra ... k-blockers</a><!-- m -->

I also have a hell of a lot of chiptunes from 8bc.org but barely any of those are on youtube and that site has an awful sorting system.

I tend to just prefer instrumentals than things with lyrics in, not really sure why.
40% of my mp3 player is homestuck and another 40% is just video game rips, what do
Hee, Jack, i knew you were into she through reading over Songfia. Good tiiiimes.

Have a song!

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