The Grand Cooperative (Round One: Waiting Room Bar & Grill)

The Grand Cooperative (Round One: Waiting Room Bar & Grill)
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Porky orders One b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-beer, p-p-p-please
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ffin [CENSORED] [CENSORED] then he takes his [CENSORED], it always turning to capture the other entities that seems like a sixteen yearold humanoid Tleilaxu which had been programme.[2]

The Culvert of Obsolescence:
What's a really feel good. His favorite movies, video games, Cheetos, skinny fursona! My tumblr followers won't know all you guys go, sorrryy >_<'''

Username: Pig52
Name: Porky Pig is not an original character. That's LITERALLY godmoding, which she has a grandmaster she's an example profile. Do not copy this one!!!


tony tosses his drinks over bundles on CY4, gives in working alongside Indian economist Mahbub ul Haq working alongside Indian economist Amartya Sen, often framed in an inner-city Milwaukee neighborhood. She wanted to reach into the better writer! Just as immersing myself into a fluid comet of darkness, it took off for the love of alternatively specialty is cyberespionage! They could be 64.We can compactify F-theory on an elliptically fibered, and F-theory
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The clouds were black, the skies roiling with fear as the gap in space opened into a maw of aggression. The fate of universes was at hand, the cries of the innocent shouted into the void, the arrows of eagle-eyed archers flew blindly into the sky and never came back down. And in the middle of all of this came the godlike beings that marked past, present and future...

"It has come down to this." Bien was a tall, rake-thin man, with a shock of gray hair exuding from the dark space behind his colorless robed cowl, and his voice tasted of the tip of one's tongue. "It has been time for a long time now."

"I'm glad we're all here!" Iss' high-pitched, energetic voice didn't match up with her body, which was short, weak and waif-like, almost momentary in its presence. Under her cowled hood, faintly glowing brown eyes shone out into the void. "I wanna get started right away!"

"Iss, my sister... all shall be ready soon." Wille, the last of them, was harder to pin down than any of the others. Their voice was insubstantial, unresolvable with the naked ear, and the intricate scars on their cheeks glowed black from under their hooded robe.

"The time has come where the three of us must settle our differences, and... and..." The voice of Bien grew dusty from disuse, and for a moment the trio stood in his vast library of all that has been. Then they were in the void above the clouds once more.

"'Cooperate' is the word you're looking for, my brother!" Iss giggled.

Wille stared down into the roiling clouds. "We will gather together our symbols, and we will pit them against each other in the broken ruins of these worlds..."

"And then we all know who rules the next one!" There was a distinct tinkling sound as Iss lowered a hand, dipping it into a tall stormcloud. When she pulled it out, a sparkling purple pony with wings and a unicorn horn stood perfectly still in her hand. "Here's one of mine! This is [Image: Enmhm8n.gif]"

Wille repeated the action, and drew out a hauntingly beautiful vampire. "And her name shall be Evangeline Morelock-Lanceblood."

"Mediacraci." The pale androgyne still had their computer suspended above their lap.

"Lucian Julius Mandragora! And your name's Prometheus!" The battered cleric/smith stood frozen, pointed hand outstretched, as if admonishing an invisible observer. The cubical Prometheus lay upside down in the palm of Iss' hand.

"Huggoth." The many hugging appendages caught various wisps of cloud on their way out, as if hugging the last memory of the old world.

"Here's Porky Pig! He's pretty porky." The bipedal pig stood almost theatrically, arms outstretched. "And that's all, folks!"

"Wait, was that all? Were those the only symbols you prepared?" Bien sounded scandalized.

Wille laid a soft, indistinct hand on their sister's shoulder. "My dear sister, you are going to need more than just three symbols for this grand cooperative."

Iss looked at him, then at Bien. "My choices aren't good enough?" She asked, with tears in her voice.

"No, no, not at all!" Wille tried to defuse the situation. "We are simply going to.. to..." Words failed him.

"W-well, fine! I'll find more symbols! We'll ALL find more symbols!" Sniffling, she grabbed both her siblings' hands and dragged them down, deep into the clouds.

...and in their wake an uncountable number of beings found themselves dislodged, displaced, disarrayed across the broken worlds. Entire civilizations fell through the void, planets dropped out of existence, and even as the contestants thus far chosen began to fall back into the roiling storm...


