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Hello! With the mspaforums missing, I decided to continue my story here and the Omegaupdate forums. To see the previous updates, check out the mirror.

Brain Ghost;7905341 Wrote:It is the Grand Arena!

The Blue Avenger;7904315 Wrote:> Obviously, it's the Secret Underground Kitchen and Auditorium.

[Image: d4ZUcUB.png]

"Oh, it is down here! Prepare to be shocked!"

"Ah! I am too cool to be shocked tonight!"


[Image: dsGCboQ.png]

"Here it is! The Great Kitchen Arena! This is where the Ant Empress held court, with chefs from all over the multiverse competing at her every whim!"

"My gods! I am really surprisingly shocked! Is this true, Pal April?"

"Beats me! I just made it up based on the decor. It was probably never used, having been built when the place was sold to the Seth Family and all."

[Image: wySKb6I.png]

"And what is that drawing, Pal April? It looks like a neo-cubist impression of a dryad to me."

[Image: iLRQXzD.png]

"Beats me! Probably some dryad who was a famous chef back then. Or an opera singer!"

"Speaking of dryads, Pal April, I never asked; how did meeting those two, ahem, other dryads feel? It was the first time I recall you meeting others of your kind."

"Oh, you mean in the Garden? Oh, they were really friendly, but meeting them wasn't that earth shattering. I mean, I see a dryad every day in my mirror. They were just nice friendly people in my eyes."

"I see, Pal April."

[Image: cle0NnE.png]

"That was educatingly cool, Pal April."

I am glad you liked it! Maybe we can figure out its mysteries later with Debra. So, you up to anything else? It is getting a bit late, so I would understand if you wanted to go home."
RE: Treasurehats
Yay, it's back!

Y'all should visit the Least Weasel Observatory.
[Image: 6LGz4x9.png]
RE: Treasurehats
>The Observatory sounds good, the view is nice and it's by your way anyway.

Yay I'm all caught up! That blue jogger looks very, very familiar...
RE: Treasurehats
The Blue Avenger;7904315 Wrote:>Least Weasel Observatory

[Image: DiUmM5O.png]

"Perhaps there is time for one more attraction, Pal April."

"Oh, oh! We saw the past... so we should look at the FUTURE!"

"What do you have in mind?"

"The Least Weasel Observatory! I always wanted to look closely at the moons."

"Oh. Hmm. That is actually very fortunate!"

"I knew you would like it!"

"Well then! Let's climb the stairs!"

[Image: 5Xwzvt1.png]

"Greetings, people, welcome to the Least Weasel Free Observatory! I am Attila Least and... oh, hello, Mr. Rostungurson."


"Um, yes, Pal April. I actually... come here a lot."

"You are here every night. For hours, sir. I take it you know how to handle the telescope, so I'll let you and your friend do your business."

"Oh my, Mark, so you didn't have any cleaning to do! If skygazing matters so much to you, you could have said so! We could have come here asap!"

"No, no, Pal April, it is okay. Visiting the ruins was fun. I can't be at home all the time. I mean, I can't be here or at home all the time."

"Aw. Well, let's get watching!"

"I'll be drinking more coffee while you do."

[Image: 9S2xa2h.png]

"Well, okay, what should we look at? The yellow moon or the orange moon?"

"I usually look for other things."

"Oh? What for? There are no stars in this space, besides the sun."

"I take comfort in that."

"Voidgazing? That is new. Do you really do that half the night?"

"No, not really, Pal April."

You do it until dawn. Old habits are hard to break.

[Image: kIoWBSO.png]

You are now Fe, standing in Janus's dream. Huh, you don't remember entering it, or wanting to enter it. You feel you are standing by for something.
RE: Treasurehats
>Maybe its the dog. PET IT.
RE: Treasurehats
Steal your own hat.

Which happens to be Janus.
RE: Treasurehats
Go hang with some birdfriends
RE: Treasurehats
Face the sun and smile.
[Image: 6LGz4x9.png]
RE: Treasurehats
Pet the dog
~◕ w◕~
RE: Treasurehats
(05-17-2016, 08:21 AM)Anomaly Wrote: »Steal your own hat.

Which happens to be Janus.

[Image: kLxotIs.png]

It doesn't seem to be a nightmare, as Janus seems to be at peace, and is fashionable. Well, he is fashionable NOW, hehe.

(05-17-2016, 08:38 AM)Schazer Wrote: »Go hang with some birdfriends

[Image: pRaprLl.png]

Hey birds, do you want to become scarves? No? Please?

[Image: 5bULbQp.png]

Despite your best efforts, you fail to turn the dreambirds into clothing, and they hide behind the sun.

(05-17-2016, 10:47 AM)The Blue Avenger Wrote: »Face the sun and smile.

[Image: kyxpaLY.png]

Come back, birds! Don't be afraid! Look, I am smiling!

Ahem, excuse me? I am funhistory dog, and I am here to bring you a memory.

