RE: Superego
Hello everyone, it's the first day of spring so I figured I should post a new update. As you may or may not know, I'm making preparations to move out! Preparations that are coming to fruition very soon actually. Like, start of April soon.

My life feels like a whirlwind right now, but after I'm all settled, I intend to start working on Superego again. I'm willing to make it official then: Superego will be coming back in April! I've been going through my chapter 05 notes and I trimmed down some scenes that really weren't clicking with me. I think this might make it a lot shorter than I expected, but I'm fine with that because I really just want to end this thing at this point.

I've barely had any energy for creative endeavors recently, but also at the beginning of this month, Charahub shut down, so I've been slowly migrating my old character profiles over to Toyhouse. All the Superego profiles have been added, so check them out over here! Also, I made sure to credit every piece of art in the galleries, but if I'm using an old URL of yours or something in the credits, please let me know.

Otherwise most of my free time has been spent zoning out in front of Nintendo's latest mobile game, Dragalia Lost. Add me there if you're a nerd too lmao??

I miss you guys, thank you for being such a patient audience. I want to see this story through as much as you do.
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