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[Image: oiYJKgU.gif]

Tutorial: Precede commands with what you are commanding, followed by a colon.
If you do not specify your target, it will most likely be interpreted (parsed) as the character or
system befitting the Point of View (POV). Characters and functions may be parsed by initials,
abbreviations, monikers, and at Game Master (GM) discretion. For example, command the system
by entering the "SYS: Start Adventure" command to begin Rootborn.

<<SYS: Start adventure>>

[Image: 0TsaaFm.gif]


You have been jolted out of your nightly trance, head throbbing in a sudden haze of pain and shock,
from both the first registered impact at the back of your head and the following impact of your
body hitting the hardwood floor. Dazed and confused, you instinctively deduce your

<<Secure your roots>>

[Image: ekFrgwW.jpg]

Let's start with the basics. You recently completed your lengthy DRUID TRAINING, thus finally
becoming a fully distinguished DRUID. You are a professional ADVENTURER, sating your
voracious curiosity and wanderlust, and exercising your GEOMANTIC PROWESS.
Among other things, your passions include the MUSICAL BOON you received from the KEEPER OF THE
GROVE, the arts of SWORDPLAY and STORYTELLING, and of course you often quiver in awe at the
majestic wonder of MAGIC and NATURE. Games of competition are a hobby of yours, as is
gardening, which has culminated in your love of the game HERBRAWLOGY. You are also quite
fond of relaxation and revelry, and have a predisposition to do what others refer
to as "rambling". You prefer the term "esoteric rigmarole". Currently, you are alone in your
room and are presently quite lucid, despite the fogging pain.

You juggle your memories for a quick overview of the major attributes. NAME, AGE, SPECIES,
  • 20 YEARS OLD

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Observe enlarged mushroom.>>
<<Get some leaves!!!!>>
<<Summon a treant for a rousing game of HERBRAWLOGY!!!!>>
<<Suddenly be accosted by your parental unit which you still leaf live with even though your a legal adult.>>
<<Parental Unit: Be an elf or fairy which partook in a changeling trade with a human, both of whom voluntarily of course.>>

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Review Herbrawlogy collection>>

Your Herbrawlogy assets must be assessed before adventuring, and whatnot.

Whimbrel Wrote:Get ye pouch.
Go on an adventure outside.
Never return to the house.

<<Observe enlarged mushroom.>>

[Image: achDTdh.jpg]

This is a MUSHROOM LAMP. You use it to illuminate you room without causing a fire hazard.
You seem to have left it on during your MEDITATION last night.

<<Browse Herbrawlogy collection>>

[Image: gglEfYN.jpg]

Herbrawlogy is a friendly yet competitive game based around using your standard issue
GROVE OF ENDOWED GROWTH or G.E.G. to accelerate and manipulate the growth of
special plants which you use to to fight the plants of your opponent(s).

<<Summon a treant for a rousing game of HERBRAWLOGY!!!!>>

[Image: V7V4UGw.gif]

Hold on just a moment, before expending your finite collection of VARIABLE GROWING
FACTORS, you should at the very least understand how to customize your Battleplants!
You can decide the type of SEED(S), SOIL(S), and FERTILIZER(S) from what you have
in your Material Collection by placing a jar with the desired amount of the material
atop one of the vents of the G.E.G. The knobs and buttons allow you to affect other variables
such as light exposure, heat, and water access. Then the G.E.G. will produce a magically
endowed seed based on the variables you gave the G.E.G. to work with.

Two HERBRAWLOGISTS then place five of their magically endowed seeds onto the FIELD OF
STRUGGLE, where the magic will hyper-accelerate the growth of the seed creating a floral
monstrosity. The plants will then proceed to struggle for survival in a controlled hostile
environment. After a time all the plants will be killed by the hyper-accelerated growth, leaving
behind a small amount of the materials which combined to make it. This is the end of the battle.
Whichever Herbrawlogist's team of plants was most prosperous during the battle collects all
leftover materials, while the loser walks away.

As of right now, you have several types of soils, seeds, and fertilizers. All of which were
collected in your short but hopefully ongoing adventuring career.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Examine intruding projectile upon the floor. Investigate outside area with caution.>>

Lets address the flying rock, shall we?

<<Examine unidentified stone missle>>

[Image: kfALMvi.jpg]

The mineral missle that knocked you out of your Meditation appears to be no more than a
generic rock. Positively sure that you are alone in your room, you pick up the rock with perhaps
unnecessary caution. Your hypothesis was correct. It's a rock. Prolly metamorphic.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:Congrats, Sherlock. Lets move past whatthe missile is and into who cast it.
<<Cautiously peek outside window for unknown assailant>>

<<Cautiously peek outside window for unknown assailant>>

[Image: 32hClAs.jpg]

You peer out of the AIMEND PORTAL unsure of what you will find.


[Image: oXEAIkO.jpg]

Nothing. You see no sign of the one who threw this rock. You can see your yard, newly planted
garden, and sacrificial altar from here. Beyond that the clearing which you call home ends, and
the FOREST OF ÁCRUAN begins. The forest is full of resources and the land is bountiful, if
occasionally hostile.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<< Prepare for combat>>
The assailant has clearly become that shrub.

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Aggress shrub: It defies it's master by throwing rocks at you, make him see who is the boss.>>
<<Walk to the sacrificial altar.>>
<<Insult rock, you have lived a sheltered life okay.>>

<<Aggress Shrub>>

[Image: new5zM7.png]

You are practically certain that neither your BURCA BERRY BUSH, nor your CONTROLLED FUNGI
FARMING STONE are the cause of your recent injury. You also consider walking to the altar,
which is situated just outside the hilltop clearing you have settled down in. The walk would be
short, but you have no reason to go there anytime soon since you have no ritualistic needs which
require a sacrifice as of yet. So you decide against it.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Stay alert. That bush is playing you. Just go about your adventuring business non-chalantly, but board up that aimend portal until youre sure its safe.>>
Well, youve got an invisible enemy. Better keep your ears open.

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<No, you don't need a sacrifice.....yet... but it wouldn't hurt pleasing the forest god's once in a while wouldn't it?>>


Loather of Irk Wrote:Start a fire by rubbing two sticks together.

<<Sacrifice two sticks to the gods>>

[Image: DKS1NMm.png]

You could burn two sticks by rubbing them together on the altar. But you've already been
showing your zealous gratitude to the gods. That's part of the point of your nightly Meditation.
To reconnect to the Geomantic energies driving Nature and COMMUNE WITH THE GODS. But the fine
line between reverence and brown nosing is one you'd much prefer to stray from crossing.

Besides, why rub the two sticks together with the vague hope that it won't result in silly
shenanigans when you can just set them ablaze with your FIRE DOMAIN MAGIC? As a Druid,
you have access to all of the PRIME ELEMENTAL DOMAINS already. Not to mention the plethora
of other abilities being an ally of nature affords you.

Furthermore, boarding up the Aimend Portal would remove your rooms only point of VITAL SOLAR
CONTACT! That would mean your SOLAR POWERED devices would not be charged. You
disregard boarding it up as a silly notion.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Gather adventuring supplies quickly. The enemy knows your location.>>
You are under attack, man! Show some initiative!

<<Gather adventuring supplies>>

[Image: bEWCkOr.gif]

You decide it can't hurt to get ready to face what the day may throw at you. Even
if it is another rock. You pack up your trusty YEW WAND, snag your POCKET BARD
and accompanying NOISE BUDS, collect a FAMILIAR PAPER NOTE, and retrieve your

<<Put on backpack>>

[Image: dNCiOye.gif]

Your BASIC BACKPACK can carry up to 25 ITEM UNITS (IUs). Your current belongings count for 1
IU each. This means you have room for 20 more IUs of equipment! Isn't that splendid?

Dragonofthesky Wrote:Splendid indeed! But you'll need more then that for adventuring, as you know. I doubt you have enough power to make food and water at all times, so
<<Prepare/catalog necessary survival items: Food, water, rope, emergency explosives, extra weapon, and change of clothing.>>
Adventuring can be MURDER on ones clothing. Don't wanna wander back into town with only your necessaries covered.

Dreamscythes231 many units does a single leather bag contain?
<<Pack more supplies.>>
<<Cast an anti theft spell on your bag, preferably the deadly poison that no one really know the full name of the plant where it came from kind. Which you are immune.>>
<< Be the druid, travel the town.>>

<<Pack more supplies>>

[Image: rMXgUkI.jpg]

Silly, if you fill your pack before venturing out, you'll have no room for
your plunder on the way back. You zone out and stare at your BARDIC WALL
HANGINGS while you remind yourself of this very basic adventuring lesson.

<<View entire room>>

[Image: VLoNCOg.gif]

You take a quick look around your room.

Whelp, there's the first page's worth of the re-launch. I'll probably post the rest in a similar way until the re-launch is caught up.

Also, happy 4/20!
RE: Rootborn
Page 2.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Fine. No supplies, no backup stuff, but pack some Herbrawlogy containers/materials anyway.>>
A) You never know who you'll meet while away and B) surely there must be interesting plant-based plunder deep within monster filled hellholes, yes? And if storage is that much of an issue
<<Acquire second BASIC BAG>>
Seems small enough, and who doesn't like more plunder space?

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:Actually, I was inquiring how many units does a bag take up, if it only takes up one space we could have a bag of holding.

<<Take some herbrawlogy supplies, just in case.>>
<<Also put a stack of jars in your bag that miraculously takes up only one, for those herbrawlogy plunder you are yet to have>>

<<Acquire second bag>>

[Image: uZwW2o2.gif]

You're only at Scaffold 3, you don't need to be worrying about finding another bag until you've
unlocked a second BACK EQUIPMENT SLOT. As of now, the singular Basic Backpack takes up your only
Back Slot.

<<Collect Herbrawlogy supplies>>

[Image: qc3sQrT.jpg]

Now that sounds like a foot in the direction! You place 2 EMPTY JARS into your Backpack.
Speaking of Herbrawlogy, that reminds you of what you had planned to do today before your
head wound! You and one of your FAVORABLE CONNECTIONS had planned to set out to a local
FAERIE HAVEN and raid it, first thing in the morning. Your sources, of which there are many,
have informed you of some of the Haven's possible treasures. The spoils of which could
include A RARE BATTLEPLANT SEED unique to the area, a SMALL FORTUNE, and several MAGICAL RELICS.

Hey, maybe your housemate, or as Druids often refer to each other when sharing the same
GEOCIRCLE, "LEAFLY", has some idea where your friend is? Or why you were startled
conscious this morning by being struck in the head with a rock?

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Find him>>
Cause that's the only thing you could do.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Check front door. Your assailant may have simply come around to challenge you directly.>>
Roommate, eh? I bet he steals cereal and cake mixes. -_-
<<Contact FAVORABLE CONNECTION and reassert plans.>>

<<Find Leafly>>

[Image: WhjJQH4.jpg]

You're sure of one thing at least, that your Leafly is not here in your room. You decide to step

<<Exit room>>

[Image: SC2lYza.png]

Not seeing your Leafly in the immediate vicinity, you stroll a bit further down the corridor.


