IRC highlights!

IRC highlights!
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:<Sanzh> going to go fix dinner
<Sanzh> later
* Sanzh is now known as Safknzh
<Jacquerel> who broke dinner
<Jacquerel> who is responsible for this
* DragonFogel looks at Anomaly.
* Garuru (Mibbit@ Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<Anomaly> hey, don't look at me
<Anomaly> my dinner went fine
<Anomaly> no one died or anything
<Solaris> hmmm
<XX> it still counts as dying if you brought them back to life, noms
<Anomaly> what
<Anomaly> it does not
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:<Schazer> One Peasant
<Schazer> Two Peasants
<Schazer> Pack of Peasants
<DragonFogel> Peasant Master
<DragonFogel> Peasant Lord
<Agenwah> Pete the Peasant
<DragonFogel> King of Peasants
<NotTheAuthor> You mean "Unfezant, two phesant"
<Schazer> Red Peasant
<Schazer> Blue Peasant
<Granolaman> Pleasant Peasant
<bbl|mrguy> Old Peasant
<bbl|mrguy> New Peasant
<Schazer> Unpeasant
<DragonFogel> Present Peasant
<bbl|mrguy> ok bbl for real
<DragonFogel> Peasant President
<Granolaman> Peasant President
<Granolaman> dammit!
<Agenwah> Peasant Represent!
<Sanzh> Pheasant Peasant
<DragonFogel> Omnipresent Peasant
<DragonFogel> Who is every peasant at once.
<Agenwah> Penitent Peasant
<Granolaman> Pez Peasant
<Pharmacy> Omnipeasant
<Agenwah> Twopence Peasant
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:<Girth> I could stab g0m all day!
<Girth> Oh! I love how tender g0m is!
<Girth> g0m is so attractive!
<Girth> ...IN SPACE!
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:<Sanzh> I'm outta her
<Whimbrel> Craftforges
<Sanzh> *here
<Agenmacy> bye sanzhy~
<XX> sanzh no
<Sanzh> son of a /bitch/ that was the worst typo I could make
RE: IRC highlights!
<DragonFogel> Okay, I think we just give the nude samurai his pyramid and we're done.
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:[13:54] <XX> you hate me
[13:54] <XX> it's my eye isn't it
[13:54] <XX> it is oh my god I'm gonna go gay for everyone
[13:54] <Godbot> huh what
[13:54] <XX> I'm gonna be lesbians with the mars rover
[13:54] <XX> this is what you made me do
[13:54] <Godbot> whyyy
[13:55] <MrGuy> weh?
[13:55] <Pharmacy> quick godbot, do something before she becomes irrevocably roversexual
[13:55] * Godbot transforms into a popemobile
[13:56] <XX> that's completely not my fetish at all!
[13:56] <XX> you don't understand my needs as a woman, man, /or/ machine
[13:56] <Godbot> but it's the only thing I can transform into :<
[13:56] * Pharmacy straps on space stuff on Godbot
[13:56] <XX> not good enough
[13:57] * Pharmacy dresses Godbot like an cabaret astronaut
[13:57] <XX> god dammit pharms how did you know about my thing for sexy astronauts
[13:58] <Pharmacy> tumblr dashboard
[13:58] <XX> god dammit
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:<Crowstone> oh
<Crowstone> oh
<Crowstone> there's a spinny thing on the playground you sit on it
<Crowstone> and spin
<Crowstone> with gravity
<Crowstone> i sit on my fingers all the time but i don't spin
<Crowstone> when i get cold my butt keeps them worm
 Crowstone has quit ()

The above has been paraphrased for clarity. Report all Malky sightings immediately!
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:<MalkyTop> disconnected
<MalkyTop> did I miss anything
<DragonFogel> Did you see Schazer being pedantic?
<Schazer> I'm just musing about my gay chicken
<Pharmacy> Gallus gallus gayus
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:[14:16:37] <FakeImpostor> What is the best type of sub
[14:17:03] <Chwoka> sandwich
[14:17:30] <Anomaly> nuclear
[14:17:48] <Gnauga> teacher
[14:18:01] <Schandroid> One who can untie themselves afterwards
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:*** Nopad joined #eagletime
11:45 Crowsy nopad nopad
11:45 Crowsy have you done the pit of 10000000000000 trials?
11:46 Nopad not yet
11:46 Nopad what if there was a pedo van
11:46 Nopad like, a van that caught pedophiles
11:46 Crowsy uh
11:46 Nopad and there was a pedophilephile
11:46 Crowsy hmmm
11:47 Crowsy that would be pretty unusuall
11:49 *** Nopad quit (Client Quit)
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:Fake: i wish i could just drive a monster truck while sporting
g0m: so do it
Fake: kiss girl inside the mouth
DragonFogel: I have never wished the latter.
RE: IRC highlights!
What my line there is actually responding to:

