The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!

The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 29: UNINTELLIGIBLE!
RE: The Grand OC SII: The Re-OCening: Week 5: GREATER ARCANA
Username: Agenmagicks
Name: Worth Lestine
Species: The Lover
Gender: Both/neither
Color: #F08080
Biography: The Lover, the Dreamer and Me

"Morraine! Morraine! Where are you, my love?"

The shout drowned horribly amidst the pouring rain. All sound was wiped away in the susurration of falling water. Rivulets splashed and flowed through the mud below, forming banks and eddies that eroded the soil away, a fragment at a time, even as dust on the biting wind rose, fell, and plastered on more land. The ground had been taking it for ever, and most of it would last for evermore.

Most of it.

The Heart, a glorious construction of white marble and black obsidian, was half gone by the time Lestine arrived. Red mud slid like quicksand across the polished stone floors, carrying away statues and keepsakes. The roof lay in shattered chunks, battered by the unending rain. Lestine had eyes only for shapes under the mud. Digging, searching, screaming, they scraped handfuls aside even as more flowed in through the ruined white walls. Hoping. Water fell from the sky and coursed off of their naked, perfect body.

"Morraine?! Morraine?!"

All this sat just short of the border in between concept and reality. The Heart itself, what was left of it, sat on a cliff. Down below, in the roiling waves of the void ocean, was everything that had ever existed; high above were the aery wisps of pure idea. In between lay the Houses, where entities like Lestine and Morraine subsisted, at once more and less powerful than those on either side of unreality.

The storm, accordingly, was not so much a storm as the quintessential storm, the perfect storm, the signifier of a storm distilled and refined into a crackling, thundering jewel. This was a Storm, with a capital S. The only light came from blinding flashes of lightning, and from glowing tears that fell from Lestine's amber eyes. The soundscape was thunder, rain, the cracking sound of stone losing the battle under tons and tons of mud, and underneath, tinny against the onslaught of noise, screams. Shards of shattered obsidian tumbled down the cliffside, disappearing into the void of existence.


Needless to say, that shout penetrated the veil of sound without effort or hesitation. There are certain ideas and stimuli that disengage the conscious mind, like heat, danger, arrogance... and love. Lestine was running already, on reflex, slipping on the mud, clambering through the broken stones, fighting off the rain.


There. At the far end of the Hea- at the far end of the shell that was the He- at the slew of burgeoning mudslide that covered what remained of the Heart, sitting out on the edge of an eroding cliff, lay Morraine, battered down by the precipitation and stuck thoroughly in the mud. The tops of shattered walls, poking out of the mire, were all that were left to show that the Heart had once been here.

Lestine didn't even bother screaming. They just ran, eyes fixed on the struggling figure of Morraine - the struggling, moving Morraine -

Underfoot, the mud shifted; a fusillade of cracks marked the floor giving way. The mass was loose, and the Heart was going with it.


Lestine screamed then, a scream to drive out their fear, a scream impelling them further, faster, over the shaking, sliding muck. They could see Morraine now, reaching out, their own tears flecking the mud, a inappropriate half-smile on their lips -

The cliff gave a mighty sigh, and let itself go. Lestine leapt for the outstretched hand, brushed their fingertips together for a second, and then they were falling.

The Lovers' hands were an inch apart.

"I love you, Lestine."

"Morraine! No! Don't say that, like it's - it's goodbye!"

The waves of the void ocean reached up for them like a mother's caress. They could turn up anywhere in existence. An inch could mean a universe down there.

"Stay true to yourself!"

"Morraine! I love-"

Description: Lestine is one of two Lovers, aspects of creation that choose to live and love just above the plane of existence, meddling with the lives of mortals. But the Storm has changed all that, and Lestine has fallen into the mire of mere matter.

They are an androgynous humanoid, completely naked save for a soft light glow that makes exact details hard to make out. Their hair is like flax, which drapes over golden-tanned skin and in front of amber eyes. Strands of hair form a patch of darkness over their face, out of which their eyes shine out, leaking glowing tears.

Morraine and Lestine are two poles, two satellites, two Lovers.

Morraine is the loving.

Lestine is the longing.

Weapons/Abilities: But now Lestine is alone. Love is ever-sweeter for the parting, but not when the parting shall never end. They are dull, bitter heartache. Being around them instills melancholy, like snow settling on the heart; stay around them, and you will want like you have never wanted before, an avalanche of desire; keep following, and icicles of regret and will wedge themselves deep in you.

You're theirs, then. Your heart is Lestine's to command. Your longing is theirs. Your love is theirs.

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