[Image: dpgo37Z.png]

You're getting closer to the LOITERING LOUNGE and your Leafly's private LAIR OF GNOSIS
AND HENOSIS. You take note of one of your HEIRLOOMS, the BLADE OF CLAN FOLEY. The pleasant
aroma of many EXOTIC HERBS wafts from your INCENSE BURNER.

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Take that book thing.>>
<<Also that sword, cause it's a sword, do you even have a weapon?>>
<< Suddenly be accosted by roomate.>>
>>Roommate: Be an insufferable pretentious douchebag but be that way because of how idiotic your firend is sometimes, I mean "Leafly", your druids, you get that, but sometimes he crosses the line between reverence and plain psychopathy.<<

Both of you guys[or guy and girl,or alternatively any sex the companion might be]: HERBRAWLOGY!!!!!!!!!

<<Take sword>>

[Image: qlwt3ja.png]

The FOLEY CLAN SWORD is certainly well crafted and suitable for combat, but it simply holds too
much SENTIMENTAL VALUE to risk it getting broken or stolen. Besides, your Yew Wand
can be quickly and easily TRANSMORPHED into a Wooden Sword. Because of your ARMAMENT
APTITUDES, 1H Swords, Wands, and Improvised, you gain the beneficial PREMIUMS of using
a weapon that is concurrently improvised due to it's slapdash nature, a one-handed sword,
and technically also your wand.

<<SYS: weapon help>>

[Image: 6zDOmGI.gif]

In most cases, a CHARACTER has 3 Armament Aptitudes. These are the types of weapons a
Character is capable of proficiently using. By using a weapon that's type is of one or more of
your Aptitudes, you are also granted a combat bonus called a PREMIUM. Changing and
adding/removing Aptitudes is possible, but PAINSTAKINGLY TEDIOUS in most cases.

Type "<<SYS: weapon help more>>" if further assistance is required.

<<Find Leafly>>

[Image: 4QEsxBS.jpg]

Here he is, in the loitering lounge! He seems to be in the middle of one of his frequent
EUPHORIC INEBRIATIONS this morning. You have known one another since your earliest
days of your Druidic initiation. You are both on good terms, and often enjoy spending
afternoons BROODING OVER NATURE together.

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Ask for some of those herbal plants he uses for his EUPHORIC INEBRIATIONS.>>
<<Fondly regard the miracle of life together.>>
<< Pass out: Both of you.>>
<<Yew Wand: Have a phoenix core.>>

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Inquire as to where to obtain the ingredients for EUPHORIC INEBRIATIONS.>>
Then you should probably head off to adventure. Don't wanna keep your companion waiting to go on that raid.

<<Greet Leafly>>

[Image: yJsPtH5.gif]


Dragonofthesky Wrote:<< Deliver bundle to Lord Huffington.>>
Well gee, Dugald. If you have work, I GUESS that takes precedent over the adventure. *throws hands up* Also, because some one has to
<<Aiden: Retrieve Arms.>>

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Guys: Use your indoor voice. The situation your in the middle of a pretty desrted forest doesn't mean you have to shout on the top of your lungs.>>
<<Proceed to quest.>>
<< Ask for herbs NAO.>>

<<Retrieve the goods>>

[Image: ACIeFYd.gif]


And with that, your Leafly returns to his room. You also decide to put on a pointlessly showy display of
using your magic to lift the bundle into your Backpack.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Collect goods for Lord.Begin side quest.>>
Off to begin the adventure!

<<Double check your things>>

[Image: 94pWquL.gif]

You do the responsible thing and make sure to check if you have everything you'll need.
You return to your room. This initiates a dramatic zoom-out sequence.


[Image: GW7KUiD.gif]

Menen Wrote:>Someone is at your door!

>Be the person outside

<<SYS: select second character>>

[Image: it96Uzz.gif]

Tutorial: This is the CHARACTER SELECTOR, which allows you to see your PLAYER SQUAD
and the Characters within it. In most cases, these will be the Characters that YOU THE
PLAYER command.


[Image: K7LReGJ.jpg]

You wonder how long you're breezy pal will keep you waiting out here. You have Fae to slay!

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<...>>

<<Retrieve companion>>

[Image: rfLObm9.jpg]

You hope you're not to early for your Druid friend's taste. You've been waiting out here for a while.
Ordinarily you'd do something more to catch his attention, but you already threw a rock through his window.
You'd prefer not to cause more damage than you retrospectively realize the rock prolly already did.


[Image: 5ti6M3k.jpg]

Ah! Here comes Aiden now!

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Warrior: Cheerfully greet companion and apologize for casting a stone through their window unprovoked.>>
Seriously? A rock? Shouting isn't good enough for you?

<<Greet Aiden>>

[Image: T5l3YPd.gif]


Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Daren: Go forth to the sidequest so that you may move forward to glorious battle and afterwards use that herb.>>

..........Dawn? really dude? Nice work.

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Use the herbs now Darren, you have waited enough>>
<<Herbs: Have no consequences in the quest, nope.>>
That guy, give him an award for most stoic character in those times.

<<Use herbs now>>

[Image: wRKaRuS.gif]

Uh, that's probably not the best idea if you hope to be very competent warriors. Which you both do,
considering it's a several hour hike through monster-infested woods just to get to town. And while most of the monsters
tend to stay away from the road due to it's WARDS, there are occasionally some stragglers.

<<Venture forth>>

[Image: mYl4rte.png]

Daylight's burning, so you decide to get this show on the road.

You wonder if you'll encounter anything on this trek?

And that's 2 pages worth!
RE: Rootborn
Page 3.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Initiate casual conversation regarding things such as combat strategy and current relations.>>
Because you never know when monsters will attack. Casual conversation is also usually interrupted by important things, for some reason.

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Casually Converse on how you will pry the hearts from those monsters with yur weapons.>>
Because thaT IS NORMAL.


[Image: vXvxgfI.gif]

The two of you decide to pass the time with casual conversation.



[Image: 1DRb6e0.gif]



[Image: 4wDkSgD.gif]


Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Aiden/Daren: Discuss details of nubbin attack.>>
With a name like nubbins, im guessing theyre along the "Slime" rank of monster. But what is, and how did they manage to attack Daren if so pitiful?

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Darren: Have fostered a grudge against the nubbins for eternity. GENOCIDE!!!!>>

Let's totally make our characters sane and not crazy.

<<Daren: Declare genocidal grudge against nubbinkind>>

[Image: V3LbePr.gif]

See, you'd do that, if practically every living creature capable of the emotion called "hatred"
didn't already foster such a genocidal loathing for the things.

And speak of the Devil...


[Image: JEWb541.gif]

You shriek, or as you NUBBINS are only capable of saying, "SKREEEEEEE" to your sad, pathetic heart's
content. Which is pretty much always.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:.............dear god, these things are horrific.
<<Complete sidequest so that the true evil of the nubbins may be defeated.>>

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Burn them. Except one. The littlest one. Take him as your own hoping to train one not tainted b there EVIL>>
They are kinda cute.

<<Kill all but one Nubbin>>

[Image: zg5DZfW.gif]

Sorry, but that's a no-go. The damn things have gotta die.

<<Investigate Nubbin>>

[Image: SVlRM1H.png]

<<[FLASH] Aiden: CLASH>>

<<[FLASH] Aiden: CLASH>>

[Tutorial: Click link for flash animation. Then click the Trifecta button to play after loaded.]


Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Burn the nubbins and evaporate the ashes. Genocidal loathing says so.>>

<<More nubbins: Come out.>>
<<Guys: Oh you hate nubbins so much.>>

<<Daren: break some heads>>

[Image: 3sUyZ10.gif]

It doesn't seem like they had your other swords on 'em.

You proceed to tenderize the meat.

<<Aiden: get cooking>>

[Image: IWrmH0M.gif]

You conjure a simple flame and proceed to burn the corpses. The conflagration causes the
monsters' bodies to continue flailing and twitching. You can tell they're dead though, because
they aren't fucking shrieking anymore, thank the gods.

You and Daren proceed to enjoy the fireworks.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Prepare for combat.>>
Were not out of the woods yet(literally).

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:^^^What he said.
<<Elves: Appear, also enjoy the fireworks.>>

<<Keep your guard up>>

[Image: aycify3.png]

Those Nubbins weren't much of a threat, but the engagement has put you both
on edge. You keep your guard up against any encroaching danger...

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Party: Encounter stupid apple throwing trees. Proceed to teach them manners in the way of your people.>>
MWahahahhahahahahahah! Revenge! REVENGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Party: Encounter Pumpkin zombies from the netherealm>>

<<Bush: rustle>>

[Image: MusopF8.gif]

You can't control the bush. But it sure does seem to be rustling! You suppose you
should go check it out...


[Image: tulkhX9.gif]


[Image: 8O6Y1ET.jpg]

You've stumbled upon a HOB. A Hob is a deceptively dangerous Fae, and as such
you don't think provoking it would be a very pleasant experience. Good thing you
didn't decide to inebriate yourselves before this hike, or the scent of the smoke
would certainly have offended the Hob. It also seems to have recently eaten one
of the wild turkeys in these woods, though whether for food or the feathers that
Hobs love so very much you aren't sure. The Hob also seems to have jammed the
turkey's plumage into it's sensory organs. It does not seem particularly bothered
by this.

In the distance you can see a STALKING THUMPKIN, a loathesome botanical beast,
as well as a ROYAL APPLE TREE.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Avoid hob. Continue towards town unless path blocked.>>
Dear god that thing is ugly.

<<Aiden: Inspect hob>>

[Image: Nf5Rf03.png]

<<Continue towards town>>

[Image: XpQvQe1.gif]


Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Party: Complete last leg of journey to beginning town.>>
And thusly, our little walk came to an end.

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Passing Mage: Wow, nerds. Continue on your homework on numerolmonicology, like popular guys do.>>
<<Passing Mage: Offend the Hob>>
<<Guys: Help the mage.>>
<<Three person party: Be formed!>>

<<Party: complete journey>>

[Image: DiKoFcm.jpg]

Ah, you've crossed out of the woods and onto the hills overlooking ÁCRUAN CROSSING.
Despite having seen this sight several times before, you double check your town map
to orient yourself on your surroundings.


[Image: 4IVdx23.jpg]

The entrance to town has all the essentials for a traveler's convenience. You can
see there is the modest inn and the general store across the street. The other
large building would be the blacksmith's house and workplace. Ácruan is a decently
sized village if you head West beyond the entrance, with some more specified
venues and housing, as well as HUFFINGTON TOWER. Further on from Ácruan to
the North are the Shelby Hills. And to the South, the Forest of Ácruan, where
Dugald and Aiden's house is.

Daren has arranged transportation by chariot to the Faerie Haven you will be raiding.
You're supposed to meet your ride inside the inn.

Wish I had a better solution for Flashes than linking to DeviantArt. Oh well.

