Twelve Realms: The Worlds Divided

Twelve Realms: The Worlds Divided
Twelve Realms: The Worlds Divided
The Worlds Divided

There are twelve known worlds, though many do not know of them. From the dunes of Xast to the Vaian Ocean, from the lofty clouds of Aetherium to the dark Underworld, few have roamed the entire constellation of worlds. So vast are the Twelve Realms that no being alive could possibly hope to fully explore them all, and most would struggle to explore even one of them. And yet, over the millennia, people have wandered from one to the other, or breached their way through the firmament with powerful magic.

Still, most of the realms exist in isolation, with one entire world being more than enough for their inhabitants. Many have little idea about the existence of dimensions beyond their own. But those most powerful amongst them, those that shape the realm they walk, can cross the divide, and maybe even change more than one world.


Twelve Realms is a D&D 5e-based game, where high-level characters will have solo adventures exploring the twelve realms. They will have the power to shape these worlds and grow further in strength, laying down legends that will be remembered for ages to come. I intend to run a regular 5e campaign in this setting one day, which will be set long after the age of these legendary characters has come and gone (provided you don't destroy the realms). Some characters may start with a small ascent arc to either resolve through key scenes in years of study or training, or else explain how they stumbled across such great power, but everyone will either start at or quickly reach level 14, which is the official starting point. Provided you work towards it, your characters could easily advance to max level before the end of the game.

While this is a mostly narrative game, as better befits a forum game, I will be adhering to 5e mechanics, especially for combat and spellcasting. The actual medium of the game is fairly flexible; PMs will be the default, but I am equally happy to do part or all of it in discord side chats (especially for combat, since thats a lot of back and forth), and I could even do a few solo voice sessions here and there if people would like. On the mechanics homebrew side of things, I'm letting people get away with some crazy stuff. The most obvious change is that magic will function differently in each of the twelve realms; certain spells may be empowered or weakened, while recovering spell slots above a certain level may take more than just a long rest!

The Twelve Realms themselves:

I need to be selective about characters, since this game won't support a ton of players. So rather than just applying in this thread, talk to me about your character ideas in Discord. The sheet below is for people who want to get some stuff down for other people to look at or to keep a record – plus you'll get an actual google docs character sheet with an almost identical form on it.


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