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Full Version: [AftikSim] 2019, Cancelled, Rip
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Hello! I am omitting my quirk for this. This is Aftik sim, similar to Notail sim but its with an Aftik. Unlike Notail sim, however... you only get

If you have offspring you get to be them. If not, you will be sent back to being a random.

First things first, however, is i need you to choose a number out of these 3. This number will influence who you are, what place you may be in, what your color is... your entire family name's reputation...OR EVEN THE FATE OF THE GALAXY so choose wisely...
y'know let's go with
ty f0r being first t0 resp0nd
It doesn't say we have to choose a number out of 3...
lemme fix that. it sh0uld say 0ut 0f these 3
>ah darn, then 2
Lets let f0rtuna v0te t0!

Fortuna rolls a 3 sided die.
A 2 is rolled.

I guess were g0ing with 2 then.
You... feel. You feel like breaking out. You need to break out. You must. You start to break out, and....
You feel warmth. You listen, and hear someone. You are drawn to them. They call you......
[You choose the polar Aftik. What is your color? You are limited to cool colors.]

Your Family's current situation.
Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die. A 6 is rolled.
What this means will be explained throughout your childhood.
If we are a polar Aftik, let’s be white! No predator will see us then!
If white is not allowed a soft aquamarine color would be cool too
pale blue with light purple cheeks/light! they can call us lavender :3
thats 2 f0r light blue 1 f0r purple 1 f0r white
1 m0re suggesti0n and ill make next stuff
Aquamarine with white cheeks!
The person speaking.... they called you Snow. You don't know why but you feel as though its best to stay close to this figure.

A few weeks have passed, and you have finally opened your eyes. You see grays all around you. You see you have brothers and sisters, all grey, yet Mother doesn't call them that. ([Colorblind])
The world is these 4 walls, yet your dad sometimes opens up a wall and exits through a wall of white, and comes back with food. You wonder if you could walk through walls, to. You try to do so. You bump your (snout?beak?) on the wall. You learn hurt. You want to avoid hurt. Staying close to mother prevents hurt.

One day father comes back but with no food. This goes on a few days, and you notice you have one less sibling. Due to this malnutrition you feel [Shorter] than the others. You also become quite [Food Aggressive] You however are always bored, and try to see new things, making you [Adventurous].

You are eventually old enough to be let outside with supervision. There is white stuff everywhere, and other kids. 2 groups of them. One has your siblings, and the other looks more your age. What do you do?
Frost is always a meanie, but it's always fun to spend time with our family. Go to our siblings!
Go with your peers, it's a good chance to make new friends!
Meet new friends! If they're more your age they may take you seriously.
You decide to go with your siblings, because family is good.

Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die.
A 3 is rolled
( Aw beans! )

It starts out fine, but then the other start doing things and talking about things you don't understand. Then they start saying things while laughing and pointing at you, except your siblings. You run to your mom. They call you a [Crybaby].
You go inside, and are [Determined] to make friends with the other group. Your mom makes you hot cocoa and tells you about all the other species in the universe and how nice they are to cheer you up.
Stay with your mum, talk more about the universe.
(11-17-2018, 11:36 PM)Ten11 Wrote: [ -> ]Stay with your mum, talk more about the universe.

Tell me about this "universe." It's full of friends and tasty things?
You ask your mom about more things in the universe.

"Are there tasty things?"

"Yes, there are tasty things, but there are also lots of non-tasty things."

"And... are there non-friends?"

"Sigh Sadly, yes. There are some bad people out there. Daddy is saving up money for a spaceship so we all can go somewhere else. Now it's getting late. Off to bed."

You go off to bed. You imagine what some of the other life in the galaxy looks like...

You wake up and decide to go hang out with the kids your age.

Fortuna rolls a 20 sided die.
A 15 is rolled.

You go over and the group warmly welcomes you.
Kid 1:"Hi new kid!
Kid 2:"We were gonna make a snow fort! With you, we could make 2 snow forts with different teams!
"That sounds fun!"
You help build a snow fort, and when throwing snowballs you Are [Determined] to hit them with snowballs, and as such your aim gets better. if you keep this up you'll rarely miss.

One day you decide to roam around the town with your best friend, Stormy. There's a shop, a cafe, the river, and then a little ways south from your house there is the tree line. Where do you go first?
Café sounds nice.
let's go to the tree line!
Btw guys if yu make art f0r my signiture y0u can have y0ur 0c in the sim! But you have to do it before i make my own signiture art in 3 days

So that 1 v0te cafe and 1 v0te treeline.
>talk to stormy along the way
Danger trees. Let's go for the tree line!
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