Page 4 is gonna be bitch since I don't have anything to base to reconstruction on, but I'll try not to take too long.
RE: Rootborn
Page 4.

<<Meet ride>>

[Image: 3DCZevQ.jpg]

You find your ride, Payton, waiting outside the Staggered Wyvern.


[Image: weXx2Ov.gif]


<<Aiden: Drop off stick bundle>>

[Image: 0XznzwM.gif]

You drop off the first delivery, the TWIG-LIGHTS.


[Image: 8uz0p6N.gif]


<<Daren: Replace baloney swords>>

[Image: XNh9RSU.jpg]

First of all, they're sheathes. Not "baloney swords".


[Image: YwpDTRz.png]

Secondly, it's spelt B-A-L-O-G-N-A. But you're not sure how you know that because you, like most
people in Cael, are ILLITERATE.


[Image: C5X7OH8.gif]

You select the blades you wish to trade for. The blacksmith remarks that you just got a similar pair
earlier this morning. You say you know. The blacksmith asks what happened to them. You say it's
none of his business what you do with his product after purchase. The blacksmith says fair 'nuf.


[Image: SmE5thT.gif]

You hand the DEER PELTS to Master Irving as your part of the bargain. The blacksmith accepts with a smile.


[Image: uTpkwEk.gif]

You pick up your new SCIAN and CAELIC LONGSWORD (GOOD QUALITY) and EQUIP them.

<<Aiden: Visit Lord Huffington>>

[Image: atPz6C4.gif]

You make your way to the local lord's tower house.


[Image: ih3A4NH.png]

Well damn, would ya look at that?


[Image: r1OsKGo.png]

As always, you find yourself awestruck at the fence of ornate glassware that makes up Lord Huffington's wall.

<<Aiden: Walk on through.>>

[Image: 9y5pYiF.gif]

You stroll on in through the makeshift archway.


[Image: 0KM5EPV.gif]

Oh? What's that?


[Image: RiwJksP.gif]

Looks like LORD HUFFINGTON is just getting here too. He was prolly alerted to your presence
when you walked through the arch way by some sort of alarm system.

The big man himself makes a flashy entrance.

<<Aiden: Greet Huffington.>>

[Image: OdfM1kX.gif]


<<Aiden: Make second delivery.>>

[Image: Gj8Hm8s.gif]

You drop off the copious amounts of herb that the FOMOIRE lord ordered.

<<Aiden: Leave.>>

[Image: aboscB0.gif]


[Image: 77Aw62Q.png]

Looking back, you can already see signs of the smokestack enjoying his new batch.

<<Aiden: Return to the group.>>

[Image: 1GDUA8W.gif]

You return to find your pals waiting for you, Daren showing off his new blades.

And that's page 4. Took longer than I would have liked, but now I've got a better idea of how to reconstruct the lost pages so that should hopefully expedite the process on he rest. I also finished my Fall semester, so I've got more time to dedicate to the reconstruction effort.
Rootborn AdventureShow
RE: Rootborn
Page 5.

<<Load up the chariot>>

[Image: 4Nu580A.gif]

Well, Daren calls it a "chariot". Really, it's an old cart that Daren and his friends
carved into a makeshift facsimile of a chariot.


[Image: DOqiyhL.png]

He made it in imitation of the famous Hound, and Daren's persoanl hero, COOLAIN'S
chariot that he had seen once.

<<Driver: Actually steer.>>

[Image: xQ6DdpW.gif]

Payton needn't steer now, Dedbanta is a smart horse, and is more than capable of
following a road with minor directional aid.


[Image: Q7tfplX.gif]

<<Aiden: Check destination.>>

[Image: 9L4uvAh.jpg]

You pull out and look at the rough sketch you made of the FAE HAVEN you TRACED
a while back.

<<Huffington: Enjoy herb.>>

[Image: D3QltRe.gif]



[Image: jNgjp1b.png]



[Image: UzBfaCY.gif]



[Image: LDPs02V.gif]

Well if Dugald won't join in, more for you, you suppose.


[Image: hfv830D.gif]

Mmhmm, mmhmm...


[Image: tXTXhw8.gif]

Hmmm... This is pretty dull...

You suspect this thing might not be working properly.


[Image: oKFKegu.gif]

You give it a lil love tap with your knee in an attempt to jog the psychic eye back
into working condition.


[Image: I5PNXSm.gif]

You stare back into the eye.


[Image: AZBXWnB.gif]

There we go! Much clearer.


[Image: FVKXFzP.gif]

How exciting!


[Image: 5ZIV1gh.gif]

Oh... oh dear.


[Image: xLHkSPj.gif]

Well that can't be good.


[Image: f99GysS.gif]



[Image: cAyIamR.gif]


[Image: KGTIPO0.gif]

<<Aiden and Daren: Reach your destination.>>

[Image: UonmEE2.jpg]

It seems you have arrived.


[Image: fcXnDf3.jpg]

You prepare to embark into the haven.


[Image: WcX2IfX.gif]


Rootborn AdventureShow
RE: Rootborn
Page 6.

<<Aiden: Make some last minute preparations.>>

[Image: j476CoI.gif]

You pick up a handful of supplies off the ground.


[Image: v6998MJ.gif]

You find a pinecone which you quickly turn into an EMPTY PINECONE BOMB. You can infuse it with an
Element to create a throwable explosive.


[Image: 1ovmHOx.jpg]


[Image: c0y85sA.gif]

You find some sticks to act as a base.


[Image: 384nA6F.gif]

You also find some leaves to act as kindling, which you then tie around the sticks.


[Image: aTcDviu.png]

Just like you expected. A FAERY RING guards the entrance to the haven. It's impossible to tell what it would
do unless you triggered it, so you'd do best to just dispel it.


[Image: JV7a0f9.gif]

You pull out one of the Twig-Lights you kept for yourself for this very task and strike it.


[Image: PSs7Ddk.gif]


[Image: A3hZuXm.gif]

Fire in the hole.

<<Aiden: Infuse smoke with Pinecone Bomb.>>

[Image: eREs6R1.gif]

As the smoke rises, it diffuses the Fae magic on the Faery Ring and dispels it.

You then use your Geomancy to infuse the smoke with the Pinecone Bomb.


[Image: DtHDxDf.gif]

You now have a PINECONE BOMB (SMOKE).


[Image: MAstwC8.jpg]


[Image: 5HVCNez.png]

Looks like a straight shot down.

<<Descend into the haven.>>

[Image: 2fthtjM.jpg]

Daren goes first as you two climb down the ladder.


[Image: hTKO7Ud.png]


[Image: OdjwHIq.jpg]


[Image: 89bVunE.jpg]

You find yourselves in an empty room with no features but the ladder, the burnt leaves, and a door.

<<Go through the door.>>

[Image: bVa1L9V.gif]

Approaching the door, it opens on it's own.

You also notice a glyph of an eye above the doorway. Prolly how the door knows when to open.


[Image: jZd0b91.gif]

Inside, you find yourselves in an even larger empty room, which must serve as the Fae Haven foyer.
However, the walls of this room are covered in crude graffiti, likely drawn by bored Fae.

<<Aiden: Use Geomancy to scout the Haven>>

[Image: rJtvRlj.gif]

That might be a good idea. You attempt to use your GEOMANCTIC SENSES to locate enemy positions
when something catches your eye.

Rootborn AdventureShow
RE: Rootborn
Page 7.


[Image: 2V5Vu2i.gif]

Your glowing seems to have caught the attention of some TROGS hanging around. They don't
appear happy to see you.


[Image: EFvourp.gif]

This should be a good warmup.


<<[Flash] CLASH>>


<<SYS: Open map>>

[Image: rtJSEAL.jpg]

This is your map, you can pull it up to get a better idea of your environment. Daren and Aiden
are represented in the center of the yellow vision field by the dots of their respective colors.
The Trogs are represented as corpses by the purple and crossed-out dots.

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Loot the corpses.>>


<<Loot the corpses.>>

[Image: zVeTyuE.jpg]

They were each wearing some standard COMMON RAGS for clothes, and a pair of STRANGE SWIRLY SHOES.
There's also their wooden clubs. You sure you want any of this junk?

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<OF COURSE! If you could loot it, you could sell it. The rags could be made into a quilt. The wood could be transmuted by Aiden right into something more useful? And those shoes? BARDS WOULD BUY THEM. Just don't use them because you know....fae charms.>>

Basic RPG survival skill, if selling gives money, sell everything useless.

<<Daren: Loot.>>

[Image: UCUajEn.gif]

Yeah, those FAE CHARMS make even touching their shoes a risky gamble. Any value they might
have isn't worth it anyway. Trogs are fairly low in the Fae hierarchy, but the risk of shoe-stealing
might be worth it for a pair worn by a more powerful Fae. Of course, the more powerful the Fae,
the more powerful the charms would likely be.

You'll take the clubs though, which on closer inspection are actually MACUAHUITLS.


[Image: MaGkt7P.jpg]

You got 2 Macuahuitls.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Party: Leave small loot. Bigger fae to fry.>>
Come along now, that battle mustve atleast attracted some more attention.

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Party: Keep loot in your bag of holding. You have infinite space right? RIGHT! And you can use them for like throwing if you just changed them a bit with carving. COME ON! IMPROVISATION PEOPLE! I AM NOT GONNA STOP UNTIL A MONSTER DIES A CRUEL AND UNUSUAL DEATH TROUGH IMPROVISED WEAPONS!>>

That is all.

<<Party: Keep loot in your bag of holding.>

[Image: Qc1qmne.gif]

You both have Basic Backpacks, limiting your item carrying capacity to 25 IUs each. But
a BAG OF HOLDING would be sweeeeeeet.

Tutorial: Light-Gray spaces indicate that you have room for more items. Dark-Gray
spaces are unusable, whether for limited carrying capacity or some other reason.
Orange spaces indicate items you are currently using.

<<Party: Leave small loot. Bigger fae to fry.>>

[Image: HGFpIX6.gif]

Well you certainly didn't come here to play puppets with Trog corpses. It looks like
those Trogs were the only things in this hallway, so let's move on. But where to

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Number 5, the only door you would fit in.>>
Then we count down to the fae's doom.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<4.>>
Because 4 has gotten me out of some stick situations.

<<Open 5>>

[Image: WhMkDwE.jpg]

You suppose you could bum-rush deeper into the haven like that if you really wanted to,
but you'd rather like to avoid getting surrounded. Especially if you don't know what you'd
be surrounded by in the first place.

<<Open 4>>

[Image: P0gRX9Z.gif]

The door swings open. You see a short stair-case immediately through the door.

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Guys: Be warned of the stairs.>>

<<Guys: Be warned of the stairs.>>

[Image: BjXIIbV.jpg]

You throw caution into the wind and boldly descend.

You are a raging success.


[Image: dOuseFl.jpg]

It seems you've found some sort of Fae food pantry.

There are no signs of life.

