IRC highlights!

IRC highlights!
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:<bigro> (12:55:46) Schazer: tropius is the legit best pokemon no homo
<Schazer> ok who wants to give me the kick

Sometimes I think this is all there is to my life.
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:<MrGuy> god I'll give 13-year-old me one thing
<MrGuy> he wasn't fucking 8-year-old me
Quote:<Schazer> Guy I think that is illegal
<Schazer> and paradoxical
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Quote: Agensob is now a sphere.
 Agensob rolls away
 myw rolls him/her
* You are now known as Agensphere
 myw into a kamatariball
 PickYerPoison plays the theme song
<Agensphere> na nanananananana
<myw> katamari
<Agensphere> damacy
<TehPilot> did I just walk into katamari
<PickYerPoison> yes
 Agensphere rolls onto TehPilot
<PickYerPoison> literally
<myw> and now you're stuck to the ball
<PickYerPoison> take it away, agent
<TehPilot> aaaaaa
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Quote:<faker> My dads talking about how sexy girls in tight jeans are I didn't drink enough wine for this
<faker> In fact I think it's sobered me up entirely
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Quote:<sdegenko> i don't really like labels
<sdegenko> they tend to un-complicate things
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:<Elize> Two agens? Oh no, which one do I shoot?
<Jacquerel> why would you shoot either you monster
<Elize> i thought that was what you do if there is two of somebody.
<DragonFogel> Hi Elize.
<Pharmacy> if there was two agens
<Agenpetra> ;^;
<Agenpetra> but whai
<Elize> heya fogel
<Agenpetra> whaaaaai
<DragonFogel> Can't you just incapacitate them both?
<Pharmacy> I would probably watch anime with the two
<Elize> look, this is just what society told me to do in case of doppelgangers
<DragonFogel> If society jumped off a bridge, would you do that too?
<Pharmacy> no I will watch anime with society
<Elize> society is always jumping off bridges.
<Pharmacy> and then we complain about the characters
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Quote:<PickYerPoison> it reproduced asexually when crowsy put her money in
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:<PickYerPoison> I appreciate that Off can be played with one hand
<Jacquerel> I liked the atmosphere but not in /that/ way
<PickYerPoison> um
<PickYerPoison> wait
<Jacquerel> have you beaten Off yet
<PickYerPoison> goddamnit jacq
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:<Red709> on a side note I beat OFF today
<Red709> i meant IRL PyP
<Jacquerel> those were some exciting tmi questions then I guess
<PickYerPoison> ah
<Red709> GH
<Red709> jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacq.
<Jacquerel> look if you say "I beat OFF" and then "I meant in real life" what am I meant to do
<PickYerPoison> bahahahaha
<PickYerPoison> BHAHAHA
<Jacquerel> that was just impeccable timing pyp

They've joined forces.
[Image: xwldX.gif]
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:<MrGuy> your balls jingle
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:12:15 PickYerPoison omg i can make this size() function way faster by keeping track of when elements are inserted and removed
12:15 PickYerPoison yesssss
12:16 Red709 ...I...
12:16 MrGuy that ganja gremlin should have shut up
12:16 PickYerPoison bwahaha
12:16 PickYerPoison 10 lines? try ONE
12:17 Jacquerel that's good because I want to insert and remove as quickly as possible

Quote:12:17 PickYerPoison snrk
12:18 PickYerPoison well i intend to make this thing resize itself on the fly

Quote:12:18 Sanzh i'd resize your function ;)
12:18 PickYerPoison int m_elements tells me how many elements are in the list tho
12:18 WHIMBREL no sanzh no
12:18 PickYerPoison which is how i'll tell when to resize it
12:18 Jacquerel how big is it though? is it an int or a long
12:18 Timujina what
12:18 PickYerPoison i /could/ make it a long
12:18 PickYerPoison but that seems overboard
12:18 Timujina why do ou have two sizes?
12:18 PickYerPoison one is the /size/
12:19 PickYerPoison the other is the number of elements
12:19 Timujina oh
12:19 PickYerPoison it's a hash table
12:19 PickYerPoison so some parts are empty
12:19 Timujina oh that makes sense
12:19 Jacquerel you wouldn't class your size as a long?
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Quote:[04:49] <DragonFogel> But how interested can you stay when I start talking about how quaternions form a four-dimensional associative normed division algebra over the real numbers, and thus also form a domain?
[04:50] <Sanzh> sounds pretty kinky imo
[04:51] <Sanzh> can you say that again, only in a huskier, sexier voice
[04:52] <DragonFogel> Uh... woof woof quaternions grrr four-dimensional associative normed division algebra arf, baby?
RE: IRC highlights!
the fuck are quaternions and 4-dimensional associative algebra

is fogel a quantum physicist or some shit
RE: IRC highlights!
Quarternions are sort of an extended imaginary part to the imaginaries; so if you think of the imaginary line as being at right angles to the real number line, the domain of quarternions is at right angles to BOTH of them. In fact, there are even more lines at right angles to all three! Thus Fogel is talking about how the domain of quarternions has its own algebra existing in dimensions above that of the real numbers

i think i'm wrong

also fogel is a mathematician
RE: IRC highlights!
Mathematician? that's a worse fate than quantum physicist

at least the latter sounds cooler
RE: IRC highlights!
shhhh, don't let a mathematician hear you say that or they'd kill you on the spot. It's like sewer cleaners being SO proud of their job.
RE: IRC highlights!
as a quantum physicist* if you diss my mathematician friends you're gonna get quantum tunneled

or whatever else you think sounds cool

*i'm not sure this is a thing one can be but OKAY
RE: IRC highlights!
More like a correct physicist
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:Schazer: eating all that bacon-flavoured lube
RE: IRC highlights!
Quote:<sdegenko> so i think i'm going to go to bed about now
<sdegenko> see ya guys
<DragonFogel> Night Scott.
<DragonFogel> Girth, are you going to say goodnight to Scott?
<Girth> Not a chance!
<sdegenko> fuck you, girth
* Girth hugs sdegenko
* TheFoot (~Mamylon@ Quit (Quit: TheFoot)
* sdegenko breaks away and runs away crying
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Quote:<PickYerPoison> p. sure this is what love feels like
<DragonFogel> (nerd)

[Image: zjQ0y.gif][Image: vcGGy.gif]
RE: IRC highlights!
That was in response to your explanation of your wrong time zone calculations, which were totally nerdy.
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Quote:<myw> slo I am straight
<myw> pretty straight
<@Ojay> Pretty sraight
<@Ojay> Is enough of an opening
<myw> had a girlfriend and enjoyed it roughly
<Sanzh> hot
<@Schazer> wow tmi
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of all things said last night/morning, that is the most quotable?

RE: IRC highlights!
Apparently so. It is hands down the most quoted thing.
sea had swallowed all. A lazy curtain of dust was wafting out to sea