Capes: Origins

Capes: Origins
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Secret Identity: Sirventes Planh


Description: Six-foot-tall, red haired, golden eyes he claims are hazel. Slight pointy fangs, canines, and nails – almost unnoticeable unless you are a monster hunter who knows their chops. Technically middle-aged but looks a bit younger than you expect. Doesn’t really do beards since he finds them real annoying – the most he’ll begrudge is a five-o’-clock shadow. He has some chest hair, which you can tell because he likes to leave his shirt partially unbutton all the time. He is too poor in modern cash and time for cologne but he likes to wear a few pieces of jewelry from his hoard.

He is also a dragon. His true form is that of a large, red serpent with bat wings and small skink-like limbs.

Sirventes is charming and friendly, but can be vain, lazy, and avaricious. Despite his dragon-y tendencies, he likes to interact with humans more than with dragons and he is considered some sort of a disappointment by the latter. The preference for human interaction is because he thinks human leavings are interesting. Dragons do not leave much behind besides their hoards. They do not write poetry. They do not draw in the margins.


Sirventes of the Planh Clan has a largely uninteresting history. He was born somewhere in rural France, the seventh spawn of the seventh spawn, during what we consider the Middle Ages. He did not stand out much among his draconic peers because he was a Giant Fucking Nerd. He eked through existence by cowing and bullying the locales – mostly peasants, but occasionally the clergy, merchants, and nobility foolish enough to settle in the countryside. He had a good run but eventually stopped by a group led by a wizard. He was pretty sure it was a wizard because the person placed him into a stasis that reeks of magic.

Fuckin’ wizards.

He would black out forever if it were not for the fact a certain “Chad Snidely” purchased and messed around with his frozen remains. Long story short, Chad resurrected him by sheer accident and Sirventes flew off to a scary but exciting new world. It has been a couple of years and Sirventes has naturalized to the modern times – learned English, got a job, and even recovered a modest portion of his hoard. Things have been quiet but Sirventes knows it would not stay quiet for long. He is a dragon and dragons always attract trouble.

Costume Description: His dragon form is good enough? A costume (or change of costumes) would be probably a good idea in the future since going around as dragon is not only obnoxious but great at attracting enemies, for which he has many. Also, Sirventes is vain and loves to play dress up.

Character Abilities:

Dragon constitution. Sirventes draws the majority of his power from his True Form, that of an enormous red serpent. He is moderately strong and can fly but relies much of his formidability on his inhuman constitution. He can take horrific blows, he can shrug off poison and toxins. He will die from the lack of oxygen before he dies of radiation and extreme temperatures. He is not immortal but age will not kill him.

Poison breath and fangs. The poison can affect magical creatures in additional to normal human beings but needs contact to flesh. The poison is extremely painful to the point it can paralyze and blind unfortunates but it is temporary. It does not leave you dead – it just makes you wish you were dead.

Limited shapeshifting. Sirventes can only turn into a dragon and to a humanoid. He cannot do degrees of shapeshifting (so he cannot be a man-dragon or a dragon with creepy human hands), nor can he turn into animals or plants or fire. However, he can customize his humanoid appearance to various ages, genders, or builds but it is very obvious it is Him. Especially with those golden eyes.

Mutagenic, addictive blood. This is more an inconvenience but the blood of Sirventes is basically a magic superdrug that give people and animals a random combination of draconic mutations (various superhuman attributes, armored scales, elemental breath, wings, et cetera) if ingested. The more blood you drink, the more mutations you get. The mutations are temporary and long-term consumption would quickly kill you. This has not stopped people because people are stupid, power is heady, and the blood is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE.

Sirventes is well-versed in history and artifacts in western medieval Europe. The knowledge is mainly used to keep his job as an associate professor at Avalon University. He is expected to teach and do research by his superiors. He is obliged to – a career as a professor is a good cover for a dragon and magical research (free, because he is staff) is a good resource to have on hand.