I should stop screaming.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Aiden: Retrieve arms from magic chest.>>
<<Daren: Investigate containers of MYSTERY.>>
Mysterious indeed.

<<Aiden: Meld all the wood into one.>>

[Image: BuGQn91.gif]

It's possible, but without a good source of Geomantic energy, it'd take
several minutes of sitting around on your ass in deep concentration. So you'll

<<Daren: Investigate containers of MYSTERY.>>

[Image: ntekuGW.jpg]

This pot contains some red, glittery, powdered mineral of indeterminate origin.


[Image: HfLDh4v.jpg]

This canister contains whats looks and smells like basil.

Because it's basil.

You cautiously don't take a whiff of it for fear of basil poisoning.

Rootborn AdventureShow
RE: Rootborn
Page 8.


[Image: yFjWU5M.jpg]

The chest contains some rudimentary stone kitchen utensils, glasses, and plates.


[Image: eNlh49P.gif]

The red box WAS full of shitty cereal. Until you dumped it on the floor like an ass.


[Image: d2X9iFI.gif]

Hell yeah, fuck the system.


[Image: QX6riV6.jpg]

Okay, doesn't seem to be much worthwhile in this room. Where to next? 1? 2? 3? The
choices are infinite! Except they totally aren't cause there's only three of them.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Thou shall count to three.>>
Five is right out.

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<GET the chest hell are you leaving plates you can use as weapons.>>
<<Proceed to three.>>
<<Cereal: Be a Chekov's gun.Just like Darrens illiteracy.>>
I will prepare for every important fact you throw at us Arashi....I will always remember...


[Image: 8310VqN.gif]

Three it shall be! But first, you'll be stealing those plates. Good porcelain is hard to come by.
You nab a stack of 5 SAUCERS.


[Image: RkaScBj.jpg]


[Image: DlGdLEV.gif]

The third door looms across the daunting hall.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Proceed with stealth.>>
Lets see if we can keep this domination streak running, eh?

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Can you like shroud yourselves with mist or smoke?>>
<<Cause that would be useful....>>
<<Right now>>

<<Aiden: Cast Mistshroud>>

[Image: 5wdaXNT.gif]

Of course! With a snap, you CHANNEL your NATURE MAGIC to summon a MISTSHROUD for
Daren and yourself.


[Image: DMfR8Iq.gif]

The Mistshroud gives you a barrier of mist, making you both harder to see, and making your
movements in combat harder to track.

<<Break In.>>

[Image: TGF9TJM.jpg]

You open the door, weapons in hand.


[Image: cHUPdmc.gif]

It seems you have company!

<<Sneak attack!>>

[Image: xRLKTwk.gif]


You take advantage of the Faeries' shock, taking out the DOCARRA. This causes
the TEIRNAGIGS to make a scene. Looks like you've finally got a real fight on your


[Image: UxsHUZX.gif]

They seem a wee tad ticked off.


[Image: Xv6PcGX.gif]

En garde!


[Image: ViaZ0PC.gif]



[Image: uUSYXrN.gif]



[Image: MfzHJFj.gif]



[Image: 9CQWYr6.gif]



[Image: zAEbFq1.gif]


The Teirnagig are exquisite fighters. They'll require more effort on your part to put
down than those Nubbins or Trogs did.


[Image: G7M5Th2.gif]

You TRANSMORPH your Wooden Sword back into it's Yew Wand form.


[Image: SFtKexM.gif]

Time to put some more magic to use. You know just the spell! ROOTFOOT GRAPPLE
should give you the edge you need to turn the tables on these fairy freaks.

Tutorial: All available spells can be found under the characters "Powers" tab on their
Character Card.

<<Cast: Rootfoot Grapple.>>

[Image: j27GawO.gif]

The summoned root bursts through the cell floor.


Rootborn AdventureShow
RE: Rootborn
Page 9.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Aiden: Summon Evans spiked tentacles of forced intrusion!>>
<<Daren: Charge in, meathead! Youre the tank!>>

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Evans:Be useless because the Fae are flamboyant...........if what i am getting is what I think it is.>>
<<Darren: Block a blow about to hit Aiden.>>
<<Aiden: USE SMOKE BEAM!!!>>


[Image: oeBpftJ.gif]


[Image: 2gijg92.gif]

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:I saw enough hentai to know where this is going.........and it's not up there.

<<Dreamscythes: Cease bad jokes.>>


[Image: AkOIWff.gif]


[Image: mlPYm9g.gif]



[Image: au3QilA.gif]


[Image: lyMsjVT.gif]

You begin wailing on the poor bastard.



[Image: 5OX78T4.gif]


At some point in the vicious beating, the Teirnagig dies.

Two down, one to go.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Aiden: Turn around to see compatriot eviserating opponent.>>
<<Daren: Begin searching first half of corpse.>>
Nice one Dreamscythe XD


<<Duo: Continue the bloody massacre of semi-innocent beings.>>


[Image: 8XgRiT4.gif]


[Image: ihDFg0Q.gif]


[Image: lhqNm4f.gif]


<<Daren: Focus Bloodlust>>

[Image: 0RrwOxs.gif]

By focusing your BLOODLUST, you draw upon the latent power of your GEIS.


Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Blood lust:Have a very negative effect later on that is plot relevant and all that, like everything. Like Darren's idol and the cart and such.>>


[Image: NTF9UO8.gif]


[Image: RjNRlrX.gif]


[Image: 9Plnh2D.gif]

<<Daren: Bull Rush.>>

[Image: lvElCMu.gif]

You exert your Bloodlust and use BULL RUSH.


[Image: YswR6Yy.gif]

You think that ought to do it.


Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Question why world went dark.>>
Oh god, the light in this universe comes and goes randomly!


[Image: YzgYuA6.gif]


Dragonofthesky Wrote:Total subjagation bonus for the win!
<<Party: Loot bloody corpses.>>


[Image: HVJa5Su.jpg]

You line up the cadaverous victims of the carnage before slitting their throats to drain them
of blood, which promptly begins pooling on the floor.


[Image: l9m4wVT.jpg]

You then move to inspect the other things of interest in the room. The wall is littered with beds.
A taxidermied head of a GARGANTUAN BOARGAROO and an ASH CANE (POOR QUALITY) are all
that decorates the wall. Also of interest is the burlap sack over there. You take a minute to
ponder over the prizes undoubtedly hidden inside.

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<OPEN THE BAG.>>
I am best.

<<Open the bag and loot the trophy and staff.>>

[Image: DgvJOM2.gif]

Well it's a cane not a staff, but you snatch it up anyway.

Inside the bag are six LIDDED STONE TUBABBLES.

You're really not sure how the fuck you expect to take that Boargaroo trophy. Looks pretty
heavy. And there's no way in the West it won't jam up your inventory, if it'll even fit.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Continue deeper into dungeon.>>
Wait, but isnt like, treasure heavy? How are you gonna carry that?

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Use the Boargaroo Throphy as a distraction for your next it with your hands....also use the bedsheets as cloaks.....becuase...>>


[Image: 8fySwqE.gif]


[Image: ZK5mJ7W.gif]



[Image: 6yhaXyT.gif]



[Image: LSxQwOB.jpg]

Oh gods... is it...?


[Image: g4FN6y4.jpg]

But how could it be...?


[Image: vDWbmtn.jpg]

But it is...!


[Image: Awk6BJx.jpg]



[Image: nn8jmIy.jpg]



[Image: 9BVCJI0.gif]


Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Smack self for inappriopirate use of dramatic reveal>>
wow. Shampoo. underwhleming is an understatement.

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:Yeah we are..unfortunately we are the only two that actually can in here.

<<Treasure everything, both for selling and self use.>>
<<Later: Guys have an amazing amount of Bishie hair.>>

<<Daren: heft the trophy>>

[Image: LvefNpy.gif]

Well, if ya can't bag it, grab it. You guess you could also use it as a battering ram
or a shield or something?


[Image: xez33iK.jpg]

Anyway, you're done in here.


[Image: Dsujhop.gif]

You're probably going to end up going in both doors regardless, but which do you
want to kick down first?

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<2>>
Let's get too kicking more fairy butt.

<<Open: door: 2>>

[Image: Tf1lhXa.gif]

Once more into the fray.


[Image: AyU9cxg.gif]

Looks like this is where the Faeries have their Herbrawlogy equipment set up.
They even have one of those neato 2v2 playing fields. You are considerably envious.

Rootborn AdventureShow
RE: Rootborn
Page 10.

<<Aiden: Raid room for sweeeeeeeeet Herb gear.>>

[Image: CDn7gsB.gif]

You open up the G.E.G.s looking for any remnant materials.

<<Aiden: Take leftovers.>>

[Image: vKJ8LN1.gif]

Since only one of the G.E.G.s has any leftover residuals, you bottle it up.


[Image: vVEzGLY.gif]

Seems to be some sort of Fae soil. Nice.

With nothing left of interest in the room, you proceed to the final door on this floor.

<<Daren: Use head to bash in door 1.>>

[Image: oiTsF6v.gif]

You use the boargaroo trophy to batter the door in. The flimsy wooden door buckles under
the duress.

<<Party: Charge!>>

[Image: Wjx9dHY.gif]


[Image: 3WqyC5j.gif]


[Image: 2DcSRvT.gif]

Your boisterous entrance seems to have shocked a trio of Ifsprits.


[Image: fvNaV8g.gif]



[Image: L1reaNb.gif]


<<Aiden: Cast Forked Lightning>>

[Image: L2goG4f.gif]



[Image: 96hS5WN.gif]


<<Daren: Finish em off.>>

[Image: U64hSZr.gif]



[Image: G53hjrj.png]

Meanwhile, 3.3 meters below...


[Image: vXkjcgn.gif]



[Image: gnxKcSP.gif]



[Image: cRUylkP.gif]



[Image: 5JjO4vh.gif]


[Image: qujXpnL.gif]

<<Huffington: Awaken.>>

[Image: RAbQTgN.gif]


[Image: OP5fSAI.gif]


[Image: ac73AR0.gif]


Rootborn AdventureShow
RE: Rootborn
Page 11.

<<Party: Finish up battle.>>

[Image: ufrhNV4.gif]


[Image: QgJ6ZOP.gif]



[Image: T4M6Fq0.gif]



[Image: 85ILnau.gif]



[Image: yJ6zyDi.gif]

Sure are a lot of 'em up there.

<<Aiden: Quickly dispatch Fae.>>

[Image: yIOJYWo.gif]

Not wanting to give the Ifsprits the chance to launch another combined assault, you quickly
your new walls and the one in the environment to crush them and cause MASSIVE-TYPE DAMAGE.


<<Aiden: Cast Regeneration on Daren.>>

[Image: y0Bu8oC.gif]

Use a valuable REGENERATION spell now? That seems rather wasteful considering you only
have the Geomantic Energy to cast such a powerful spell twice before exhausting your
reserves. It'd be more efficient to simply use a HEAL spell to undo the brunt of the
damage and let the body naturally heal itself. Daren's a Hound, so his body will heal
even faster than a regular person's. You youself have already healed the little damage
you took from the Teirnagigs, as would have Daren if he hadn't taken any damage either.


