IRC highlights!

IRC highlights!
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And then I got kicked in the face
RE: IRC highlights!
You'd think that would finally make you spit out that pea.
RE: IRC highlights!
Pharmacy discovers the wonders of texting into IRC.

Quote:[19:23] <Pharmacy> Hi
[19:24] <PickYerPoison> heya
[19:25] <Pharmacy> How does phone work
[19:25] <Pharmacy> Aaaa
[19:25] <PickYerPoison> D:
[19:26] <PickYerPoison> you hit buttons and then talk and um uh I DON'T KNOW I DON'T WORK WELL UNDER PRESSURE
[19:26] <Pharmacy> My fingers
[19:26] <Pharmacy> Are
[19:26] <Pharmacy> FAY
[19:26] <Pharmacy> FAT
[19:26] <Pharmacy> how yoy type on this
[19:27] <PickYerPoison> boop beep beep boop beep HELLO THIS IS TECH SUPPORT HOW MAY WE HELP YOU
[19:27] <PickYerPoison> HELP HOW DO I DIAL A PHONE
[19:28] <Pharmacy> How yoy type pn this
[19:28] <PickYerPoison> wait are you using a phone
[19:29] <Pharmacy> yea
[19:31] <Pharmacy> I giess if i tap ligjtly
[19:31] <Pharmacy> I can get likr accurate reasonable texts???
[19:31] <PickYerPoison> xD
[19:31] <PickYerPoison> this is
[19:31] <PickYerPoison> the best thing
[19:32] <Pharmacy> Why?
[19:32] <Pharmacy> :p[19:32] <PickYerPoison> it's just funny
[19:34] <Pharmacy> Man
[19:34] <Pharmacy> I feel baf
[19:34] <Pharmacy> For byb
[19:35] <PickYerPoison> how come?
[19:35] <PickYerPoison> I mean I think I know why
[19:35] <PickYerPoison> but I want to see if I'm right
[19:36] <Pharmacy> Welll
[19:36] <Pharmacy> He qants to do exciti ff thinfs
[19:37] <Pharmacy> Vut he doesnt think really far
[19:38] <Pharmacy> Or maulybe he does
[19:38] <Pharmacy> I hate my textinf skills
[19:38] <PickYerPoison> pffffffhahahahahahaha
[19:38] <PickYerPoison> I can just barely understand what you're saying this is fantastic
[19:38] <PickYerPoison> what kinda phone are you on
[19:39] <Pharmacy> Iphpne
[19:39] <Pharmacy> Iphone
[19:39] <PickYerPoison> doesn't that have autocorrect?
[19:40] <Pharmacy> Not that isee
[19:40] <Pharmacy> At lsast dormmobbit
[19:40] <Pharmacy> For mivvit
[19:45] <Pharmacy> So any paldns for s!1
[19:45] <PickYerPoison> nizzo frightening people in a swimming pool
[19:45] <PickYerPoison> that's uh
[19:45] <PickYerPoison> kinda it at this point :<
[19:46] <Pharmacy> Awbirs okay
[19:47] <Pharmacy> We shous d
[19:47] <Pharmacy> Totally
[19:47] <Pharmacy> Meet up
[19:47] <Pharmacy> Well ay leasr our charaxters
[19:48] <PickYerPoison> so tschic can have jellyfishbackpack
[19:48] <PickYerPoison> oh my god you typing is making me giggle I don't giggle what is this
[19:49] <Pharmacy> AM I BECOMING Maoky
[19:49] <PickYerPoison> no with malky you can tell what she's saying
[19:49] <PickYerPoison> with you it's half puzzle half hilarity
[19:50] <Pharmacy> Typpubg os an enternal curse
[19:50] <Pharmacy> Bur yeah
[19:50] <PickYerPoison> nonsense, always do this forever this is the best thing
[19:51] <Pharmacy> Can wr do jelllybavkpack
[19:51] <Pharmacy> Thateilll bw cool
[19:51] <PickYerPoison> yesssss
[19:52] <Pharmacy> I hope itisnt really plabnigTOO far ahead
[19:52] <PickYerPoison> hardly!
[19:52] <Pharmacy> Really ifubbo
[19:52] <Pharmacy> Idubbo
[19:52] <Pharmacy> Idunni
[19:53] <Pharmacy> Fuck
[19:54] <PickYerPoison> hahahahaaaaa
[19:54] <Pharmacy> I tgi k like
[19:55] <Pharmacy> I am supet excited for roubd 2
[19:55] <Pharmacy> I hope ou are too
[19:55] <PickYerPoison> yessss
[19:55] <PickYerPoison> nizzo will be more nizzo-y in round two
[19:55] <Pharmacy> I hpe to expand on tschic
[19:55] <Pharmacy> More
[19:56] <Pharmacy> Anyaay class is syarting
[19:56] <Pharmacy> So ill go
[19:56] <PickYerPoison> see yaaaaaaaa :D
[19:56] <Pharmacy> And whrn i get vack
[19:56] <Pharmacy> My spellibg eill be less atrocisous
[19:56] <PickYerPoison> but
[19:56] <PickYerPoison> but this is so great
[19:57] <Pharmacy> You could post tgis pnirc
[19:57] <Pharmacy> Ob eagle time urc
[19:57] <Pharmacy> Irc hears
[19:57] <Pharmacy> Threax
[19:57] <Pharmacy> Fuck
[19:57] <PickYerPoison> pffffffhahahaha
[19:57] <PickYerPoison> is that permission
[19:57] <Pharmacy> Tes
[19:57] <Pharmacy> Yes
[19:57] <PickYerPoison> yesssssss
[19:57] <PickYerPoison> see ya :3
[19:58] <Pharmacy> Bai
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Quote:<Jacquerel> if you stare too long into the abyss you've just wasted a whole load of time doing shit all
RE: IRC highlights!
In which MrGuy ruins the space-time continuum:

