Ok so, after reading the “April Ban Log” thread, I feel like I need to tell you all something.

When I joined the forum, I was 12. I lied about my age because I wanted to go to the Fortuna part of the forum and attempt to contribute something to it because I was a huge fan of Fortuna and the Cosmosdex.

I’m assuming here that the part at the bottom of the file attached to “April Ban Log” is talking about me (the stuff about the “youngest user” and stuff) in which they say I should be 14 now, which is false because I lied. They were concerned about the fact that there could have been someone as young as 13 on the discord server. While I was not on the discord, I am 13 and the fact that, despite doing what they were doing around minors, that they would only stop and consider what they were doing if there was a 13 year old there, concerns me more than a little because if even they acknowledged that what they were doing wasn’t safe for 13 year olds then it was probably pretty bad.

I feel sort of like I’m in danger after reading the “April Ban Log” thread, because despite the fact that the events that happened were only on discord, those people were on this forum too and could have contacted me, and I’m concerned about the danger I could have put myself in and how the situation could have changed (most likely for the worse) if I were on the discondor chat at the time. I’m also quite concerned that they acknowledged me at all although I’m probably overthinking.

I understand if I am banned for some amount of time for lying about my age, because I see now that there is a reason that 12 year olds shouldn’t be able to be here. I am 13 now though, which is what I assume to be an acceptable age. Even then, I probably should have waited a year when I wanted to join. I realised that a few months ago and I hid my age, but people still saw it before I hid it, and I’m worried about the fact that they remembered this small piece of information (that being my (fake) age) for so long.

I’m not sure what to do about this current situation, and I’m sort of anxious right now to be honest, because these kinds of people may still be here.

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