<<Party: Find a way up the trap door.>>

[Image: DoAE3kv.gif]

You cast Elemental Wall and Move Element again to create a makeshift elevator out of Stone.

Daren opts to go first, and readies a twig-light.


[Image: ve29tKg.gif]

Going up.

<<Daren: Be more careful, you idiot!>>

[Image: 4faVqYv.gif]

Wow, that's a bit harsh. Sure, you can be reckless, but you wouldn't say you're an idiot.


[Image: f501mjA.gif]

Here we are.


[Image: UCVGFgu.gif]

Aiden's not far behind.


[Image: qzt7ik2.gif]

It really is quite dark in here. You can barely see a few meters in front of the twig-lights.
The walls in this corner seem to be plastered in juvenile scribblings and crude graffiti.

<<Aiden: Illuminate the darkness.>>

[Image: uAN7Sgm.gif]

You cast ELEMENTAL SPARK OF SUNLIGHT to shed some more light on the situation.


[Image: zdG4BMA.gif]

The rest of the small room is barren beyond a table and a platter polished to a mirror sheen,
carrying what appeard to be some kind of berries.


[Image: M20FsJW.png]

You'd guess this is where the Ifsprits were sequestered so as not to disturb their higher ups.

<<Aiden: Examine berries.>>

[Image: yiXWonj.gif]

You pick up a handful of berries to get a closer look.


[Image: wpnGrsT.png]

<<Aiden: Take berries.>>

[Image: 0qosZSS.gif]


<<Daren: Nab the platter.>>

[Image: Yb5172c.gif]

You decide to take the silvered platter as well.


[Image: fKqkMrO.gif]


<<See what's under the tablecloth.>>

[Image: qSXLtDl.gif]

In your curiosity you pull the cloth off the table to see if there was anything hidden beneath.

Now you're not so sure it was a table. It looks like some sort of stone coffin or chest.

<<Open it up.>>

[Image: QSAyiS8.gif]

The two of you puh the slab of a lid off the container.


[Image: csW8Vqc.gif]


[Image: 5KXM4qB.gif]



[Image: UgVsivA.gif]


Rootborn AdventureShow
RE: Rootborn
Page 12.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Party: Engage in combat.>>
IF its not trying to communicate, its trying to confuse you. Destory it

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<STAND BACK AND ATTACK FROM A DISTANCE! Those claws are dangerous and make sure to try bouncy spells cause he seems the type to jump up and down to confuse a a box....>>
<<Anyway. Do that and Daren, throw them knives in a juggling manner.>>


[Image: Fbjphpk.png]

<<Party: Engage in combat.>>

[Image: 2DorRE8.gif]

Looks like that's how its gotta be.


Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Daren: Aim for the joints. Theyll naturally shatter more easily.>>
<<Aiden: Cast spell to either seal movements of enemy or increase Daren's attack speed/accuracy.>>
IF its that strong, no chances to be taken. Whip out the A-game boys, this is what restorative supplies are for.

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Break those fingers. When it can't claw you it has to resort to its bite, and its vitals ARE in his noggin.>>
<<Darren: Do some Druid Majyks to lift the lid of the box and to smash the Jack when it is imobolized.>>
<< During that say this witty one liner: " It is time to put the Jack back.... in the Box."

Tell me the truth, your on the subspecies of writers that feed on reader tears aren't you?


[Image: ksCfNDs.gif]



[Image: DDWrbpr.gif]



[Image: jAdR0Oq.gif]


Dragonofthesky Wrote:OH GOD IT DOES 2 DAMAGE
<<Aiden: Spell! Help! ANYTHING!>>
<<Daren: PArry!>>

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<< Do something, this guy is getting dangerous.>>
Dammit, I knew this is going to happen. It's obvious this is a Mini-Boss.

Beastnix Wrote:>Two handed strike , full power!

<<Aiden: Spell! Help! ANYTHING!>>

[Image: AlXnQJK.gif]


<<Do something, this guy is getting dangerous.>>

[Image: 8ZAPi1b.gif]

You cast MACHA'S SHIELD on Daren, creating a BARRIER to shield him from damage.
The barrier will provide him 1 PROTECTION(S), cancelling out the damage of the next 1
hit(s) he takes. It's hardly the best Protection spell, but it'll hold without you
being required to focus on continually casting it. It's also the only one you know
well enough to cast at a moment's notice.


Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Daren: Activate BATTLE FRENZY!>>
Strike it down! Before it has a chance to attack for real!


[Image: xU8Hmy9.gif]



[Image: 9IW2JsB.gif]


[Image: zB3g8wE.gif]



[Image: e7ffATj.gif]



[Image: JWJgGwb.gif]


[Image: COFYlh1.gif]



[Image: f5gYD7V.gif]


[Image: N0XfzQF.gif]



[Image: sItGFFD.gif]



[Image: B4W7Us0.gif]


[Image: Sj7y4bO.gif]



[Image: HGZucMK.gif]



[Image: HLR9muJ.gif]

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Daren: Activate battle rage!>>
<<Aiden: Cast HEAL!>>
I dont want arguments about limited magic use, theres a hole in your friend there.

Beastnix Wrote:<<Daren:Hello jack!>>


[Image: 5Qh5FUD.gif]


[Image: 93U7H6L.gif]



[Image: ftSu9QZ.gif]


[Image: WmAGwmh.gif]

<<Daren: Activate BATTLE FRENZY!>>

[Image: UbnwHa8.gif]

You activate your RIASTRAD! As the Geis-induced warp spasm wracks your body, poor Jack's
hand seems to get stuck in your contorting abdominals.


Now, how best to take advantage of this opportunity?

Beastnix Wrote:<<Say hello to jack's thin midsection as hard as you can then say hello to his upper body in a fury of fast slashing attacks>>

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Daren: Smash! Smash it to pieces!>>
*chorus of Anvils plays dramatically in background*

<<Daren: Smash! Smash it to pieces!>>

[Image: Vrt3nV3.gif]

You close the distance between yourself and your prey.


[Image: XXftKRB.gif]

Then you ensnare it to prevent it from taking flight and give yourself some leverage.



[Image: wySOzSG.gif]


[Image: bhUrIBQ.gif]


<<Daren: Buck of the Bull>>

[Image: RNzVwVh.gif]

Harnessing your Geis, you unleash a blood-thirsty kick on what you think is a spine with


Dragonofthesky Wrote:Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.
<<Daren: Finish the pathetic monster.>>
<<Aiden: Prepare for reprecussions of friend impaling self.>>

Beastnix Wrote:<<Jack: Hi, I'm... I'm Jack>>
<<Daren:cast spell to further the disadvantage Jack has>>

<<Daren:cast spell to further the disadvantage Jack has.>>

[Image: oa07y3p.gif]

You can't cast spells, silly, you don't know how to FUNNEL, or CHANNEL, or use
any sort of magic directly other than the magic provided by your Geis; and then
only barely. Aiden's the one who handles the magic.

Speaking of Aiden...


<<Aiden: Prepare for reprecussions of friend impaling self.>>

[Image: mjExKvj.gif]

Watching the brawl, you can't help but notice the claw ran Daren straight through to begin
with so the further impalement wouldn't have added a significant degree of damage.

Rootborn AdventureShow
RE: Rootborn
Page 13.

Beastnix Wrote:<<Jack: go helter skelter due to being near death>>

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Aiden: Realize it isnt so much about the further impalement but rather about the fucking hole itself.>>
<<Daren: Prepare for further destruction.>>
Dude, its not about the pulling the arm in deeper! ITS THE ARM IN THERE TO BEGIN WITH!

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<AIDEN: Continue being apathetic. Throw a concentrated Smoke Bomb Spell on that things mouth if you have it.>>
<<Jack: Just stay in the box already, by box I mean coffin.>>
<<Darren: Juggle strike or soemthing maybe?>>

<<AIDEN: Continue being apathetic. Throw a Smoke Bomb.>>

[Image: ZZKIJVg.gif]

First off, you're pretty peeved at the notion of you being apathetic, you're quite the enthusiast.

Second, of course you're a little concerned about Daren but you only have the energy for 2
Regenerate spells at hand and using it now would be a waste if he's just going to take the damage

Third, good idea!


[Image: Gp2eomy.gif]


[Image: 1GurwwO.gif]


[Image: shhtlxA.gif]



[Image: iaz8R4G.gif]


Beastnix Wrote:<<Jack: try running away>>
<<Darren:Attack of opportunity>>

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Daren: Destroy SHJ and proceed to seek better medical assistance.>>
<<Aiden: Go kill boars in the forest to raise your level.>>
Wow, 2 heal spells. Godforbid you go on a long adventure or get lost.


[Image: 5G3S0hr.gif]



[Image: uhpmbet.gif]



[Image: caEEKop.gif]


Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Daren: Let rage build.>>
<<Aiden: Be indifferent to major health percentage loss.>>

Beastnix Wrote:<<Daren:It's close to death let nature take it's course>>

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<KILL IT ALREADY.>>


[Image: IiupdZA.gif]

Meanwhile, 6.6 meters below...


[Image: tdtF6ey.gif]

It seems someone has cut a rug to a funky jam.

Beastnix Wrote:<<show amazing rug that has been cut by said jams>>

<<Show amazing rug that has been cut by said jams>>

[Image: F9gLuv6.gif]


[Image: u9MZBZW.gif]


[Image: T3gh04Z.gif]

Beastnix Wrote:<<Have jams be interrupted by rude person>>
<<Show him why you are the best>>

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Trip on your cape.>>
Cause really, that is not a dancing cape.

<<Trip on your cape.>>

[Image: aHkJMZj.gif]

Ha, you're not going to trip! Your magical HOVER SHOES do the footwork for you.
Aside from serving as a dire-dancing safety precaution, they also allow you to do
some other neat things since the rules binding their powers are pretty vague: Allows
wearer to stably hover 3.3 millimeters over a sufficiently level surface and move at
a pace equivalent to that of the wearer's top running speed divided by 5.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Aiden: Sense valuable shoe-oriented treasure within dungeon off-panel.>>
Those will be useful. claim them.


[Image: wBef10D.png]

Unfortunately for you these footsy-dandy kicks are none too good at applying their powers to
the ascension of commonplace stairs. You climb the stairwell manually.

Beastnix Wrote:<<I warned you about stairs bro>>



[Image: YQroGCa.gif]


[Image: U25KToI.gif]

Beastnix Wrote:<<do the moon walk as you enter>>

<<Do the moon walk as you enter>>

[Image: 5uhFOl2.gif]

Entrenched in the hypnotizing music you bust out your best approximation of a moon walk without
moving your legs during the solo. A dancing king is you.

Beastnix Wrote:<<Now the safety dance!(while of course going into the 'attic'>>


[Image: s2bUuWh.png]

Ah, now you can climb out of this musty, filthy hole at last.

