IRC highlights!

IRC highlights!
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Godbot's post confirmed to have broken IRC Highlights.
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Quote:Thriggletron: I heard that Mehga loves to "GET OFF G0M NOW". Tell your friends!
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Quote:-->| Draykon has joined #grandbattle
<Draykon> Okay! Time to make good on my promise to myself to get back into the Grand Battles by entering one of the WHAT THE FUCK SOMEONE ELSE ENTERED A MAGICAL GIRL
<Solaris> hi

Quote:<PickYerPoison> maaaaaan, where is woff, I'm waiting to give her the end of exams present I picked up
<DragonFogel> She's here.
|<-- thejistofit has left (Ping timeout: 204 seconds)
<disgrace> hahha
<Solaris> and now she's not
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sfou's schazer schetch spurred me to finally put down

saga of the schanime, extended director's cut

[Image: RjvYOd.png]
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For posterity:

Quote:<PickYerPoison> wow I'm dumb
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Quote:21:20 AKillerCuppaTea where the fuck is darcy when you need him
21:30 Solaris in your heart
21:30 Solaris OR MAYBE
21:30 Solaris MY BUTT
21:30 Solaris turns around and points his butt at tea
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He wasn't in there ;A;
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(03-07-2012, 10:33 PM)Solaris Wrote: »He wasn't in there ;A;

Your butt is nowhere near enough of a gentleman to contain Mr. Darcy.
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(03-11-2012, 12:13 AM)Pick Yer Poison Wrote: »
(03-07-2012, 10:33 PM)Solaris Wrote: »He wasn't in there ;A;

Your butt is nowhere near enough of a gentleman to contain Mr. Darcy.


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Quote:<Schazer> goddamn it
<Schazer> I am going to have
<Schazer> so many tits in parliament
<MrBear> ...
<Schazer> they just all look so interesting
<MrBear> what?
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Quote:<Agenagen> Hmmmmm
<Agenagen> Soooooo
<Sanzh> agen talk
<Sanzh> discuss
<PickYerPoison> yes give us round idea
<Agenagen> Welllll
<Sanzh> (my round idea sucks)
* Pharmacy just makes rapid hand gestures of frustration
<Agenagen> Nuuuuh
<Agenagen> *order thoughts*
<PickYerPoison> aaaaaaaaageeeeeeeeeeeeeeent taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalk
<PickYerPoison> :C
<Agenagen> *i will have a number 2 thought*
<PickYerPoison> ew
<PickYerPoison> nobody wants to hear that kind of idea
<Sanzh> hahaha
<Sanzh> round two: number 2
<PickYerPoison> ;-;
<Ixcaliber> oh god
<Sanzh> worst round right there
<Ixcaliber> fogel
<PickYerPoison> someone enters a dung beatle
<Pharmacy> it's a giant number 2
<Ixcaliber> your puns
<PickYerPoison> "GUYS"
<PickYerPoison> "I FUCKING GOT THIS"
<Ixcaliber> your puns wound me
<PickYerPoison> fogel?
<PickYerPoison> fogel went to BED
<Pharmacy> "looks like it is two for two"
<Ixcaliber> i was just looking at this 5110 post
<Pharmacy> "I guess you are too late"
<PickYerPoison> ah
<Pharmacy> "guess, there is TWICE the fun for me"
<Pharmacy> "I duo you, if you know what I mean"
<PickYerPoison> god
<PickYerPoison> that would be the shittiest round
<Ixcaliber> i thought it was a misspelling
<Pharmacy> "it takes two to tango"
<Ixcaliber> but it was a pun
<Ixcaliber> a really blatant pun
<Pharmacy> yes
<Ixcaliber> that hurts my brain
<Pharmacy> I am the worst punmaster
<Ixcaliber> pharms it wasn't you
<Ixcaliber> it was fogel
<Pharmacy> okay
<Ixcaliber> there was a round idea?
<PickYerPoison> agent hasn't told us yet
<PickYerPoison> because I don't think "round two: number two" was his actual idea
<Agenagen> *being talked @*
<Ixcaliber> agen tell us your idea
<Sanzh> so that I don't have to talk about my shitty ideas
<PickYerPoison> sanzh your ideas are crap
<PickYerPoison> or well
<PickYerPoison> THAT one was
<PickYerPoison> your other ideas are golden eggs
<PickYerPoison> you keep expecting shit but nope out came an egg
<Ixcaliber> sanzh your ideas are all magical
<PickYerPoison> sanzh your ideas are all magical girls
<PickYerPoison> oh no what have I done :(
<Sanzh> a magical girl is fine too
<Sadgi> I just finished dinner why are we talking about magical girl poop eggs
<Sanzh> it's pyps fetish
<Ixcaliber> that is just life in #grandbattle
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17:55 NotTheAuthor Soup isn't a kink
17:55 NotTheAuthor Soup is a soup
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21:44 Sanzh you can put dicks anywhere these days
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Quote:<mobilepyp> Sanzh is not flat-chested enough to be Woff
<Sanzh> I
<Sanzh> what
<Sanzh> how am I supposed to respond to that
<mobilepyp> Pffffhaahahahaha
<mobilepyp> Oh my god your FACE
<Sanzh> go away
<mobilepyp> <3
<Sanzh> no
<Sanzh> shut up
<Black_Thunder> I
<Black_Thunder> /what/
<mobilepyp> Double kill
<mobilepyp> Bonus.points
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Quote:<DragonFogel> Hi Wheat.
<wheatthins> hi gof,l
<wheatthins> fgf'
<wheatthins> fjugjfjfghjfgy']"
<wheatthins> '
<Solaris> hello
<wheatthins> yay solaris
<wheatthins> i make vharactyers happen on kepyord
<Solaris> yay questionamrk
<Solaris> yes i can see that
<wheatthins> look
<wheatthins> wwerwwwqwere
<wheatthins> they are makgic
<wheatthins> like a train gongn down the moutnain
<wheatthins> delievering the language to the awpeople of the fillage
<wheatthins> it is not a village
<wheatthins> but a wild west outpost
<wheatthins> and there are no oujtlaws here onely the happy
<DragonFogel> Wheat, did you donate blood again? You're reminding me of Malky.
<wheatthins> and the wacky
* Black_Type is now known as Black_Typeafk
<wheatthins> i am worked hard by job
<wheatthins> everything si a blur here in duckburg

