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IRC highlights!
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Quote::54 SlorangeMinus1 Tell them some OTHER drunks on the internet want you to do this more
15:54 SlorangeMinus1 And to be fir we were here first
15:55 PickYerPoison but you are the people
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16:04 --- Kaynato is away (Auto away)
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16:17 Red709 what
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Quote:[18:22] <Malky2> The only thing that's projectile about anything that comes out of my butt is pee
[Image: zjQ0y.gif][Image: vcGGy.gif]
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Quote:[00:10] <Agendork> that's funny, normally i am on photoops like a totalitarian government on a conscientious objector
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Quote:Red709: PiLE
Red709: *pile

TehPilot quietly pours a glass of warm milk over Red's head

Red709: wh
TehPilot: shhhhh
Red709: hahahHA no Im
Red709: I'm fine
Red709: Im fiIne
Jacquerel: you definitely sound totally fine
Jacquerel: completely in control of yourself, absolutely
Red709: heee no

TehPilot keeps pouring milk

Red709: no I'm just
Red709: think ing about thing s
Red709: th ingssssssSSS

TehPilot starts grating parmesan cheese over Red

TehPilot: shhhh
Jacquerel: Pilot I have to warn you that Red has turned down every cannibalistic advance he has thus far been forwarded
Solaris: what a loser
Jacquerel: (maybe he was just waiting for the right person ???)
TehPilot: shhh
TehPilot: i am preparing a red pasta sauce

TehPilot keeps adding cheese


TehPilot quietly follows Red, throwing basil in his general direction

I guess this fits here too
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Quote:20:39 Plaid oh no my boyfriend finally has had his revenge
20:40 isoraqathedh …?
20:40 Plaid i keep sending him seemingly questionable links and he finally found a thing i haven't seen yet
20:40 bigro ok I know just where to hide the bodies pla- oh
20:40 isoraqathedh Wait, you have a boyfriend?
20:40 isoraqathedh I didn't know that.
20:40 isoraqathedh I thought you were all about Schaz.
20:40 Plaid hahaha
20:40 bigro that is the best misconception
20:41 bigro iso you get a medal
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Quote:[13:40] * FelixSparks ( has joined #eagletime
[13:40] <Loather> the vaginas got too intense
[13:40] <Loather> wait no
[13:41] * FelixSparks ( has left #eagletime
[13:41] <Loather> i guess they didnt
[13:41] <Loather> or they did
[13:41] <Garuru> damn it loather
[13:41] <Granola> hahahaha
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Quote:(10:10:32 PM) MrGuy: Oh hey ,cyber submitted too. Neat.
(10:11:02 PM) MrGuy: DAMN YOU CO,MMA.
(10:11:07 PM) MrGuy: ,NO STOP THAT.
(10:11:52 PM) MrGuy: [,] HA! Gotcha now!
(10:12:12 PM) MrGuy: O'h no it fell out the bottom!
(10:12:22 PM) MrGuy: Ugh I don't, know why I bother with this little fucker
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[Image: Whimtalk.png]
[19:35] <Whimbrelize> that means if we fill the room with whimbreals, the original will cease to exist.
~◕ w◕~
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Quote:[11:52] <PickYerPoison> and bigro and pharms and gar
[11:52] * Bromeliad has quit (Ping timeout: 380 seconds)
[11:52] <Gar> hey
[11:53] <bigro> PING ME?
[11:53] <bigro> WHY PING
[11:53] <bigro> AM HERE
[11:53] <bigro> WHO PING
[11:53] <bigro> PYP
[11:53] <bigro> PYYYYYYYYYYP
[11:53] * bigro jumps on pyp
[11:53] <PickYerPoison> aaaaaaaaaa
[11:53] <PickYerPoison> AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
[11:53] * PickYerPoison flails
[11:53] <bigro> PYPYPYPYPYPYPPYP
[11:53] * PickYerPoison dives out the window
[11:54] * bigro sticks head out window and yells NOT HAPPY JAN
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Quote:<faker> Should I
<faker> Fuck pigs
<faker> Wait that sounds wrong
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operation makeschazpuke