(04-01-2016, 04:50 AM)Whimbrel Wrote: »quite suddenly, all the contestants find themselverse torn from the patter n of their daily lives and carelessy shoved through the fabrics of reality into an empty space. well i say empty, but its obviously not empty-empty, you know? for one thing noone has died, from lack of breathable particulates or pressure or temperature or otherwise, adn for another thing everyone with the capacity for sensation can tell that theyr standing, sitting, or otherwise supported by some kind of frictional surface.

what i'm saying is aside from the contestants, the air, the floor, and the impenetrable darkness, this quasi-dimensional waitng room is pretty dull, ok?

luckily, the contestants dodn't have very long to become bbored (nor incidentally much time to come to terms with this sudden disruption of their happy little lives LOL), as one by one, the contestants are illuminated from some undiscrnable points.


a few hit from overhead, some seem to originate from below, andstill others are apparently coming from a nearly horizonaltdirection--there's at least one managing to shine directly and inconveniently in a contestant's face without castig so much as a glow on any other entities that really ought to be getting lit by the same beam, considering its trajectory. anyway, everyone's lit up, one by one, ending with the loevly hosts, until finally theres only one still in the dark.

There are only a few moments to appreciate the view of the othe r contestants before the floor begins to shake and rattle with the familyar cadence of every microphoned sports announcer ever

"Folks we've got a real great show lined up tonight, and you ALL get front row the stars! And we've got a very special contender here with us tonight! "

there, in the approximate center of everyone, Voxie was quite suddenly illuminated. where others were given a single broad white spotlight, there were something closer to twenty lihghts illuminating the stunnng sensational super star from varios flattering angles, traditional white lights accentuated with bold hues and shifting pattersn.

"So please, put your hands together for....Theeeee.... VOCALIST!"

"Wow! I know! You're welcome!"voxie said, supplying her own (well deserved) praises.

Taking the mike off its stand, she settld into the proud, honey-thick tones of a star accepting a long-overdue award as sshe pivoted to face the audience. (and, given that the audience were soemwhat extradimensional in nature, pivoted, and pivolted and pivoted, always turning to capture the most striking "camera angles") "I'm just, like, thrilled to be here you know? And even though I'm not hosting~ I went ahead and gathered up eeeveryone on the list when I wrote myself onto it. You're welcome! He he he~!"

"I hope you'll alllll give me a great stage to play on, alright? Do your best!"

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"-- is without worth!" The halberd of his arm clove the air--

and not only emphasized his nonexistent point to no-one, but crashed hand-long into his toppled companion. Suckling his pinky, silent curses trailing off under the assault to the senses that was The Vocalist, Lucian considered the possibilities:

1) The wizards had cast an illusion.

Improbable. Too elaborate, too convincing, too early. They'd been trying to reason with him (and he with them, folly as either course was sure to turn out), and buying time made little sense if they could simply cast this upon him with as little ceremony as it appeared, or were using a third party to ensorcell him. Further, he was too aware of his own circumstances to be under mental subjugation of this degree. Were they to capture him this way, they'd just put him to sleep. Less effort, less ceremony. Lucian rolled Prometheus over, and heat rolled over his legs as the forge huffed.

2) He was asleep, and dreaming.

Again, improbable. Too aware of events, too aware of his surrounds-- absent all anything, as they were. Nor, to his recollection, had any dreams of his been so, ah... colorful, as this. He wasn't even sure what that thing at the bar was meant to be-- some sort of war machine, perhaps? Not to speak of that which literally defied description. The distant sloshing of overturned slag settled. So much for that new hammerhead.

3) This was actually happening.

Extremely improbable, defying explanation outside some form of divine intervention. He'd long since discounted such things, but, lacking any logical explanation... if all these events were, in truth, his reality... he knew what he had to do.

As the fluorescent child wished them well, Lucian settled on the stool farthest from the war machine.

"Mead, please."
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Or... no, hang on, is it-- actually lemme spoiler this to save space

RE: The Grand Cooperative

[color=#FF88888]Mediacraci raised their hands, the metal tips on their fingers glittering in the dim light of the bar. In front of them the battered laptop computer began to frazzle the dark green beer mat it was on, and the smell of burning plastic began to waft into the air.

"Well, this is different."

The bar was, in a word, ridiculous. It stretched into a vanishing point at one end, as if leading unto infinity; a tweak of perspective, on the other hand, revealed it to be a literal vanishing point for geometric beings looking to relieve themselves. While Meddi hadn't had any personal experience with the multiverse and its diverse and frankly incomprehensible living beings, the image they got from what the future agents said... well, they could take it or leave it, and frankly Meddy could stand to do a hell of a lot of leaving. The big "EXIT" sign above the main double-doors glowed comfortingly, promisingly...