So, I decided to see what adventure ideas Wheat would produce while in this state. Here are the results!

Quote:<wheatthins> the aone wher they fall in love but it turns out love is a ravine and the ravine is the land o the cliffpeople
<wheatthins> they are not happy about it
<wheatthins> stop
<wheatthins> geto ut hoferthere home
<wheatthins> nd the one otere two tribes are comepteing to sell the most cocoolates so they can send their braves to regionals in florida
<wheatthins> hatchest
<wheatthins> they have hatchests
<wheatthins> do you know the secret of the hatchest
<wheatthins> they do
<wheatthins> they arent telling
<wheatthins> fuck you for asking
<wheatthins> you are a greedy butt
<wheatthins> ]
<wheatthins> 6jthird onde: they are coming for you
<wheatthins> in the night
<wheatthins> to fill out your faroms
<wheatthins> once they do it you are done for. I.R.S.N.A.T.Cher
<wheatthins> imagine i continued the . . .
<wheatthins> final dadventure:
<wheatthins> the old man is at end of life and gets youngin to take on fainal adventure
<wheatthins> no dads are involved except for father issues
<wheatthins> stephen speilveber
<wheatthins> younging is a kid at end of rope figures whie not
<wheatthins> and they like go scuba diving or spelrulnking
<wheatthins> or politics
<wheatthins> another ida
<wheatthins> the bee queen
<wheatthins> you can expoun on the
<wheatthins> at

I fully endorse the creation of any or all of these adventures.
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Quote:<mobilepyp> Sanzh is not flat-chested enough to be Woff


quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.
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So apparently Wheat is Malky's long-lost brother.