Quote:[23:46] <Agenpetra> goooood morniiiiing~
[23:46] <Agenpetra> crowsyyyyy~
[23:46] <Cassie> yay forge :3
[23:46] <Agenpetra> cassieeeee~
[23:46] <Timujina> agen <3
[23:46] <Timujina> agennn
[23:46] <Timujina> agennnn
[23:46] <Agenpetra> crowsyyyyyy
[23:46] <Agenpetra> crowsyyyy
[23:46] <Cassie> timuuuuuuu :3
[23:46] <Agenpetra> crowsyyyy
[23:46] <Cassie> Ageeeeeen :3
[23:47] <Timujina> agennnnnn
[23:47] <Timujina> cassieeee :3
[23:47] <Timujina> cassie :3
[23:47] <Timujina> agennn
[23:47] <GenTrigger> Gen
[23:47] <Rivenforge> Crowsy~
[23:47] <Timujina> forgeee :3
[23:47] <Agenpetra> gennnn~
[23:47] <Agenpetra> :3
[23:48] <Agenpetra> okay now someone say something snarky
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Quote:[13:55] <Phonelaris> A hoss based on every villain character in the villain battles sounds funny
[13:55] <Phonelaris> Hoss based cameo roubd
[13:55] <TheFoot> Oh man
[13:55] <Pharmacy> oh my god, sol
[13:55] <Pharmacy> you fiendish genius
[13:56] <Agenpetra> oh lord
[13:56] <Agenpetra> sol
[13:56] <Agenpetra> oh /god/
[13:56] <Agenpetra> what have you /done/
[13:56] <Pinary> Hossaliese: Banana Supremacist
[13:56] <Pharmacy> I kind of want to pull this beyond ridiculous meta
[13:56] <Pharmacy> like
[13:56] <Agenpetra> pffftttt
[13:56] <Pharmacy> what if Hoss but also us
[13:56] <Agenpetra> weren't you sleeping pines
[13:56] <Pharmacy> like Schazer Hoss, Slor Hoss
[13:56] <Pinary> I was hungry, I've been eating
[13:56] <Pinary> Chips are tasty
[13:56] <TheFoot> How do you even make a Dove Hoss
[13:56] <Pharmacy> Pinary Hoss
[13:56] <Phonelaris> Hossvester
[13:56] <DragonFogel> Hossley, who hunts demons and turns them into bread because they're inferior to humans.
[13:56] <PickYerPoison> Hoss Girnham
[13:56] <PickYerPoison> he's just an asshole
[13:56] <Pinary> Ourobourhoss
[13:57] <TheFoot> Tom Broderhoss
[13:57] <TheFoot> Emma Broderhoss
[13:57] <Pharmacy> Krachoss
[13:57] <PickYerPoison> Hoss Hoss
[13:57] <Pinary> Hoss' Sister Hoss
[13:57] <Phonelaris> The bprderhosses omg
[13:57] <TheFoot> "Hoss"
[13:57] <Pharmacy> a Hoss but a stripper, Ho-ss
[13:57] <Pharmacy> a snake Hoss "Hosssssssssssssssssss"
[13:57] <Agenpetra> what about Hoss Horse
[13:58] <PickYerPoison> Hossgark
[13:58] <Pinary> Hoss Horse/Hoss Horse/Hoss Horse/He's Hoss
[13:58] <PickYerPoison> the Hoss with no name
[13:58] <TheFoot> Big Money Hossla
[13:58] <Pharmacy> oh ym god
[13:58] <Pinary> Hossky VII, the world-ship
[13:58] <Agenpetra> Andrew Hossie
[13:58] <PickYerPoison> Dr. Hossman
[13:58] <PickYerPoison> Andrew Lolhossie