Sirventes lives in a sewer system with his hoard, his laptop, and spotty wi-fi. His hoard mainly consists of what he considers valuable – which mainly consists of old-ass gold, gift cards (both expired and not), and particularly fancy lawn ornaments. The total value in modern times is 20k but Sirventes has no idea how to transaction that into useful cash and absolutely refuses to. A dragon would sooner give their life than their hoard and Sirventes is no different.

Home City: Saint Avalon. Usually shorten to Avalon, even in formal conversations.

City description: East coast near Boston (in both distance and culture) that is a hotbed for magical activity. Has been described as “Magic New York” by detractors, which is insulting but arguably true. Avalon has a little bit of everything you can find in a densely populated city. While an interesting and exciting place, outsiders mainly come to Avalon because either they are magical creatures, they want to go to Avalon University, or both.

Avalon Unicorns is the name of their local soccer team. They suck.

Friends, family and associates:

He probably has family? Dragons (at least the particular western category which Sirventes belongs to) tend to keep to themselves in their enormous hoards on even enormous territories. Dragons do not usually tolerate each other. Dragons do not send each other cards on holidays. Dragons are assholes.

Avalon University or Avalon U for short. It is a public research university famous for its academic strength, academic integrity, and its tendency to accumulate supernatural nonsense like how washing machines accumulates lint. The majority of teaching staff seem to be magical beings, or at least normal human beings entrenched up to the neck with magical bullshit. Avalon University is ridiculously huge and Sirventes is only really familiar with the staff from Department of Archaeology/Anthropology.

Dana Blanche is Sirventes’s TA. Sirventes has many teaching assistants but Dana is the only one who knows he is a dragon. There is little known about her. She loves archaeology and history and she comes from an affluent family which have association with the Fae. Considering she deflects every question about the Fair Folk or her family Sirventes could think up, it is safe to say the associations are at least Bad News.

That Shitty Wizard That Keeps Trying To Steal My Blood. Some insufferable hipster with horn-rimmed glasses who released Sirventes. He keeps on trying to stealing the blood of Sirventes to limited success. Sirventes knows little about other than the fact his name is Chad Snidely and he runs a technology corporation. That probably explains why he has the time and means to harangue an academic and his teaching assistant from time to time.

It is very obvious that Chad has aspirations to master the arcane arts but he is not very good at it. Sirventes is reluctant to kill him. Not out of any higher moral reason – the dragon wants to kill him – but corpses draw unwanted attention and the absence of Chad would be noticed. After all, he owns a corporation. Sirventes knows he has to find some way to deal with Chad. Chad is very good at escaping and very good at learning from his mistakes.

Knights of the Round Table. A fellowship of monster hunters dedicated to keeping the world of the magic and mundane safe. They are called Knights of the Round Table because they not only have a supernatural or divine association with the Knights of the Round Table from the actual shit-you-not King Arthur mythology (although what sort of association – if they are descendants, reincarnations, lent power by Actual Knights, et cetera – remains uncertain) and but they also hold their meetings in Round Table Pizza.

While their meeting place could be a better choice, they are dangerous and dangerously savvy for a motley crew of twenty-somethings. They have an arsenal of magical weapons and magical potential at their disposal but their most powerful ability is how they manage to clean after themselves, leaving no trace of supernatural behind their steps.

Dragon Cult. A cult of those who pursue power through blood. Their membership seems to be consist of insecure nerds, so-called “scalies” from the “furry subculture,” and individuals who are both.

They unsurprisingly practice blood magic, in which they can consume magical blood and gain limited abilities from said consumption. They can consume any sort of magical blood but they have an extremely special fondness for Dragon Blood due to its notable potency and other reasons said under “Character Abilities.” The cult has large numbers but are too unsubtle and disorganized to be considered a serious threat. Until now.

Dragon Cult Leader. A vampire woman who killed the last Dragon Cult Leader and took over the Dragon Cult. She seems very intent not only stealing all the blood of Sirventes, but also his organs, his flesh, his bones, and also (horrified gasp) his hoard. This is honestly very concerning because vampires are very powerful creatures in their own right and Sirventes does not even know her name.

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