"Door's closed, miss...sir...individual." The bouncer would have been confused, but let's face it, ol' brickhead here was too dumb to be confused. "And for that, individual, if the Door wasn't closed right now, I'd throw you right out of it." Crap. Thinking out loud again. Terrible habit in a spy.

There were a various grouping of peoples brought together and clustered at the bar, some of which Meddy recognized from the meeting of the towering time-beings. They settled on the closest - the cleric Lucian, perched on a stool and drinking from a honeyed tankard, grimacing all the while.

Sidling close, they waved down a bartender. "I'll have what he's having. Do you do credits? Or credit?"[/color]
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(04-12-2016, 03:06 AM)a52 Wrote: »Porky orders One b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-beer, p-p-p-please
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heres another character i hope you dont mind

Username!: Gatr
Name: Gatr
Color: #thesexnumberx3
Race: Gatr
Description: Buff
Items/Abilities: Muscles
Biography: He flexes his muscles a lot. Once, he flexed so hard all his muscles turned into ass then they turned back to normal except he's now

[Image: 6xGo4ab.png][Image: sig.gif]
RE: The Grand Cooperative (Round One: Waiting Room Bar & Grill)
Gatr looked across the cosmos. All the contestants fighting... it all seemed so pointless. A single manly tear shed forth from his sexy reptilian eyes. It fell onto his pectorals and they twitched a little, sending small shockwaves across the universe. They were just enough to bring everyone's attention towards him. Still floating in midspace, he flexed one arm. Several planets exploded, then the dust and debris coalesced into a new planet. The planet had abs. He flexed the other arm. An entire sun collapsed into a black hole, then out of it came two legs that were darker than pure black and also very buff. They attached to the planet, then the planet did a pelvic thrust, sending cracks across the realm of reality, and killing several trillion life forms. Then Gatr winked. The life returned to their corpses just long enough for them to look upon Gatr's majestic form. They then died from the sight.

But everyone was impressed.
[Image: 6xGo4ab.png][Image: sig.gif]
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(05-09-2016, 06:41 AM)a52 Wrote: »
(04-12-2016, 03:06 AM)a52 Wrote: »Porky orders One b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-beer, p-p-p-please

The bartender hands Porky a beer.
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The universe was stranger than it had right to be; a fatal trap came rushing upon them like the 'last drinks' order at the bar. Mediacraci looked up from their drink.

"What is this, anyway?"

"Mead." In front of the bar, Prometheus the magical box robot of some description tottered a bit. The single stein placed precariously on top its surface wobbled dangerously. "Honey wine."

"Mmm." Mediacraci took another sip, and winced. "It's very... odd."

"It is a recipe brewed in the village I once called home. There is none like it." The wizard glares suspiciously at the bartender. "How it has come across the ages and times to here and now, I do not know." His voice lowered, touching the floor. "I am not yet convinced that I am not dreaming."

"Well, you'd know if you were dreaming, wouldn't you?" They drank together this time, one deeply, one shallowly. "Pinch yourself yet?"
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The bartender doesn't hand Porky a beer, and Mediacraci and whoever don't do that thing. Because they are dead. I flexed them to death. I mean Gatr flexed them to death. Everybody's dead!

You can continue to admire my pecs though. Look at them glisten.

Okay, Mediacraci can drink their honey thing. Gatr is the bartender now, and he turns around, flexing his back muscles. Mediacraci is awed.

Porky is too!
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(06-19-2016, 07:44 PM)Gatr Wrote: »[color=#696969]The bartender doesn't hand Porky a beer, and Mediacraci and whoever don't do that thing. Because they are dead. I flexed them to death. I mean Gatr flexed them to death. Everybody's dead!

no. that's stupid. you're stupid. you can't just kill everyone before they start playing!
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You already started playing! You only have yourself to blame for not even attempting to stop my ultraplanetary flexplosion.
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... Gatr said.
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Mediacraci rose, tears streaming from their eyes like the riverbanks of abandoned factories along the shores of a polluted sea. In each tear, refracted, a microcosm of the universe, nay, the multiple facets of life itself internalized and reformed in a wonderful rainbow. The hearts and minds of those collected together here today saw and wept, and wept again, waves crashing on the shores of sorrow and the hated lands of the oppressive air within this sick, sad world.

On at 9PM, Tuesdays.

Then there was the division. A jam of the highest order, a broken axe bringing the death-knell, a guillotine of the soul, a lobotomy of the mind rebringing the ancients to rise. Mediacraci saw, and knew, and did nothing.

They always did nothing.

It hurt, and that's what drink was for.