Quote:<Fake> have you ever wished you weren't so nerdy
<Fake> or non hetero
RE: IRC highlights!
DF It is a shame you posted that. now I put all this chapstick on my lips for nothing.
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:[2012-10-09 23:49:45] <Schandroid> Seedy the Composer is for serious the botc
[2012-10-09 23:49:48] <Schandroid> Ugh
[2012-10-09 23:49:59] <Schandroid> Bitchiest
[2012-10-09 23:50:13] <Sanzh> hahaha
[2012-10-09 23:50:21] <Sanzh> that was a good autocorrect
[2012-10-09 23:50:41] <Schandroid> Secret s out guys
[2012-10-09 23:50:50] <seedy> hehe
[2012-10-09 23:51:12] <Schandroid> Sorry elps i spoilersed the end of your battle
[2012-10-09 23:51:41] <Agenmori> @_@ why is this post not happening
[2012-10-09 23:51:44] <Sanzh> elpie's got a different four-letter acronym
[2012-10-09 23:52:07] <Sanzh> agent do you not know what to write
[2012-10-09 23:52:21] <Schandroid> You could say i..........
[2012-10-09 23:52:28] <Schandroid> Botched it
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:Oct 16 15:43:09 <PickYerPoison> finally I can see that weird fionna one
Oct 16 15:44:10 <PickYerPoison> it's like a weird adventure time fanfic
Oct 16 15:45:29 <Sanzh> uh
Oct 16 15:47:22 <PickYerPoison> wait what the
Oct 16 15:47:35 <PickYerPoison> ha
Oct 16 15:47:38 <PickYerPoison> hahaha
Oct 16 15:48:00 <PickYerPoison> oh my god how did I not see that coming
RE: IRC highlights!

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RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:[13:44] <Garuru> oh god
[13:44] <Garuru> now im definitely getting off

Agen: bringing you out of context quotes all day, every day.
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Quote:16:53 g0m apparently romney only prepared a winning speech?
16:54 Dragonpaul if he loses he builds his own white house and plays pretend for 8 years
RE: IRC highlights!

RE: IRC highlights!
I still laugh whenever I think about this
(06-15-2012, 03:45 AM)Schazer Wrote: »15:39 MrGuy What's wrong with pizza, Schazer
15:39 Schazer what's wrong with pizza is that for you dorks someone else's pizza is what's wrong with pizza
15:39 Schazer you lot argued for like
15:39 Schazer twenty fucking minutes about whether it's a cardinal fucking sin to stick one in the microwave
15:40 RobustLaser (it is)
15:40 Granolaman only tiny pizza snacks get microwaved, or reheated leftovers
15:40 Godbot I think they were arguing about whether it's a sin because they were using a bible instead of a plate
15:40 MrGuy schazer is right
15:40 MrGuy I say let's form unitarian pizzaversalism
15:41 MrGuy cold and warm, crispy and soft, deep-dish and thin-crust united in harmony
15:41 PickYerPoison guy you said pizza was a frozen treat
15:41 PickYerPoison I'm not siding with you on anything pizza-related
15:41 MrGuy It can be a frozen treat! >:I

And then I watched this:

RE: IRC highlights!
I'm eating microwaved pizza right now
RE: IRC highlights!
(11-11-2012, 12:35 AM)Jacquerel Wrote: »I'm eating microwaved pizza right now

i thought you were from britain, not the BOWELS OF HELL
RE: IRC highlights!
I will punch

All of you
RE: IRC highlights!
If only we had a dedicated thread for fighting about pizza.
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:21:09 FakeImpostor: Guys how come people get so worked up over an ice cream pokemon when there is a pokemon that is literally a pile of eggs
21:10 Jacquerel: I don't know
21:10 Chwoka: does it evolve into mayo
21:10 Jacquerel: it evolves into a palm tree + coconuts
21:11 Chwoka: what?!
21:11 Chwoka: is there an implication that coconuts are just tree eggs
21:11 Jacquerel: you're clearly no evolutionary biologist
21:11 Chwoka: i mean, that metaphor works for every type of nut EXCEPT coconuts

Not so amusing on its own but then it was followed by

Quote:22:43 *** theFoot joined #eagletime
22:43 Fake: thefoot what is the best designed pokemon
22:50 theFoot: The palm tree with eggs as fruit and the eggs have faces