[13:58] <TheFoot> Andrew Hossie: the smuggest character in all history
[13:59] <Pharmacy> this is so ridiculous, I love it
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Quote:(6:40:38 PM) Isoraqathedh_m: Try using wisconsin marks.
(6:40:58 PM) Loather: fuck you im using minnesota marks
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Quote:<Sanzh> i am trying to help ix work through a thing he's written and dislikes and am messing around with computer game modding
* Pharmacy ( has joined #grandbattle
<Slorange> Tell him it's great and you love it
<Slorange> A
<Slorange> nd also him
<Slorange> And then kiss a little but pretend you're me
* Bromeliad ( has joined #grandbattle
<Sanzh> are you trying to live vicariously through my friendships
<Slorange> N-
<Slorange> No
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[00:27:52] <cyber95> actually as far as i can tell the only safe place to visit in the world is ireland
[00:30:19] <cyber95> what does ireland have, corn snakes?
[00:30:24] <Chwoka> NO
[00:30:34] <cyber95> oh right
[00:30:44] <Chwoka> WHY DO YOU THINK WE GET DRUNK
[00:31:07] <cyber95> i'unno
[00:31:09] <cyber95> potatoes?
[00:31:19] <cyber95> that's my assumption about most things ireland
[00:31:38] <cyber95> i'm not very worldly
[00:31:54] <DragonFogel> Chwoka, I'm pretty sure that question answers itself.
[00:33:14] <Chwoka> DragonFogel: we get drunk to find the solution to the mystery of why we get drunk at the bottom of the glass?
[00:33:26] <DragonFogel> Clearly.
[00:33:44] <Pharmacy> when you drain the last drop
[00:33:47] <Pharmacy> on the bottom of glass
[00:33:48] <Pharmacy> it says
[00:33:53] <Pharmacy> "try again"
[00:34:41] <Chwoka> i am unsatisfied with this answer
[00:34:58] <Pharmacy> this is why alcoholism exists
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Quote:[16:12] <edddie> HOLD IT! the only wifi available in this courtroom is the office network, containing sensitive information! by using it, you're creating a security breach!
[16:12] <Anomaly> ORDER!
[16:12] * Anomaly smacks bigro with a hammer
[16:13] * DragonFogel pulls the internet cable out of his laptop.
[16:13] <edddie> /edgeworth gasps/
[16:13] * DragonFogel has quit (Quit: "In case you didn't get it, I'm playing the sheep. Baa..." - Nash, Suikoden 3)
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[16:23] <Anomaly> OVERRULED, I HAVE A GUN
[16:23] <Paranoia> FUCK YOUR GUN
[16:24] <DragonFogel> But is that gun permissible as evidence?!?
[16:24] <Paranoia> PROBABLY
[16:24] <Paranoia> IT'S THE MURDER WEAPON

