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ORB STATION 13 - Dalmationer - 05-19-2022

[Image: orbstationgif2.gif]

[Image: orbstationscreen01.png]

Quote:Ok so how many times has this happened to you. It's friday. You have a beer, or a soda or what have you, your favourite show is on. Your bra-less wife is serving you chicken tenders. But something isn't right. You search and search but you can't quite put your finger on it, until suddenly, it hits you. You snap your fingers and get up from the couch at the same time, as you declare what your issue is.
"I should be playing an online video game where I am attempting to stay alive aboard a shitty spaceship infested with traitors and monsters!"

Welcome.... To Orbstation

--Polynera Marketing Solutions, 2022.

Space Station 13 is a weird little opensource multiplayer roleplaying game that's something like a cross between a graphical MUD, Dwarf Fortress and Mafia. You play as the crew of a top secret space station owned by a sinister intersolar corporation. Your mission is to keep the station running, do your job, and make it through your shift alive. It won't be easy, though. Between sabotage from spies among the crew, alien shapeshifts and the whims of the dreaded space wizard, you're going to have your work cut out for you!

[Image: orbstationscreen02.png]

Features include:
  • A "robust" combat system!
  • Play as one of many cool as shit jobs, including Geneticist, Bartender, Captain, Clown.
  • Watch out for the traitors! These dastardly folk are up to no good, and they could be any one of your crew members. It's not the same thing as among us this game is actually older than among us.
  • Play as various creatures, customise your character!
  • Don't worry, we got rid of all the weird uncomfortable racism stuff.
  • You want weirdly in-depth atmospheric simulation? buddy you GOT in depth atmospherics simulation
  • You get to roleplay as your own space person and interact with memorable characters such as "Nancy Winters" and "GRETCHEN"
    Note: watch out if you're playing on public servers they're full of freaks.

Orbstation is a small server that we've created with some folks from the old MSPA server "Sayustation", The Orb forums, Eagletime, Crocmom and associated internet zones. We want to make a wee server with a nice mix of roleplaying and action that'll be fun to play in and not full of edgelord gamers.

[Image: orbstationscreen03.png]
1. Download BYOND: http://www.byond.com/
2. Create and log into a BYOND account
3. In the BYOND client, press Ctrl-O
4. Enter byond://
5. Press OK to connect!

we usually play on WEEKENDS right now, but that might change!


our git repo: https://github.com/lizardqueenlexi/orbstation

link to our chatroom: https://discord.gg/hpwWTMzzux

[Image: orbstationsolid2.png]