The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

Quote:>Adler: In a very focused manner you once again relay the established plan for the benefit of your followers (but mostly for the benefit of the readers).


"Let me make sure we all still know what the plan is," I declared with all the focus I could muster. "This is as much for my benefit as yours. Both of you are to tell tales of my deeds, to establish some charming and enticing lore which people will repeat to each other. Lysander and Ash are allegedly doing the same thing; we'll see how that goes. I trust both of them about as long as I can hold my breath. Those two are also researching the whereabouts of this Zandar femme whom I need to crown me. Lana Lynne is supposed to be looking for her as well. In her case, I'm not even holding my breath."

Quote:>Rebecca: Wow, Adler sure has a lot of "allies" that he can't trust. Has it always been like that?

"By the Bunny!" Rebecca exclaimed. "You seem to have a lot of people you can't trust working for you. Has it always been like that?"

"Unfortunately, yes," I admitted. "However, I expect that to change. I trust you two, plus all of my oath-sworn, gambling addict Ixies. If our plan works, eventually there will be many more. As your tales spread, worthy people will come seeking an audience with me. I'll determine who would be the most useful and recruit them as agents. In addition to whatever short-term quests I give them, these agents will also spread my legend as they scour the earth looking for Zandar. With so many people working for me, the plan has to succeed eventually."

"It's a cunning and creative plan," Vernier beamed. "Do you wish any changes to the way we're coordinating your supply of provisions?"

"No, I believe our previously established plan will suffice. However, I am simply so focused right now that I will restate it anyway. Vernier, you will continue to periodically bring food, drink, and news here to the stone circle. You will be paid for your efforts and the forest shall create a quick and easy path that will also be so well hidden that only you, and by extension Rebecca, will be able to find it."

"Very good, Sir," Vernier acknowledged.

"During my time alone," I continued, "I will practice conjuring things from nowhere. I will also perfect the method of controlling time slips, which Ash gave me. It seems to work to an extent, as both times I entered the Gate, only a few weeks went by instead of months or years. There are more books in the library on the subject, which I will study. I will have my Ixies warn you when I test this, so you need not waste your time delivering food during my absence. On the note of time travel, should you wish it, I am still willing to use all the elfly powers at my disposal to keep you young and in your prime for as long as you desire."

"Uhhh," Vernier hesitated. "I'll have to think about it."

"It's a big decision," I admitted. "Tell me when you've made up your mind. Now then, finally, I wish to have a meeting with Oak Marten to see if there's anything I can do to help repair the damage done to her family as a result of their service to me. I also would like to find out if any of them are still interested in working as my agents."

I also needed to warn Oak not to trust Ash, but I refrained from saying that part out loud. The trees might be compelled to report it to the Unseelie old fox. An upsetting thought occurred to me: Could the trees detect Elfmind? I needed to devise some way of finding out.

"Is that all, Sir?" Vernier asked after a moment's silence.

"Oh right," I blurted, startled out of my reverie. "Rebecca should stay here for a while so I can tutor her, at least until she is advanced enough to pursue her studies on her own."


"My Lord! When I recovered from my attack, I could do this," Rebecca declared proudly. She snapped her fingers and a small flurry of glowing sparks appeared. "Everyone else in the coven is totally jealous - not only of this, but of my cool outfit too. They all want to come and see you, but I thought it would be best to wait and get your approval before inviting them here."
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