You mean, just look at how much dust has accumulated at the foot of the ladder. Disgusting!

<<Daley: leave the haven.>>

[Image: TQJ9I4F.png]

Finally, the glorious surface, blessed by the rays of the sun and the moon! You take a moment to
stretch while your senses reacquaint themselves with the fresh air.

Rootborn AdventureShow
RE: Rootborn
Page 14.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:....well then. weve let them lose. good work, team.

Beastnix Wrote:<<Daley:Who are you exactly?>>

<<Daley: Who are you exactly?>>

[Image: mPZjHXn.png]

Daley: Cast: Falcon Form.

Rapidly Flashing Image WarningShow

You use your FALCON FORM spell. You'll want to use it to make your little reconnaissance
mission quick, easy, and from a bird's-eye view.

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Scene: Move to the skies.>>
<<Falcon form: Also give you a falcon brain.>>

Beastnix Wrote:<<War and Destruction? But why all the dancing then?>>

<<War and Destruction? But why all the dancing then?>>

[Image: PzKXiCS.gif]

What are martial art forms but different dances of war and destruction? Speaking
of your dancing, you almost wish someone was watching that stellar performance.


[Image: VggZg5I.gif]


[Image: n5Yjpg2.gif]


[Image: bkzA3xD.gif]


[Image: RDmU67K.gif]


Beastnix Wrote:<<wow it isn't dead yet? Maybe just a few more pokes should do it? Then again it seems like it's having other ideas.>>


<<Daren: Power Throw>>

[Image: BmoY6lF.gif]



[Image: xRcYWwI.gif]



[Image: 1hxPlzD.gif]

Well, at least it's agitated, so you must be having some sort of effect. What now?


Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Aiden: Disable other eye.>>
Wounded and blind, this creature shall turn into a mere inconvience.

Beastnix Wrote:<<Drive the dagger in even further with magic>>
nothing like overkill

<<Aiden: Drive the dagger in even further with magic.>>

[Image: ZTpkTfu.gif]


Beastnix Wrote:<<SHJ:You're too old for this kind of abuse. Time to get out of here>>

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<SHJ: Ollie on the jumps outiely. JACKIE OUTIE>>
Hip hop

<<SHJ: You're too old for this kind of abuse. Time to get out of here.>>

[Image: EX9pDxl.gif]


Beastnix Wrote:<<SHJ: Pray to your new evil god it's your only hope at this point>>
nothing like overkill

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Adventurers: Slay crippled weakling.>>
This monster grows tiresome. Absorb its precious experience and move forward quickly.


[Image: 1sW9yW9.gif]


<<Adventurers: Slay crippled weakling.>>

[Image: fpJTbTu.gif]

On it.


[Image: Kay6yOD.gif]


Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Adventurers: Ding?>>
Ding? : D
<<Adventurers: Search for spoils of victory.>>
<<Aiden: Address gaping hole in friend.>>
<<Daren: Recover weapons. Clean weapons.>>

Beastnix Wrote:<<examine coffin from which it came>>

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Carve everything valuable from the pityful body.>>
<<Daren: Start healing.>>
<<Aiden: Maybe cremate the corpse after you pilfer and carve everything useful for fertilizer or something....>>

<<Daren: Recover weapons. Clean weapons.>>

[Image: gF7pHEc.gif]

Your Scian and your Longsword are successfully retrieved.

Your Bloodlust also settles.

<<Aiden: Address gaping hole in friend.>>

[Image: hzNVIGL.gif]

You cast Regenerate, repairing any wounds that wouldn't be healed by a standard
Heal spell. Unfortunately, you aren't versed in the spell well enough for it to
recover additional HP as well.


<<Aiden: Reach New Scaffold.>>

[Image: Vm1nHrD.gif]

Aiden has reached Scaffold 4! He replenishes all HP as well as his BASIC SPELLPOOL

Aiden's Basic Spellpool has reached Rank 4.

Fortunately, this means you regained that use of Regenerate, as well as a possible
third use between Recharging your Geomantic Energy thanks to the Spellpool improvement.

<<Daren: Reach New Scaffold.>>

[Image: pVmkwxl.gif]

Daren has reached Scaffold 4! He replenishes all HP as well as his Basic Spellpool
and Normal Powers.

Daren's GEIS HARMONIZATION has reached Rank 3.

Beastnix Wrote:<<Loot corpse>>

<<Loot corpse>>

[Image: E1IOCSz.gif]

Daren carves the valuable bits off of Jack.

You got 6 SHJ CLAWS. These sharp claws can retain their lethal points even after
extraordinary abuse.


[Image: 2roxS3m.gif]

You got 2 SHJ KNEEBALLS. These spongy, elastic spheres make an excellent crafting material.


[Image: RxosvMu.gif]

You got 2 SHJ HUMERI. These sturdy and lightweight bones lend themselves well to a variety
of purposes.


[Image: 4FqloI1.gif]

You got 2 SHJ HEELS. These bones contain the magic that lets a Spring Heels Jack propel
itself into and through the air. When pressure is applied to the bottom of the heel it will
release a small AURA OF ELEMENTAL AIR WALK. The Aura will only be released once after the
heel is severed from the rest of the Jack's body.

Rootborn AdventureShow
RE: Rootborn
Page 15.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Adventurers: Affix heelbones to heels of shoes.>>

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:
Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Adventurers: Affix heelbones to heels of shoes.>>
<<But do this in a later date when you ACTUALLY NEED THEM.>>
<<Use stack magyx to organize your inventory.>>
<<Pilfer the jaw, use it as a macabre trophy/mask.>>
<<defile the corpse more>>

<<Examine coffin from which it came.>>

[Image: OKQBJW2.gif]

Let's see what's in here...


[Image: fN9bV1N.gif]


Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Super Happilly store whatever whats inside it just in case of a boss battle.>>


Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Potion: Glimmer onminously.>>
<<Aiden: Set potion in inventory. Forget quickly until optimal time.>>

<<Daren: Check Inv.>>

[Image: mysjYDv.gif]

Uh oh, Daren's BURDEN seems to be running a bit low on IU's.

<<Aiden: Check Inv.>>

[Image: KhuZnS6.gif]

Looks like Aiden still has plenty of room.

Beastnix Wrote:<<give potion to Aiden and progress further from the way you came>>

<<Give potion to Aiden.>>

[Image: 9m7xEGL.gif]

Aiden stashes the potion.

<<Progress further from the way you came.>>

[Image: yKmlZN0.gif]

You two retrace your steps.


[Image: YdlgAto.gif]


[Image: Je2RIHu.gif]



[Image: Hph3QoW.png]

You proceed down to the center of the stairwell. Now's the time to decide, keep going
for stealth, or take advantage of whatever forward momentum you can get and charge?

Beastnix Wrote:<<why not both try to see if you can get stealth kills and if you can't keep going anyway>>


[Image: 9oglxou.gif]

But the Element of Surprise attack bonus is lost if they're on the lookout.
And without someone able to work HOSTILITY CONTROL, you won't be
getting back that bonus any time soon if they already know you're
here. Time to decide your course of action.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Adventurers: Stealth. The fae have proven tricky. Who knows what else is up their sleeves. We must be cautious to avoid being taken by surprise.>>
Haste makes waste

Beastnix Wrote:<<eh screw it charge in>>

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Use ninjutsu to combine swiftness with stealth.>>
<<Fail case your both not ninjas, fall down the stairs>>
<<A ninja somewhere: Facepalm at this tomfoolery.>>

<<Daren: Charge In: Bull Rush>>

[Image: 8swGkjO.gif]

Daren charges in and uses Bull Rush on the first foe he will encounter.


[Image: DKjsmvs.gif]

The first available foe and target of the Bull Rush is a Fallowmin.


[Image: betU96b.gif]

Damn, it seems the Fallowmin has used the nearby Docarra as a MEATSHIELD, thus
forcing it to absorb the oncoming attack.


<<Aiden: Sneak In>>

[Image: 5W67b2Z.gif]

You press yourself against the wall to reduce your visual profile while
using Daren's charge as a distraction to sneak in.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Adventurers: Continue.>>
.............good plan.

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<What the hell is a fallowmin?>>

<<What the hell is a fallowmin?>>

[Image: CnUfj6P.png]


[Image: evnCHkU.gif]

<<Adventurers: Continue.>>

[Image: LR1SnRP.gif]

You'd love to, but this sonuva bitch is able to just keep phasing through your blows if he can
predict them.


Beastnix Wrote:>predict? be unpredictable then.

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<< Double sword at both sides, that might hit.>>
<<Next, do the sword juggle and let the sword randomly land.>>
<<And for your finishing move, use your flames darren.>>

<<Predict? Be unpredictable then.>>

[Image: gN6libb.gif]

Looks like Daren could use some backup...



[Image: lhCFyYw.gif]


<<Aiden: Provide backup.>>

[Image: 6oKaYYH.gif]



Beastnix Wrote:<<COUP DE GRACE! on the Fallowmin>>

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Adventurers: Slay disabled shifting creature.>>
Normally id be in favor of taking it alive and questioning it, but it can shift through objects. Way to fucking dangerous. Wipe it out.


[Image: tngtHRK.png]

You wait a moment to make sure it's really unconscious.


[Image: nGhkmk6.gif]

You bludgeon the ghastly Faerie to death with joyful abandon.



[Image: nAreMa9.gif]

Once again, you find yourself facing 5 closed doors with 2 Faerie corpses at your feet. Where to

Rootborn AdventureShow
RE: Rootborn
Page 16.

<<Adventurers: Search Fae bodies.>>

[Image: RMDwUAv.gif]

You find some LESSER FAERIE DUST, and a nice transparent bag to put it in.

<<Door 1.>>

[Image: 3RnZeyc.gif]

Inside the first door you find what appears to be some sort of armoury.


[Image: aFVjYGV.png]

Browsing the shelves, you find a surplus of Macuahuitls, FAESTONE SHANKS, and FAESTONE SWORDS.

<<Steal some weapons.>>

[Image: M6Jqave.gif]

Not wanting to overburden yourself by taking too much, you nab a trio of Faestone Shanks.

<<Trash and burn the armoury.>>

[Image: s3Tu31x.gif]

You two quickly rearrange some shelves until you have a sizeable pile of kindling to light
for when you're done here.

<<Listen in on the other doors.>>

[Image: gEbU9Zq.gif]

Daren tries to use his KEEN HEARING to get you a better idea of what's behind the other doors starting
with the second door.


[Image: V8hWYrL.gif]



[Image: F1Q6CFx.gif]


[Image: kY9O4wr.gif]


<<Continue spying.>>

[Image: YLI8ftl.gif]

Next you try door number 3.


[Image: lE4NFHq.gif]



[Image: ygwWiU3.gif]

Finally, you check out door number 5.


[Image: Fp0I4yY.gif]


With your spying done, it's time to decide which door to open next.