This doesn't surprise me much, actually, since both are ~wonderful~ Minion
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Quote:* wheat ( has joined #eagletime
* Mehga (webchat@ has joined #eagletime
<waterbottles> Wheat. More like dumb
<g0m> you totally owned him
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(03-24-2012, 08:27 AM)Woffles Wrote: »
Quote:<mobilepyp> Sanzh is not flat-chested enough to be Woff



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Quote:01:37 Pharmacy hehe~
01:37 Pharmacy because I think it will be
01:37 Pharmacy like totally awesome to name the octopus "that motherfucker"
01:37 Pharmacy so I can go
01:37 Pharmacy I gonna pet that motherfucker
01:38 Schazer ahahaha
01:38 Pharmacy because it will be the fuzziest thing ever
01:38 Schazer it would need an aristocratic title
01:38 Agenrawr Lord Motherfucker
01:38 Agenrawr :3
01:38 Schazer because the last two were
01:38 Sanzh duke that motherfucker
01:38 Schazer Lady Vanessa Squishypants, and Lord Gingerwiggles
01:39 Schazer I am partial to Duke That Motherfucker but I leave the final decision to you
01:39 Pharmacy Duke That Motherfucker the THIRD
01:39 Agenrawr ESQUIRE
01:39 Agenrawr (PhD)
01:39 Agenrawr (Hon)
01:40 Pharmacy yes Duke That Motherfucker the Third, the most bodacious ESQUIRE with a PHD in BITCHES HON
01:40 Schazer eeeexcellent
01:40 Schazer I will get on with that
01:40 Schazer him
01:40 Schazer it
01:40 Schazer as promptly as education permits
01:40 Pharmacy oh, it's a girl
01:40 Schazer her, then
01:40 Schazer Duchess?
01:40 Pharmacy a beautiful lady named DUKE THAT MOTHERFUCKER
01:41 Pharmacy the THIRD
01:41 Schazer excellent
01:41 Agenrawr Because she is JUST THAT AWESOME
01:41 Agenrawr :3
01:41 Sanzh Whenever someone asks her if she ought to be a duchess she just suplexes them
01:41 Pharmacy I am going to regret this in the morning, but for now I don't care
01:42 Schazer yes
01:42 Pharmacy is it okay if I post this in the irc
01:42 Pharmacy thread
01:42 Schazer deffers
01:42 Agenrawr do iiiiit
01:42 Schazer it leaves an indelible reminder that I now have to do this
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Quote:<Slorange> But I'm not a senator
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:21:59 DragonFogel Yes, but I'm a Canadian.
21:59 DragonFogel Apologies are in my blood.
21:59 DragonFogel And I'm sorry for that.

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Quote:22:19 <Schazer> take out the fucking and it's a bit easier
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Quote:<Dalfortrees> aww
* Dalfortrees hugs sayuuu
<Dalfortrees> -_-
<SuperSayu> ^_^
<Dalfortrees> :3
<Dalfortrees> (and then #mspafa became an anime)
<Bropocalypse> :0
<ArsenicNog> I'm yaoi shipping already
<Dalfortrees> :O
<Dalfortrees> oh nooo
<ProfessorLizzard> oh my
<ArsenicNog> Mspafa: The fanfiction
<Dalfortrees> I ship genxwhim
<Bropocalypse> whim is already married to een
<Dalfortrees> THEY ARE MY OTP
<Dalfortrees> :O
<Dalfortrees> LOVE TRIANGLE
<Bropocalypse> Gen is too much of a perv for whim to match :P
<Pancake> genxwhim?
<Pancake> woahhh
<Dalfortrees> fanfiction
<Pancake> what a werid otp
<Dalfortrees> yeah it was the first thing that came into my head :V
<ArsenicNog> Pan/Gen/Whim/Een is my high school AU polyship
<Dalfortrees> because I am silllyyyyy
<Pancake> i guess they are really big dorks
<Bropocalypse> pan: arent we all
<Dalfortrees> heh.
<Dalfortrees> we should make a girls school AU of #mspafa
<Dalfortrees> we could call it
<Dalfortrees> Heartchat
<Bropocalypse> uggggh
<Dalfortrees> and it can have some okay art, but everyone is really out of character
<Dalfortrees> and we could have like
<Pancake> i'm no dork
<Pancake> you all is
* Pancake pointin
<Dalfortrees> a hundred pages of off topic chatter
* Bropocalypse holds up a mirror
Beep Beep
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Quote:<DragonFogel> Schazer, I do believe Mehg just called you unladylike.
<Mehga> Whatchu gonna do 'bout it
<Schafk> kick him in the face