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Full Version: _____ Jail
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(10-31-2019, 07:16 PM)Reyweld Wrote: [ -> ]you bump thread? you bump 2016 thread with capital letter? oh! oh! jail for numbers! jail for numbers for one thousand years!!!!
my 900th post was a bad, and i am now in the jail place
to keep me in the jail place, someone must post here every day, otherwise i will escape my thousand year sentence

edit: it only lasted a day
edit 2: this is now the trike jail. you must post every day to keep the trike jailed
edit 3: the trike got out after 8 days
as manual labor i request that you construct a thousand letter sentence with the words "thousand years" in it. and then eat a bagel.

that's the daily meal in prison y'see
it's an everything bagel, with one speck of thing for every year of jail (1000)
wow short sentence huh
indeed; i've escaped
I shall now try to put you back in this jail no matter what
we're so bad at this. we were never meant to be wardens
I'm just the bounty hunter
Seems like a good place for this:

[Image: weplay-children-s-push-trike-141140-p.jpg]
Ah yes, my trusty trike. Now it's time to ride around town until I find Numbers
Do we have to post every day to keep the trike in jail?
yes you do, that's how jail works
I wonder if trike jail will last longer than one day
*random incomprehensible noises*
i kick the trike on its side
i eat the trike

now it is enjailed in mine stomache
I punch a52's stomach
ow :(
I unpunch a52's stomach
wo :)
I'm sorry a52.

I make a crayon drawing of the trike, then I punch it.
um looks like nobody was keeping an eye on the trike over the weekend...
Fools. The trike has escaped! Mankind is Doomed!
*the trike just rolls down a hill from it's cardboard jail cell into a cardboard cutout of the Earth*