<<Open door 3.>>

[Image: 3oDSlH6.png]

Behind the third door, you find what seems to be a barracks. Inside, there are a duo of
SEVERED HUMAN HEADS, those of the merchant and his assistant, as well as plethora of
STAINED SHEETS and DIRTY PILLOWS haphazardly littered across the floor. The room seems
devoid of life.

<<Welp. Back into the hallway.>>

[Image: UPupDNV.gif]

Now that you know what's behind doors 1 and 3, what's next?

Rootborn AdventureShow
RE: Rootborn
Page 17.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Adventurers: Listen at door 4.>>
What do you guys think? we clearly need to go through 5, but there may be some rad loot in 2 and 4. Opinions?

Beastnix Wrote:>silently open door 5 for a peek

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:^^that

<<Silently open door 5 for a peek>>

[Image: QQUEKDI.gif]


[Image: KYlAggz.gif]


[Image: qkzCj6h.gif]


[Image: KLF7RMs.gif]

Beastnix Wrote:>sneak up behind him for a kill, have your druid friend also use the rocking chair against him

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<BATTLE SYSTEM: Award points for creative kills.>>
<<Creative kill this bastard with the IDK.>>
<<Maybe push the rocking chair behind him to hard so his head will splatter all over the desk.>>

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Adventurers: You have the element of surprise. Get as close as you can wuthout alerting them, and attack for bonus surprise damage.>>
Lets see if we can one shot this, eh?


[Image: BD0PYSa.gif]


Beastnix Wrote:>So we should give up and just burn them out? It sounds like there are far too many in the other room to sneak a peek or fight like this and who knows when one will exit.
<<Burn them out and close the ground entrance you came from with druid magic>>

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Daren: Fail to see Aidens point, as the only other options you have are to fight the crowd in room 2/4, and lord knows fighting a bunch of mobs first will drain your skills and health.>> what if it is? its not like fighting through the other room will help. If were really at the end, have at him, i say!
<<Aiden: Realize that you are underground, and that starting a fire would burn all the oxygen in the lair and suffocate you.>>


[Image: euSJcMJ.gif]


Beastnix Wrote:>check inv for solutions

<<Daren: inventory>>

[Image: xWmfkeJ.gif]

Daren opens his inventory.

<<Aiden: inventory>>

[Image: mShpPfT.gif]

Aiden opens his inventory.

Beastnix Wrote:>maybe you can use that mystery rainbow potion here somehow

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Aiden: Realize the reverse of your previous point is also true, and if you attack room 2/4, they will attempt to get the head to assist. Assualt room 2/4, but ONLY IF one of you has a viable way to quickly block the exits and magical communication.>>

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:<<Wait....Get those severed heads and rags from that room.>>
<<Tie the rags and or bedsheets together to form a long makeshift rope for later.>>
<<Throw the heads in first in the room full of fae.>>
<<Use that distraction to fully execute every fae with ease.>>
[Distactions yes]

<<Get those severed heads and rags from room 3.>>

[Image: cuqvFKC.gif]

You grab the SEVERED HUMAN HEADS as well as the STAINED SHEETS.

<<Tie the rags and or bedsheets together to form a long makeshift rope for later.>>

[Image: J0H8df0.gif]

You tie the stained sheets together into a serviceable IMPROVISED ROPE.

<<Maybe you can use that mystery rainbow potion here somehow?>>

[Image: 4hPylcK.gif]

Hmmmm... You could try dying your newly-made improvised rope with it, but you
wouldn't expect much more than a simply cosmetic change. You're also not familiar
with whether or not a Super-Happy-Fun-Mystery Potion will react in any special
way to flame.

Beastnix Wrote:>must be highly explosive

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:

<<Grab those sticks where the heads came from and proceed to make an el;dritch magic circle to cover the soon to be bonfire with the blood.>>
<<Or use them as torches to make some smoke and thin out the crowd in that other room....yeah do the smoky thing.>>

<<Salvage sticks into torches.>>

[Image: iQS4OkN.gif]

You take the skewers the trophy-heads were on and run them through pillows for
kindling material. Aiden and Daren now both have 1 MAKESHIFT PILLOWTORCH. The
presence of blood on the skewers would allow Aiden to imbue a small bit of BLOOD
MAGIC into any spells cast on or through the pillowtorch, if he were more well
versed in HEMOMANCY, that is.

You surmise you could also try soaking the pillow in the potion, but you stress
that you don't know what, if any, reaction(s) the volatile liquid will have to
open flame.

Beastnix Wrote:>soak pillow in potion, light it

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:> Blaze it....
>Make blood flames.

<<Soak pillow in potion.>>

[Image: AJmtxz9.gif]

Aiden uses the Super-Happy-Fun_Mystery Potion on his Pillowtorch, creating a SUPER-


[Image: nbtfent.gif]

Any last preparations before you commit to this scheme?

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Well, were doing this. might as well do it right. Adventurers: Light regular pillow torch first first to smoke up room. When inside and enemies are confused, light second.>>
It might turn into a klaxon or explosion or something else similarily attention attracting. If were going with unknown magical effects, the least we should do it try to contain the damage to one room.

BigBrain Wrote:>Charge that mofo and get ye' seed

Beastnix Wrote:>well at least we take them with us if things go wrong right?

<<Bust in.>>

[Image: Bdbj0fG.gif]

Let's get this show on the road.


[Image: oRGQl59.gif]


[Image: vItQalJ.png]

Rootborn AdventureShow
RE: Rootborn
Page 18. It's a short one.

<<Fae: Look at the two men holding swords together with pillows, be confused.>>

[Image: Kqwo1zo.gif]

The crowd's attention is quickly drawn to you as you barge in. You spring into action before they can react.


[Image: AZtRWLE.gif]

You cast Elemental Stone Wall to block off the door to the next room.


[Image: M14eCCw.gif]

Then you block off the door to the hallway you came in from just in case.


[Image: r99K1oM.gif]

Finally, you cast Elemental Smoke Ward on yourselves to prepare for the hotboxing.

<<Adventurers: Light regular pillow torch first first to smoke up room.>>

[Image: AjsiAvY.gif]

Daren tosses his Pillowtorch into the room.


[Image: R9trEHd.gif]

Aiden proceeds to light the Pillowtorch with an Elemental Fire Strike.


[Image: qePNBaF.gif]

Catching fire, the Pillowtorch continues to sail through the air.


[Image: 5sbMIq0.gif]

The Pillowtorch hits it's mark, the small bar in the corner.


[Image: HZb7THH.gif]

Smoke soon fills the unventilated room, accompanied by the scents of burning blood, cloth, and cotton.


[Image: bqQztlU.gif]

Before you know it, the Fae are in coughing fits.


[Image: p07Y76r.gif]

The bar is also quickly engulfed in flames, creating even more smoke, and further obscuring visibility.


[Image: BibrOiF.gif]

It seems your tactic already managed to knock out the closest Fae to the fire, including a pair of Docarra,
a Trog, and a Fink. Combat ensues.



[Image: 7AGpeZS.gif]



[Image: ameXpHF.gif]



[Image: HLHtKZB.gif]


[Image: dNiNGBB.gif]

The remaining Docarra leaves you two to ~his brawnier buddies and starts working his weather magic to
put out the fire.



[Image: JftLqFp.gif]

The Docarra conjures up a LOCALIZED RAINSTORM.



[Image: IPgu5zu.gif]

Sheets of water begin to rain down.


[Image: 19NJZHN.gif]

The flames dissipate under the downpour and the smoke in the room begins to level out.

Rootborn AdventureShow
RE: Rootborn
Page 19.

Beastnix Wrote:>Daren: Remember that "trick" we used on jack earlier? Now would be a good time.

The Froggy Ninja Wrote:Aiden: check POWERS for a way to dispel the rain cloud, we need that smoke

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:>Ehem, cast a lesser elemental tornado strike to disrupt the rain and swirl the smoke, if things go as plan then we might get a firenado for kicks.

<<Cast a lesser elemental tornado strike to disrupt the rain and swirl the smoke.>>

[Image: pSnWJ2I.gif]

That plan seems a little dubious and would require casting quite a few spells, which is
a little hard when Trogs are trying to embed shards of obsidian in your hide.


<<Aiden: check POWERS for a way to dispel the rain cloud, we need that smoke.>>

[Image: VCvTZ1A.gif]

You go through your spells looking for something that might deal with that rain.

Beastnix Wrote:Daren: use your RIASTRAD

The Froggy Ninja Wrote:Well you might consider the rain cloud to be element water or air or some-such, so try to move it away from the fire on your turn in a battle of wills with the Docarra that cast it.

The Froggy Ninja Wrote:Alternatively MAKE ELEMENT VOID might destabilize or at least move the cloud

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:> Or you know...hijack the cloud to make it produce lightning to kill the Docara and light some more fires.... And then dispel it.

The Froggy Ninja Wrote:your plan is better

<<Try to move it away from the fire on your turn in a battle of wills with the Docarra that cast it.>>

[Image: PDztvMo.gif]


You engage in mental-magical warfare with the Faerie spellcaster. Even though
the rainstorm already put out the fire. Such a battle between minds sillier and
more futile history may never see again.


[Image: FwdpAAp.gif]


You have proved you can steal a cloud from a Docarra. Your victory feels
appropriately hollow.

Beastnix Wrote:>Docarra:cry

The Froggy Ninja Wrote:Well it did free up the largest source of wood ether make element fire/lightning or cause the cloud to make lightning and relight the fire.

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:> Transform Localized Rainstorm to a Localized Lightning Storm, Localized as in only the fae.
> Remember to bring this lightning storm if you need a quick light for that bonfire.


[Image: MfA14pQ.gif]



[Image: ZG3AK9k.gif]


<<Daren: use your RIASTRAD>>

[Image: RWLbK98.gif]

Daren begins channeling his bloodlust into his Geis.


[Image: 4girOu2.gif]



[Image: xCcKCi2.gif]

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Aiden: Strike fae corpses with lightning.>>
Hopefully they burn well

The Froggy Ninja Wrote:Set dat wood on fire!

Beastnix Wrote:>Man there is still so much smoke. Wait is that fae flipping you off?

<<Wait is that fae flipping you off?>>

[Image: lqUT97V.gif]

Indeed he is. That table is also now far too moist to be ignited by a
common flame.


<<Daren: Throw scian.>>

[Image: z26dG3S.gif]



[Image: 8tqBkeG.gif]


Rootborn AdventureShow
RE: Rootborn
Page 20. ~50% reconstructed! Sure took longer than I would have liked, or even expected, but we're here. Time to go back and do any last revisions I haven't already made on pages 1-20 and then getting it mirrored up to this point before moving on to the next half.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Daren: Counter?>>
this maaaaaaay be bad

Beastnix Wrote:>Daren: grab his sword arm and proceed with backwards headbutt

The Froggy Ninja Wrote:Lighting is better then the common flame.

Ony Wrote:Next turn:

Daren: Do a spin attack to hit multiple enemies.
Aiden: Go help Daren fight against that evasive prick. Then, we can stop wasting turns.

