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Full Version: This is gonna be the thread where we talk about stuff
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Hey guys, i noticed an alarming lack of general chatting here. Come on, we have 45 users! I'm sure that's more than enough to guarantee a good chatting experience.

So let me start this by telling you how incredibly tedious and boring my day was: i couldn't get up early and go to school, but i didn't want to stay home either because my mom would yell at me for being a lazy ass. So i just told mom i was going to school and instead just took the first bus i saw, wandered by for a few hours and came back home. Normally, i wouldn't refuse a nice trip in a bus while enjoying some music and embracing my solitude, but i really had to go to school and i felt bad for not being able to get up early. Then i just spent the rest of the day feeling miserable about it.

But it could have been worse! So yeah, it wasn't the worst day of my life but i definitely had better ones. Like that one day when a truck full of hot naked chicks and beer crashed into my wall and we had a sexy party. Man what an awful day, shards of glass and debris everywhere. Plus i don't like heineken.
If we're on the subject of life being suck, we (sort of) have a thread for that. But whatevs :3

This week I have several important assignments due - as in, crucial to my graduating kinda important. My body HAD to pick this week to get sick and make me completely unable to work on stuff.
I want to chat about general things as well.

I had to have some blood taken today, and hooray it only took like three attempts (i have the worst veins). It's going to leave a massive bruise on the back of my hand but that's neither here nor there.
I'm in the Dominican Republic and so far I have been paying attention to like, the architecture and the general roadside happenings more so than I did in the past, like to the point where I was considering using my tumblr as a sort of ACTUAL BLOG for ACTUAL THINGS but instead I just dicked around like normal :V

Anyway, there are a lot of Advertisements here. Like, there are easily 6 every block. Also there are a lot of motorcycles, I am pretty sure there are more of those than cars. Also all of the houses are colorful and are all pastel like AND IT IS WEIRD AND DIFFERENT.
I am sad that I don't have a camera Meloncholy

Anyway, one last thing about here, FROSTED FLAKES ARE HARDCORE HERE OKAY

I wish I could show you the box because it is some HARDCORE STUFF.
Maybe you can bring an empty box with you and take a picture when you get home?

Or I can check with Google. One second.

Edit: Nope, I don't see anything like what you were talking about. Well, it was worth a shot.
Well i'm not sure, i've seen Tony the Tiger doing a bunch of ridiculous shit like playing soccer with kids or doing tricks with a hackey sack. I think i saw him a couple of times surrounded by electricity.

And there's also this goofball

[Image: RFop8.jpg]

Which is just one of the many attempts at ripping off popular cereal brands. But this one always had electricity as his theme, so i don't know if they also ripped that off Tony. I don't know, who cares.

Dominican Republic sounds a lot like México (i live in a bright green pastel house). Also, how can you be on vacation and not bring a camera with you?! I'd buy a camera there if i didn't had one.
Well, it is less of a vacation and more of a "visit grandparents" so I didn't think of bringing one <_<

So yea, I didn't really think of this as a tourism sort of thing or else I would have brought one Meloncholy
Lesse, I saw two boxes in particular, in one Tony has some sort of engery in his hand and the side of the box had A REALLY EXITED KID, the other one was EDICION ESPECIAL and it had Tony in soccer gear roaring at the heavens in the rain.
Also man, I cannot get over how awesome ZUCRITAS(!!!!) is.
WHY DONT WE GET A NAME THAT COOL Meloncholy Meloncholy
Heh, i don't even like Zucaritas that much. But i gotta admit that box sounds really extreme. I agree with Fogel, you should buy one box and bring it home.
I once saw a box where he's sucking his pointing finger, yuck.

E: I found an ad from the 90's, apparently he has the power to shoot sugar from his fingertips. Which is undoubtedly more awesome than shooting electricity.

While shooting sugar is indeed more fun then shooting electricity, sadly it is not as useful. For example, a cattleprod which pours sugar on the cows instead of shocking them is a mild nuisance at most. Not to mention Sugar Fences.

Now, shooting SALT on the other hand could be more amazing when the Slugmen inevitably invade the Earth.
All I know is, somebody needs to start an adventure about a polar bear who shoots sugar from his fingertips.
But Professor! What if the invasion is not by Slugs, but Teeth!? Your anti-sugarblast ways could DOOM US ALL.
Maybe we can somehow make him shoot sugar from one hand and salt from the other one via bio engineering?
A polar bear able to shoot both sugar and salt?

You're mad! How could we possibly hope to stop such a creature if it turned on its creators?
We'd never be able to separate the resultant piles of white powdery stuff!
He learned to use the non-dairy creamer as fuel for improvised explosives. He was a lot more dangerous after that day.
Did he ever used his bear powers? Like having fur and pointy teeth and stuff.
He tried, but he got sued by El Osador for copyright-infringing use of patented powers. It was pretty disgraceful all around.
[Image: granulefingers.png]
Oh gosh it started snowing and hailing and doing other meteromagical things most of yesterday

and today's a *~*~*snow day*~*~*

Even if my 9am lecture's still on
Wait, it's a snow day, but you still have a lecture? How does that work?
Polytechnic's a snow day. University lectures are on a case-by-case basis - although the fact I'm not in my lecture right now indicates my GENE222's lecturer's car didn't start or something this morning.
dunno if I'm just being a sad sack or the real miserable deal

whatever it is, it's back worse than ever
I haven't been having that great a day either. First there's the usual roadwork, then when I go for a walk to get away from that, I find myself thinking of depressing things and then I come back feeling worse.

And then I still had to face the roadwork for the rest of the day. At least it finally stopped about half an hour ago.
Man, that snow sounds fantastic right now. The heat up here's been getting better, but we've been getting some nasty storms lately. The last one just knocked out my power for 19 hours and broke/uprooted a solid percent of my town's trees.