RE: IRC highlights!
The dramatic return of slipsicle (more on this shocking story as it develops!)

RE: IRC highlights!
RE: IRC highlights!
Full conversation edited for length

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RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:23:59 felixsparks I think I'm just a bit down today
23:59 Nucleose That's all right
23:59 Nucleose We all get like that sometimes
23:59 Nucleose Sometimes more than sometimes
23:59 Nucleose Sometimes less
23:59 Nucleose But always at least sometimes
00:00 Nucleose Sometimes, at least
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:10:06 wfs back to the gay scalie porno jokes already
10:06 wfs this channel is fun
10:06 Garuru stop making out with me to be a sex maniac
10:06 Sanzh Ix I don't get sex
10:06 Garuru *making me out
10:07 wfs sanzh you put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up
10:08 Garuru I want to sew a skimpy dress with freudian quotes all over it
10:08 Garuru because then I can wear a freudian slip (if I was a girl)
10:08 wfs garuru you can wear a freudian slip as a boy
10:08 wfs you would look great
10:08 Garuru aww shucks...
10:09 Garuru blushes furiously
10:09 wfs a bit trashy but totally great

#grandbattle on sex
quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:<MalkyTop> It's always the bitches
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:<Mehga> MrGUy are you questioning the authenticity of Prince Timothy Johnstone Koopa
<MrGuy> YES.
<Mehga> He'll rock you for that
RE: IRC highlights!

RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:00:26 Mehga On the subject of the Scientist
00:26 Mehga [Image: GenIScientist.png]
00:26 Mehga As a kid
00:26 Mehga I shamed to admit
00:26 Mehga I thought he had udders
00:27 Mehga I didn't wanna question it
00:27 MrGuy|sad ...
00:27 Jacquerel he's a geneticist
00:27 MrGuy|sad aren't those coattails
00:27 btp they're some kind of tails
00:27 Mehga Yes they are MrGuy
00:27 Mehga I can see that now
00:27 Mehga But as a kid I just accepted that I was fighting cow people
00:27 Jacquerel well why not
00:27 Mehga I had a Fire Lizard I wasn't about to talk shit

Quote:00:33 Pharmacy

Pharmacy continues to be the very best.
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:15:44 Papillon it's like "hunting" on a quail farm
15:44 Papillon they just stand there and let you shoot them
15:44 Papillon informative like I don't think the developer knows what a clitoris IS?
RE: IRC highlights!
15:33 Granolaman day of the triffids was the scariest movie for me as a child. I have no idea why
15:36 RobustLaser i'm hungry
15:36 RobustLaser somebody order me a pizza
15:36 RobustLaser i will reimburse you with my artistic rendering of said pizza
15:37 MrGuy ...
15:37 MrGuy people make buffalo chicken pizza
15:37 PickYerPoison okay now for the really irritating part
15:37 MrGuy why hasn't anyone made fried chicken pizza :O
15:37 Schazer we are not having the fucking pizza discussion again
15:37 Godbot buffalo chicken pizza is pretty intense
15:38 Godbot I had it once or twice at UVM
15:38 RobustLaser ideally i would like somebody to order me spicy perogy pizza but i will go for just a pepperoni if that is all that is in your price range
15:38 PickYerPoison #grandbattle: pizzachat edition
15:38 Schazer no no no no no
15:38 Schazer we are not talking about fucking pizza
15:38 PickYerPoison I'm actually imagining you saying this out loud because I suddenly remember what you sound like on skype
15:38 Granolaman are we talking about pizza?
15:39 RobustLaser i just want somebody to order me pizza i don't care about a discussion on it
15:39 Schazer Granola you are not allowed to sass me
15:39 MrGuy What's wrong with pizza, Schazer
15:39 Schazer what's wrong with pizza is that for you dorks someone else's pizza is what's wrong with pizza
15:39 Schazer you lot argued for like
15:39 Schazer twenty fucking minutes about whether it's a cardinal fucking sin to stick one in the microwave
15:40 RobustLaser (it is)
15:40 Granolaman only tiny pizza snacks get microwaved, or reheated leftovers
15:40 Godbot I think they were arguing about whether it's a sin because they were using a bible instead of a plate
15:40 MrGuy schazer is right
15:40 PickYerPoison the only sad part about this evolution sim is that the perfect version would be on an isolated server and would modify its own code
15:40 MrGuy I say let's form unitarian pizzaversalism
15:41 MrGuy cold and warm, crispy and soft, deep-dish and thin-crust united in harmony
15:41 PickYerPoison guy you said pizza was a frozen treat
15:41 PickYerPoison I'm not siding with you on anything pizza-related
15:41 Granolaman pyp, you're not allowed to reach the singularity with an evolution sim
15:41 MrGuy It can be a frozen treat! >:I
15:41 PickYerPoison unless it happens to coincide with my opinions
15:41 Granolaman that's breaking so many AI rules
15:41 Godbot okay, guys
15:41 PickYerPoison granola too late
15:41 Godbot can we
15:41 PickYerPoison I already named the file skynet.exe
15:41 Godbot I'm fine with an argument about pizza that I am not part of
15:41 Granolaman dammit pyp
15:41 Godbot but I draw the line at an argument about pizza arguments
15:42 Godbot can we not have that
15:42 RobustLaser anyways i'm not here to argue about pizza again
15:42 RobustLaser i am merely here to demand somebody buy me pizza
15:42 *** Pharmacy joined #grandbattle
15:42 Godbot you are a gentleman and a scholar
15:42 PickYerPoison pharms <3
15:42 Schazer I am
15:42 MrGuy Hi Pharms.
15:42 RobustLaser because i'm hungry
15:42 RobustLaser and lazy
15:42 Pharmacy Hi
15:42 Schazer lit. crying into my gloved hands right now
15:42 Schazer I love you guys
15:42 Pharmacy Hi what I miss
15:42 Schazer but you are so fucking stupid
15:42 PickYerPoison <3
15:42 Godbot ~
15:42 Granolaman any time
15:42 Pharmacy Did schaz got a thing?
15:43 RobustLaser no we started talking about pizza again
RE: IRC highlights!
Sanzh I'm counting boobs as sex things in this instance
RE: IRC highlights!
(06-18-2012, 11:09 AM)Schazer Wrote: »Sanzh I'm counting boobs as sex things in this instance