that escalated quickly
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IRC Wrote:(1:07:29 AM) FakeImpostor:
(1:07:31 AM) FakeImpostor: Yo guys
(1:07:34 AM) FakeImpostor: Lets do it to it
(1:09:09 AM) myw: hufflepuff woo
(1:09:11 AM) myw: well
(1:09:12 AM) myw: probably
(1:09:46 AM) XX: myw you'd be a hagrid
(1:10:11 AM) FakeImpostor: This is the complete questionaire, the pottermore thing randomizes a select few of these
(1:10:30 AM) myw: I'm not that tall XX
(1:11:41 AM) myw: or that fat
(1:13:05 AM) XX: you could be
(1:13:17 AM) Norivia left the room.
(1:14:04 AM) myw: I don't want to be rollable
(1:15:04 AM) Sanzh: too bad, you're rolling
(1:15:19 AM) myw: I don't get it
(1:16:20 AM) FakeImpostor: I got gryffindor!
(1:16:26 AM) FakeImpostor: Suck it
(1:16:43 AM) myw: good job
(1:16:45 AM) myw: you're boring
(1:17:05 AM) FakeImpostor: I almost got into ravenclaw
(1:17:15 AM) XX: I got slytherin ages ago
(1:17:18 AM) FakeImpostor: What myw neville longbottom wasnt boring
(1:18:17 AM) myw: of course XX
(1:18:28 AM) myw: fake, gryphs are boring
(1:18:34 AM) myw: or at least really predictible
(1:18:47 AM) myw: they'll do stuff with almost no plan because they think its right
(1:18:51 AM) myw: that's just arrogance
(1:19:08 AM) Sanzh: gryffindor is just starks with birds
(1:19:10 AM) FakeImpostor: Its called being ballsy
(1:19:21 AM) FakeImpostor: The starks are great!
(1:19:28 AM) myw: they're all dead
(1:19:29 AM) FakeImpostor: Thefoot arent the starks great
(1:19:30 AM) Sanzh: great at dying
(1:19:33 AM) myw: half dead
(1:19:40 AM) Solaris: the funniest thing that ive ever had with pottermore
(1:19:43 AM) TheFoot: What? No. Fuck the Starks
(1:19:48 AM) FakeImpostor: WHAT
(1:19:51 AM) Solaris: is being the only hufflepuff in #mspafia
(1:19:53 AM) Sanzh: LP knows what's up
(1:20:07 AM) TheFoot: Fake the fact that they're the worst is the point of the Starks
(1:20:14 AM) Solaris: so if that was Actually Hogwarts
(1:20:20 AM) FakeImpostor: but they are so good at being the worst
(1:20:29 AM) Solaris: it would be a bunch of slytherins hanging out and being slytherny
(1:20:29 AM) myw: no, they're the best
(1:20:34 AM) myw: they just suck at being the best
(1:20:37 AM) Solaris: and therers this one fucking hufflepuff with them
(1:20:51 AM) myw: cept for sansa I hate her
(1:22:34 AM) XX: fuck sansa
(1:22:40 AM) Timujinaway is now known as Timujina
(1:24:01 AM) FakeImpostor: Sansa makes the Hound Relevant dont hate
(1:24:28 AM) myw: sansa makes everything go to shit by being a stuck up bitch
(1:24:36 AM) myw: rrravenclaw
(1:24:45 AM) myw: kinda weird
(1:27:53 AM) bbl|mrguy is now known as MrGuy
(1:31:00 AM) FakeImpostor: No you are a total nerd
(1:31:03 AM) FakeImpostor: It makes sense
(1:32:05 AM) myw: yeah, but I kinda lack the motivation towards knowing shit
(1:32:20 AM) myw: aren't ravenclaws supposed to be good at school
(1:33:41 AM) Jacquerel: pottermore lied to me
(1:34:40 AM) Timujina: jacquerel
(1:34:45 AM) Timujina: what are you tlaking balotutt
(1:34:50 AM) Timujina: talking about
(1:34:58 AM) Jacquerel: it put me in gryffindor
(1:35:23 AM) myw: did you pick any dumb choices
(1:36:52 AM) Jacquerel: I don't know
(1:37:20 AM) Jacquerel: it was months ago
(1:38:20 AM) Chwoka: okay this is like the second or third day in a row we've talked about the pottermore personality quizzes
(1:38:29 AM) Chwoka: didn't that shit come out years ago?
(1:40:49 AM) FakeImpostor: Harry potter is eternally hip
(1:41:58 AM) Timujina: i am HUFFLEBUTT
(1:42:00 AM) ***Timujina screaming
(1:42:03 AM) Timujina: HUFFLEBUTT
(1:42:05 AM) Timujina: HUFFLEBUTTTTTT
(1:42:25 AM) ***Timujina sits on jacquerel, quadrupling in weight every three seconds
(1:42:37 AM) Jacquerel: This is uncomfortable to say the least
(1:42:50 AM) ***Timujina goes back in time to become lighter
(1:43:44 AM) myw: what the heck
RE: IRC highlights!
I got Slytherin

