Mini-Grand 5112 [Round One: Artificer's Alley]

Mini-Grand 5112 [Round One: Artificer's Alley]
Mini-Grand 5112 [Round One: Artificer's Alley]
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Loading Mini-Grand Framework... Done.

Generating Administration Personality... Done.

Oh! Oh, I’m terribly sorry!

Generating Characters... Done.

Four beings suddenly found themselves nowhere, able to see one another but nothing else. A synthesized voice came out of the nothing surrounding them.

“Bother. I - I thought I was somewhere else. My apologies, chaps. Anyway, let’s - let’s see if we can’t move on, shall we? What do we have here?

“First off, we have the mighty warrior, Drake Aborith. He is on a mission...from God! Well, a god; the god of prophecy, in fact. This strapping young fellow’s the centerpiece of a fantastic prophecy: that he will defeat a great evil! Unfortunately he hasn’t quite managed to find it yet.”

“And while we’re on the subject of a great evil, meet Lillian, crime against humanity! She’s an absolutely normal teenaged girl, aside from the blowhole, carbon-nanotube spine, twice as many limbs as is generally normal, super senses, super strength, super biological processes, lizard physique...all right, perhaps she looks a little odd, but none of you judge by appearance, you hear? She’s as human as you or...I, I’d suppose. She’s human inside. Also, she tastes nice.”

“Of course, genetic tampering isn’t the only way to achieve transhumanism. Professor Ada Hanmarian is a professor of robotics, and her life is devoted to building robot suits! She carries a gauntlet with her, and from what I’ve heard, you chaps should be careful if she points that thing at you. You’ll end up deaf or dead, is the impression I got here.”

"On the note of dead, Murphy Roths! He isn’t. Dead, that is. It’s going to be a right job killing him, in fact, since he can regenerate quite a bit of bodily harm, to the point where his limbs can pop right off and he’ll grow a new one, as good as the old! There’s a temper on this one, and impulse control worse than a magpie in a treasury.”

Generating Setting... Done.

The four generated characters suddenly found themselves moved, scattered in various locations around an empty factory floor.

“Well, ahem, you chaps, this is the assembly floor of Artificer’s Alley! The workers here aren’t just factory line automatons, oh no - they build things on their own, and begrudgingly sell things on demand! They are all artisans, craftsmen, and...not here at the moment! Get acquainted, but don’t dilly-dally; the morning shift starts soon!

"Of course, I’ll make that caveat I always do - ultimately, you’re here to compete! Fight amongst yourselves! And when one of you chaps end up dying, the rest of us will all go someplace else! Now, pip pip! Off you go!"


Pick Yer Poison: Drake Aborith - #999900
Elize: Lillian - 36536F
some blatherskite: PROFESSOR ADA HANMARIAN - #006400
Solaris: Murphy Roths - #FFBF00 on #770000





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