For a moment, I didn't realize this was a quote, and scrolled back up to try to find the post it was responding to.
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RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:<Slorange> /quit zzz
<Sanzh> bye
<Slorange> Whoops
<Sanzh> A for effort
<Slorange> I didn't even notice I hadn't actually quit
<Slorange> Don't patronize me Sanzh
<Sanzh> sorry :c
<Slorange> This shop isn't open for business until the grand opening
<Slorange> And that's not for another week
<Slorange> Unless this useless-ass contractor delays getting my moulding in
<Slorange> /again/
* Slorange ( Quit (Quit: Fucking service industry I swear)
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oh that's how you do custom quit messages
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:[20:48:30] <Chwoka> also i still go there because, well, you would THINK eagletime'd have more adventures
[20:48:32] <Chwoka> but nope
[20:48:56] <DragonFogel> Hey, you can't blame me for that. I have more adventures than anyone else over there.
[20:49:18] <Schazer> fine I'll start a self-insertventure tonight
[20:49:23] <Chwoka> DragonFogel i'll blame whoEVER I WANT
[20:49:31] <Schazer> and you can go make me ride a giant bird in an inconsistent art style or some shit
[20:49:35] <Chwoka> AND I BLAME SCHAZER
[20:49:38] <Papillon> I want to update fightems more often but nothing good has ever come of forcing it
[20:49:40] <NotTheAuthor> Schazer,
[20:49:42] <Schazer> yaaaaaaaaay wait what
[20:49:43] <NotTheAuthor> A) hot
[20:49:53] <Schazer> Nottles,
[20:49:56] <NotTheAuthor> b) what about Geraldddddddd
[20:50:03] <Schazer> A) fuck you with a rake
[20:50:10] <Chwoka> Schazer,
[20:50:15] <Chwoka> A) hot can i watch
[20:50:16] <Schazer> Aa) shut up
[20:50:32] <Schazer> B)Yeah fine I will post a thing
[20:50:58] <NotTheAuthor> <3
[20:50:59] <Chwoka> B) so that's an affirmative to my (A) or to his (B)?
[20:51:19] <Schazer> Chwoka,
[20:51:22] * wheat ( has joined #eagletime
[20:51:28] <Schazer> A) Ugh fine hasn't stopped anyone else
[20:51:40] <Chwoka> hi wheat we're multiple choicing schazer's ass
[20:51:55] <Schazer> B) No, that was directed toward Nottles and his whoremouth
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In which we discuss the excitement potential of babies:

Quote:<DragonFogel> So, what's exciting and new?
<Loather> a baby
<wheat> how is a baby exciting
<wheat> they don't do much that's impressive, and there's already too goddamn many of them
<Loather> They are wild and unpredictable
<wheat> wild animals also have babies and they are unpredictable
<wheat> but they also have the sense to get out of rain if left outside
<Loather> stupidity can be dangerous, and danger is exciting
<wheat> boredom can drive people to do insane things
<wheat> boredom is dangerous
<wheat> danger is exciting
<wheat> boredom is exciting
<Loather> sometimes
<DragonFogel> Is excitement boring?
<Loather> s o m e t i m e s . . .
<Schazer> Wheat, we don't escape the rain as babies because we're smart
<Schazer> as uh
<Schazer> counterintuitive as that sounds
* theFoot ( Quit (Quit: theFoot)
<DragonFogel> How's that work?
<Schazer> advanced intelligence is our main tool in our survival toolkit
<Schazer> but if that were developed to its fullest extent before a baby was born its head would be too large to fit through a woman's pelvic cavity
<wheat> well, we're smart then, but babies are not
<Schazer> and that's why we carry our babies out of the rain
<wheat> they are an undeveloped mess that we have to incubate further after they are born
<wheat> so that is not inherently exciting
<Schazer> if God made people he'd give women wide enough hips to pass the skull of something with an adolescent's mental development
<Schazer> instead, people are a mucky pastiche patchwork of slow improvements to an ancestral model
<wheat> it is like waiting for paint to dry, except the paint could wander off into a swimming pool and destroy itself
<DragonFogel> I have to wonder how comfortable that would be just on a day-to-day basis.
<wheat> at any moment if you keep your eye off it
<Schazer> so it's like a watched pot never boils but it sometimes spits a bit of oil and sets the curtains on fire
<wheat> a pot you have to watch for years
<Schazer> and you can have multiple pots
<Schazer> just a great bubbling stovetop of misery
<wheat> yes, I get it, you are still a baby. You were a baby yesterday. You are still a baby today.
<DragonFogel> Wait a minute now.
<wheat> goo goo gaa gaa go go fuck yourself
<DragonFogel> If we want the paint to dry, why are we boiling it in a pot?
<DragonFogel> I mean, I guess it'll dry on the pot, but that doesn't help the walls.
<Loather> And what if I don't have curtains?
<DragonFogel> Then your neighbors are spying on you.
<Schazer> then you clearly designed your house with only pot-boiling in mind
<wheat> you shouldn't have been irresponsible enough to cook a pot in the first place
<Loather> I could have shades
<Loather> or blinds
<Loather> or one of those little door things some windows have
<Loather> or really dark screens
<Loather> or tinted windows
<DragonFogel> Or no windows at all.
<Loather> Yes!
<Loather> Maybe I placed my kitchen in what was meant to be a closet. What then?
<Loather> Or I could start a fire outside and boil the pot there.
<DragonFogel> No you can't, it's raining.
<DragonFogel> Pay attention, geez.
<Loather> Nobody said it was raining hard enough to extinguish fires.
<DragonFogel> But your fire might wander off and fall into the swimming pool.
<Loather> I didn't light the baby on fire!
<Loather> I just boiled it.
<Loather> Maybe it is YOU who should pay attention?
RE: IRC highlights!
thanks jac
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RE: IRC highlights!
[2012-07-22 22:27:55] <XX> don't you have a job, sanzh
[2012-07-22 22:29:50] <Sanzh> yes XX
[2012-07-22 22:29:58] <Sanzh> but I only work three days of the week
[2012-07-22 22:30:41] <XX> business!
[2012-07-22 22:33:03] <Sanzh> XX it's not business I don't wear a suit
[2012-07-22 22:33:10] <Sanzh> or even a collared shirt
[2012-07-22 22:33:18] <XX> you don't wear a shirt?
[2012-07-22 22:33:27] <XX> sanzh I didn't know you were that kind of girl
[2012-07-22 22:33:32] <XX> you get a lot of tips?
[2012-07-22 22:33:49] <Sanzh> what no I have a shirt
[2012-07-22 22:33:54] <Sanzh> just not a business shirt
[2012-07-22 22:34:18] <XX> oh I get you
[2012-07-22 22:34:24] <XX> pasties, right
[2012-07-22 22:34:31] <XX> sanzh I would stuff so many singles in your g-string
[2012-07-22 22:35:05] <Sanzh> uh ok
[2012-07-22 22:35:18] <Sanzh> should I be offended by you calling me a stripper
[2012-07-22 22:35:31] <XX> I'm too tired to tell if it's appropriate to say I would make it rain on that ass so I'm saying it anyway
[2012-07-22 22:35:38] <XX> no sanzh
[2012-07-22 22:35:53] <XX> you're a proud independent single mother and you are gonna support your family any way you can
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:<Sanzh> :<
<Sanzh> I deeply resent your fucking