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Folded Story - probablyASalamander - 11-26-2019

Disclaimer: I am not the originator of this game. It's been around for a long time.

This is a continue-the-story type game. The game's main gimmick is that you may only look at the part of the story immediately prior to your own. Only when the story's complete can you read the whole thing. The end result will likely be a hilarious meandering mess.


1. Read only the last posted story-segment before adding your continuation. Do not look at any other part of the story, even after you post.

2. Put your continuation in spoiler tags.

3. Limit your story segment to 200 characters or below.

4. Please number your post outside the spoiler tags so we know where in the story we're at.

5. The 10th addition ends the story. Once its done, players are welcome to post the whole story consolidated into a single post. A player can begin the next story at any time.

6. The same person may contribute a second time to the same story, but only if (a) there have been at least 4 contributions to the story from other people since their previous post, and (b) they wait at least 48 hours after their previous post.

Note: It's impossible to enforce not peeking at previous parts of the story, though I'm choosing to go with the honor system here. It's not like it's a competitive game.

I'll start:



RE: Folded Story - Reyweld - 11-27-2019

I'll bite.