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Pacific Eagles 202X - CSJ - 07-05-2022

Hey there. Hi. Howdy.

So, I've wanted to visit NZ and/or North America since discovering the internet, though for different reasons than I did back then. People change, things happen, Tertiary Education drags on and on and eventually, there's a time and place where crossing the biggest ocean on earth looks remotely feasible...

Ok, so what is this?

I'm vaguely planning to do a car-free tour of New Zealand and/or the West Coast of North America (BC, Washington, Oregon and California). I do have a rough outline of how this is going to happen, but I'm still working on exact dates, logistics and the specifics.

The only set in stone parts of the American trip is that it'll start in Vancouver, Canada and end in Los Angeles. The rest is a rough outline of known destinations and idea of what I'm interested in.

What kinda places you wanna see?

Cool landforms, wildlife, architecture and urban spelunking and indigenous sites are some of the things I've been thinking about, partly due to connections to my past areas of study. Also people. People can be interesting!

I'm not interesting...

Prove it.

That sounds like a place what I live!

Well, that's neat, hypothetical person. If you were on the Eagles map (no I won't hyperlink it), then odds are I have factored you into my research into how to make this trip fit within a budget of about $5000 dollarydoos. If not, then I might not know or remember where you are. Ping me here or on Discord, if I haven't already and I'll see what I can do.

I don't live in them thar hills, but I'm One State Away... Krillosophy 

It might be difficult to fit in since I don't have a car license right now (and if I did I would be driving on the wrong side of the road!), but if it's doable and it can fit into the plan then hey, I'll consider it. I'm relying on public transport in a land that actively demeans it, sucks I know.

I don't know you.

Yeah, it be like that. Internet relationships are pretty parasocial at the best of times. I'm in my early 30s, am a few pen strokes away from a BSci and have only left this country once. For a one-week Model UN Conference. Funding for this trip has been acquired primarily from one of the most loathed professions: being a Sports Referee.

I'm pretty introverted which hasn't helped with the whole 'knowing people' thing, but I trust this community enough despite how it's changed over the last 4 years of my involvement to try and pull this off.

Who are you travelling with?

Nobody, unless anyone wants to tag along on any particular leg. I don't think it's particularly likely, since that's a bigger ask than simply hanging out but I won't say it's impossible.

When is this gonna be a thing?

Not sure, but it will depend on several things. If I somehow managed to make both trips happen at once, that's be hella cool. Otherwise, it'll probably be split into two separate trips. Dates I've looked into are mainly September-October in 2022, Jan-Feb or Julyish(???) next year. So there's a lot of time between me having brainworms right now and actually booking flights, accommodation and the like.

RE: Pacific Eagles 202X - CSJ - 08-01-2022


Planning is afoot and I'm about to finalize flights to and from Da Americas. I will also be visiting New Zealand but not until next year, (April 2023).

The current operational window is between the 22nd of October and 14h of November. Exact dates will be determined in the next 3 days depending on if I am still confident enough to not collapse out of anxiety.

DMs will be sent to those I know of en route shortly. Yes, this time window includes the Midterm Elections. I am going to be snooping on the electoral process during this time because I am a huge sucker for political drama and campaigning of the Progressive/Leftist variety.

RE: Pacific Eagles 202X - CSJ - 08-01-2022

Oh before I forget, the reason I say three days is because that's how long I have before Philippine Airlines ends its current flight sale. It's also the length of time I might be spending in said county in-between flights, thanks to being incredibly cheap compared to direct routes.

RE: Pacific Eagles 202X - CSJ - 10-23-2022

It's happening today. Boarding flight in under 11 hours.

2 nights in Manila, then BC, WA, AZ and CA.

About half of the trip will be spent doing touristy things and meeting people, the other half will be helping leftwing folks campaign for progressive* (non-DINO, relatively decent) candidates in the US Midterm election. Please don't start a civil war or get nuked. Crying Eagle