But at least I ain't a fuckin' Hufflepuff
RE: IRC highlights!
Ravenclaw for best house tho
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Quote:<Sanzh> did anything of note happen in the hour I was absent
<Hobbesy> the world ended
<Hobbesy> sorry you missed it
<Hobbesy> but we're actually all in limbo now
<Sanzh> dang
* Disconnected

My connection is clearly learning the art of comedic timing.
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Quote:11:25 GenTrigger [Image: tumblr_mcwcz0kSFn1qm02bg.jpg]
11:26 XX the antichrist is risen
11:26 Pharmacy why
11:26 Plaid they finally invented a lady repellent
11:27 XX "getting too much pussy?"
11:27 XX "we have a solution"
11:27 Pharmacy for the times when measuring the circumference of your head so convenient
11:27 ughbrel oh my god I accidentally took a sip of gin and tonic my mouth
11:27 Pharmacy is so inconvenient*
11:27 GenTrigger I stared into the void and the void stared back.
11:27 Pharmacy welcome to...the Twilight Zone
11:28 GenTrigger I like to imagine whim was looking at the snapback fedora and just blindly grabbed a cup while in disbelief.
11:28 Jacquerel "It's time I learned how to drink to forget"
11:28 Plaid whatever liquid was in there spontaneously became alcoholic in sympathy
11:29 Pharmacy Whim is the modern jesus, come to save us all from the darkness and temptations
11:29 GenTrigger Can you imagine the man who purchases this? He sees it in the store and is like, "yes, this is the perfect merger of convenience and style."
11:29 GenTrigger He slips the abomination on his greasy hair and God cries.
11:29 XX frogs fall from the sky
11:29 XX from the sewers arises a tide of blood and mountain dew
11:30 Pharmacy tiny men with that fedora-cop descend like locusts
11:30 Timujina every woman within 50 meters is instantly pushed out of range, even if there are walls in the way.
11:30 Pharmacy levitating via stench I am sure that is how science works
11:30 GenTrigger It's like a find city nuke, but specifically targets women.
11:31 Pharmacy Gen how do we protect yourselves
11:31 XX the cleared area is known colloquially as "the friendzone"
11:31 Pharmacy do we brand our foreheads
11:31 GenTrigger Oh my fucking God, I just choked on my water XX.
11:31 ughbrel brilliant
11:31 Timujina militaries have began throwing large fedoras at opposing armies, instantly teleporting all woman soldiers out of the area, thus creating a disadvantage for the army
11:31 Plaid realistically though, being physically forced out of the radius of that thing is a kindness
11:32 Timujina hahah friendzone
11:32 Pharmacy a proof that a divine force exists
11:32 XX any time, babe
11:32 GenTrigger You wake up from your daze, but you are safe. You know you are nowhere near the potent explosion of mysogyny that has been expelled.
11:33 GenTrigger You can hear the echoes of the blast, a soft repeating, "M'lady"
[Image: WEdy1pW.png] [Image: cyTsdj6.png]
[Image: 30058_799389.png]
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[Image: LydxbjY.png]
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[17:34:19] <Rivenforge> Happy birthday, Jacq
[17:34:37] <PickYerPoison> :o happy birthday, jacq
[17:35:25] <A_Couch> happy jacquerel's birthday, slorange
[17:35:42] <@Slorange> It's my favorite noliday
[17:36:04] <Jacquerel> thank you
[17:37:14] <A_Couch> Jacquerel: welcome to birthday city
[17:37:18] <A_Couch> where all crime is legal
[17:37:27] * Pharmacy hands jac an animal mask
[17:38:55] <PickYerPoison> heheh
[17:39:25] * Jacquerel prepares ritual knife
[17:39:43] * Pharmacy plays metallica backwards
[17:40:08] * @Slorange ( Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[17:40:36] * A_Couch sets up the dungeons and dragons pentagram
[17:40:56] <Pharmacy> welcome to the illumanti
[17:43:10] <A_Couch> population: YOU
[17:43:34] <Rivenforge> and several thousand skeletons
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WARNING: The following spoiler contains shameless puns.