Pantagrame Quest

Pantagrame Quest
Pantagrame Quest
[Image: pantagrameintropic.png]

VITRIOL, a little satanist loser, permanent victim to his own inconsideration, wants to find the "Pantagrame" to summon Satan and engulf the world in darkness. Despite all the enemies waiting for him in both light an shadow, despite horrible monsters and his opponents' magical powers, will he be able to reach his hella satanik goal?

[Image: nelphismatin.jpg]

Nelphis, the city where our story begins.

PANTAGRAME is a webcomic with video game sequences and retrogaming-like visuals. An original world, triangular and flat under a musical sky, with a precisely crafted setting I spent years elaborating!
I'm working with a fine team, the programmer Arkh, the composer and singer Oraziel, my webmaster is called Bica and I'm working with even more artists on spin-off projects I can't really describe now.
I've reached a big stage in the story, when the characters leave Nelphis City. There's still a lot to discover, but I'm already happy to have reached this point. It's the most exciting project I've ever created, way better than any of my previous works (I mainly did novels, short movies and short stories).
Hope you will like this work as much as I do!

[Image: pantagrameboss2recadrage.png]

The second boss.

RE: Pantagrame Quest
Is there anything that sounds as good as a symphonic sky?
Look out for mis-spelled satanisms and crystal demons as you navigate this explosively colorful world
~◕ w◕~
RE: Pantagrame Quest
is the pantagrame just a pair of pants with pentagram patterning and satan's name (Lucy) on the waistband. Maybe he forget them at the laundromat? What do you think you're doing trying to hold them hostage to summon satan? He has stuff to do, and can't deal with your bullshit.
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RE: Pantagrame Quest
Pantagrame is obviously the online division of the mail-order pants service.

Anyways, I luv the monster designs in this.


Also, Fuille is the light of my life.