The Froggy Ninja Wrote:
The Froggy Ninja Wrote:Lighting is better then the common flame.
Especially when there's water.

Ony Wrote:
The Froggy Ninja Wrote:Especially when there's water.
Only if there's metal in the water to conduct the electricity.

EDIT: Only if there's something in the water that can conduct the electricity, like metals, salts, ions, etc. Certain impurities still shouldn't work, like rubber powder, or carbon dioxide. If the impurity itself does not have any sort of ionic charge, electrons will not flow between molecules because there is no greater attraction in any way.

The Froggy Ninja Wrote:No I'm pretty sure it is any impurities.
These are good points that allow us to be further enlightened - assuming we're all right, of course. Hell, we don't see the atomic level ourselves usually, we just trust the scientists.

The Froggy Ninja Wrote:
The Froggy Ninja Wrote:Only if there's metal in the water to conduct the electricity.
No I'm pretty sure it is any impurities.
Edit: Yup right here


[Image: QBAAmBV.gif]



[Image: uUsnb3F.gif]


<<Aiden: Help Daren out.>>

[Image: rEeXb6Q.gif]

Aiden swiftly condenses the smoke, using it to cast an Elemental Smoke Strike at a reduced MAGIC PAYOUT.



[Image: Jqsr9UV.gif]



[Image: h7JDrrv.gif]

Though the damage to Daren from the Smoke Strike is negated by the Smoke Ward, he takes
the chance to counterattack as he throws his head back, resulting in an IMPROMPTU HEADBUTT.



[Image: wWbSCVC.gif]


<<Daren: Take care of that Fink already>>

[Image: bR2iDpM.gif]



<<Aiden: Shock those Trogs>>

[Image: dIeoO64.gif]



[Image: FQphTIb.gif]

The Bodocin rises back to his feet.


[Image: Xj1zano.gif]



[Image: UizNgT8.gif]



[Image: Om0rsvl.gif]


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RE: Rootborn
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<<Aiden: Loot corpses while you wait.>>

[Image: alg9ZC0.gif]

Not wanting to loiter around waiting for Daren to finish up, you begin patting down the bodies.


[Image: bCn10R4.gif]

But it's not long before a racket from the blockaded door commands your attention.


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Party successfully crashed. But you've no time to let your guard down, that last Faerie will be
joining you soon. Good thing you took out ~his support so you can face ~him on ~his own.

<<Clean up the corpses.>>

[Image: srLwNtK.gif]

Not wanting to fight in such a cluttered room, you two quickly pile the bodies against the wall and
await the breach.


[Image: nDfJJcl.gif]


[Image: L2hdUAQ.gif]


[Image: 9oOMcoh.gif]

<<Who is this guy?>>

[Image: 78vO5Xg.png]

<<Aiden: Heal Daren.>>

[Image: iN313o2.gif]

Not wanting to let Daren go in still battle-damaged, you cast Lesser Healing on him.



[Image: 4WMtKCX.gif]

The Fae takes notice of your Healing and swiftly counters.



[Image: Ww9vL0w.gif]

You yourself counter the Sidhe's second attack and defend yourself with an Elemental Wall of Wind.



[Image: wCll9jO.gif]



[Image: 2okWhuj.gif]



[Image: u9IUUPj.gif]


<<Aiden: Cast Rootfoot Grapple.>>

[Image: LeGDIDT.gif]



[Image: Kwuzks8.gif]



[Image: oJk5wqv.gif]

Now that ~he's stationary, you should be able to deal some serious damage if you can just
get past that nasty Faestone Chain.

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<<Aiden: Use Move Element Stone on the chain.>>

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[Image: tb5kkCt.gif]


[Image: RZRh2d3.gif]

Using Move Element Stone, you manage to BIND the chain, stopping the Sidhe from using it effectively.



[Image: iaf9lyj.gif]

Unfortunately, ~he quickly dismantles and recreates the segment, unbinding it. Looks like disabling
~him won't be easy while he can simply reform ~his weapon.



[Image: MtAAd5g.gif]



[Image: YtSR08y.gif]


<<Aiden: Throw the other pillowtorch>>

[Image: lIZ6QOe.gif]

Good idea, perhaps the smoke can disrupt ~him enough to keep ~him from forming and reforming
the chain links.



[Image: DPpG8pO.gif]



[Image: k9JRxKa.gif]

Doesn't seem like the Super-Happy-Fun-Mystery Potion stains are reacting to the flame. This time.


[Image: j1xFOGX.gif]


[Image: PLyBzE0.gif]

~He does not like that at all.

<<Daren: Use Bind Weapon.>>

[Image: kEHTRBB.gif]



[Image: tUaksSa.gif]

Excellent, with the smoke disrupting ~his Faerie magic he's unable to use it to break the bind.

<<Aiden: Go all out.>>

[Image: 2icMbLe.gif]

Taking advantage of the opportunity you concentrate and channel what you can spare into casting



[Image: IU1tuq4.gif]



[Image: 9fV7laC.gif]

The smoke from the meager fire dissipates as the fuel is burned to a crisp. Looks like ~he's
still clinging to life. Not for long, though.


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[Image: XECvSlM.gif]


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<<Daren: Finish ~him already>>

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[Image: EChE1kO.gif]



[Image: pDBsCJV.gif]

<<Loot the bodies>>

[Image: vuvkeD5.gif]



[Image: hh3AZdg.gif]



[Image: FdhN6jz.gif]

You got a FAESTONE CHAIN. A chain made of magically formed Faestone. Quite heavy, even for
a chain of it's size.

<<Daren: Punt the Fae's head>>

[Image: Pt96CPb.gif]

You don't think that's such a good idea, especially if you want to put them on display.

It IS a fun idea, though...

<<Snag that beer>>

[Image: 6LnzuaA.gif]

You take the last undiluted STEIN OF ALE and retrieve Daren's Scian for him. The room has
little else of value.

<<Move on to the next room>>

[Image: S7OUDqQ.gif]

You move on to the final unexplored room of the Haven.


[Image: iRmPhrw.gif]

You quickly take a glance around. This room is as sparsely furnished as the rest.


[Image: JYUK7a6.png]

The only things in the room seem to be a bed, an ornate chest, and a table in the
center, upon which sits a POCKET BARD and NOISE BUDS as well as some sort of PARCHMENT.

<<Aiden: Regenerate Daren's arm.>>

[Image: Ey1yjnK.gif]

Daren sheathes his Claimh de Solais as his bloodlust fades. Shortly thereafter the arm goes limp,
no longer animated by the Geis, and Aiden casts Regenerate on Daren, regrowing his lost arm.

<<Daren: Ditch the extra limb>>

[Image: cJ19jmR.gif]

No longer needing the severed arm, you leave it on the table.

<<Aiden: Add sheets to your makeshift rope.>>

[Image: rwhL3u7.gif]

You take the sheet off the solitary bed and tie it into your makeshift rope, slightly elongating it.

<<Pop open the chest>>

[Image: eEhCcFr.gif]

The chest opens with a clack and inside you find... A small collection of Herbrawlogy supplies,
including your objective!

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RE: Rootborn
Page 25.

Dragonofthesky Wrote:<<Aiden: Claim true prize.>>
<<DAren: Demand usual fee for adventure with no viable reward for you.>>
druid speciifc reward, fighter specific pay. only fair, no?

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:> Can you summon a tree with the useless stuff here even without the herbrawlogy field? Cause empty bottles are useful and stuff, except if you could just stack every bottle in a single inventory card which would be great than individual jars.

> Keep the pocket bard.

> Go back to the lounge of bodies and break the leg of that one table to carve a stake with. Mix it with the pillow again for another torch.

> Check under matress for things.

The Froggy Ninja Wrote:Just leave. Now you can do other things.

Ony Wrote:No more enemies? No more rooms to loot? Yeah, leave.

Beastnix Wrote:>go to the right passage you haven't been to

<<Aiden: Claim true prize.>>

[Image: IVc5kkt.gif]

You only claim the SPIROTHORN SEEDS having a surplus of jars back at your abode already.
The other seeds could be planted and nurtured of course, but without the help of specially
enchanted Herbrawlogy equipment or some other type of growth accelerant it will just
grow in real time.

<<Daren: Keep the pocket bard.>>

[Image: 4m3EN2y.gif]

You decide to take the pocket bard for yourself as Aiden already has his own. Should prolly
clean the noise buds before you try using them, though. They were in a Sidhe's ears not long ago.

<<Go to the right passage you haven't been to>>

[Image: 3uDEEhY.png]

But you were just on the other side of that door. And now that you've seen what there is to see,
it's high time you got out of here.

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:> Bring the other seeds to plant naturally cause who can say no to more plants?
> Check for any hidden rooms and if there is none....

> Start the bonfire and leave.
> Don't start the bonfire but leave just outside the gate. Have Aiden empty his inventory on the ground and have Darren stand guard while Aiden loots the cheap fae weapons. Those useless metal COULD be either sold/ used for the chariot. After that have the driver whomever he is carry the weapons.... I sure hope he has an inventory..
(After that of course have aiden burn the place down and get his previous inventory items in hopefully orderly manner.)

Beastnix Wrote:>Torch the place

Ony Wrote:Just leave. Run into the boss!

<<Check the scroll>>

[Image: d190xdv.gif]


<<Start the bonfire and leave.>>

[Image: IXf2Q83.gif]

You Fire Strike the previously prepared bonfire on your way out.


[Image: KNumIKF.gif]

After waiting a moment to make sure the fire is doing it's job you decide it's time to
hurry back and tell Payton of your success. He's been waiting long enough.

Beastnix Wrote:>Time for much drink

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:> Time for much Nubbins.

Ony Wrote:Complete quest - XP


[Image: SHSJSIV.png]


[Image: 1ubRvUL.gif]


Dreamscythes231 Wrote:> Go home to fire and brimstone.

The Froggy Ninja Wrote:
Dreamscythes231 Wrote:> Go home to fire and brimstone.
Caused by the greatest herbrawlagy duel ever!

Beastnix Wrote:<<Be lord huffington again>>

Ony Wrote:Be that dancer guy.

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:> Be that dancer guy fighting Lord Huffington with Herbrawlogy causing fire and brimstone to the surrounding area.
Herbrawlogy fight: May or May not determine the fate of every human in the immediate vicinity.

The Froggy Ninja Wrote:
Dreamscythes231 Wrote:> Be that dancer guy fighting Lord Huffington with Herbrawlogy causing fire and brimstone to the surrounding area.
Herbrawlogy fight: May or May not determine the fate of every human in the immediate vicinity.


[Image: NxMzxgN.gif]



[Image: VdC4H2N.gif]


[Image: Ign0eMM.gif]

Dreamscythes231 Wrote:> Reveal thyself. Mysterious figure.

Ony Wrote:Mysterious Rider: JOUST THEIR PUNY CART TO PIECES!

Beastnix Wrote:>stop the cart


[Image: vV1XDpG.gif]


[Image: s0XrB7O.gif]



[Image: 2o9AyrI.gif]

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