(05-17-2016, 08:21 AM)Pharmacy Wrote: »>Maybe its the dog. PET IT.

(05-20-2016, 12:45 AM)Whimbrel Wrote: »Pet the dog

[Image: mUXZElk.png]

Aww, a hound! Pat, pat!

This is unprofessional. Release me at once, so I may tell you of a transaction that took place for you, which you have benefited from.
RE: Treasurehats
Give your Janus-Hat to the dog.

Then steal it back.
RE: Treasurehats
Make the dog a hot dog.
[Image: 6LGz4x9.png]
RE: Treasurehats
>Ask who the memory comes from, your younger self perhaps?
RE: Treasurehats
(05-22-2016, 09:05 AM)Anomaly Wrote: »Give your Janus-Hat to the dog.

[Image: lCHStoi.png]

You know, you would be even more adorable with a hat friend!

I am sorry, but I am not allowed to accept bribes. I mean gifts. D. C., an apprentice of our client, C. N., has invoked a boon, which allows the person to commission us to extract a Memory Secret from the Traum, and the person has asked us to deliver it to you.

You would also be more adorable if you stopped talking like that.

(05-23-2016, 12:56 AM)The Blue Avenger Wrote: »Make the dog a hot dog.

[Image: k2B7JGg.png]

Or if you turned into a hotdog! Come on, become a sausage, it would be funny!

You have no power over me here, shadow.

(05-25-2016, 06:39 PM)tronn Wrote: »>Ask who the memory comes from, your younger self perhaps?

[Image: To1CvCG.png]

Well, if you are like that, you don't deserve this hat!

Please stand still while the memory is delivered.

Ugh, not sure if I really want that. Hm, it looks really purple. Whose memory is it anyways?

The answer is simple: your mom!


[Image: KxpEs2m.png]

Please stand by


[Image: flOlnv7.png]

[Image: 8MzoGbi.png]

Planet Friedrich. The Country of Eelgland. Town of Kidneypool. Exactly at 12 bongs.

[Image: 7tJPe3s.png]

You are now the rather sadly named Euphemia Bruary, wildlife photographer. Your few friends call you Effie, or more rarely, Ef.

It is a pleasant day.
RE: Treasurehats
Examine your surroundings.
[Image: 6LGz4x9.png]
RE: Treasurehats
Observe that red fellow's hat with contempt.

Then steal it.
RE: Treasurehats
Impatiently await your lunch partner.
RE: Treasurehats
>Notice your date, address him in your usual frank and unambiguous way which leaves nothing for question. You need a daughter in your life, and that's where he comes in.
RE: Treasurehats
(06-05-2016, 02:45 PM)The Blue Avenger Wrote: »Examine your surroundings.

[Image: zdGasdr.png]

A calming, overcast afternoon. However, you are worried. Your lunch partner is half an hour late. Where are they?

(06-07-2016, 04:11 AM)Schazer Wrote: »Impatiently await your lunch partner.

[Image: B3Df8ah.png]

Here they are!!! The urban peaduck! Come ducky, eat this tasty treat! Come on, please open your tail today! Please!

"Ah-hem! GREETINGS! I hope you are glad to see me!"

[Image: TNQAGFR.png]

"A... a-ha!"

Hell no, not now, not this guy!

"H... hi Leopold..."

"Long time no see... em... yes, no see indeed! When did we graduate again, five years ago? Haha! How are things?"

Nooo he startled the ducky! Poor thing...

"Well, well..."

"Mind if I join you?"

Ugh. He was always this pushy.

"N-no, please sit down...."
RE: Treasurehats
Be as passive-aggressive as possible.
[Image: 6LGz4x9.png]
RE: Treasurehats
>Listen to him telling of his successes, be hard pressed to come up with equal stories. This is getting awkward, you need to come up with an excuse!
RE: Treasurehats
(06-21-2016, 08:45 AM)The Blue Avenger Wrote: »Be as passive-aggressive as possible.

[Image: mvGBDIe.png]

"Well, I am a wildlife photographer and..."

"Oh? Just snapping photos of animals? That sound easy!"

"W-well, if sitting in the swamp for weeks sounds easy to you..."

"Well, it is just sitting, isn't it? Doing nothing sounds like a good job!"

[Image: Y19j4WB.png]

Myeeeargh. No, it is also about Timing, Building Trust, Surveying, and Patience! It took weeks to get that photo set of the rare beavergators! It got you a gold medal!

"No... not at all..."

"Well, anyways, let me tell you about my occult adventures in Merjawny and La Friends, and Rawshoe!"

(06-22-2016, 05:39 PM)tronn Wrote: »>Listen to him telling of his successes, be hard pressed to come up with equal stories. This is getting awkward, you need to come up with an excuse!

[Image: HkplD9r.png]

"Blah blah blah blah blah"

It's no use trying to one up him. You could do better things anyways.

"Blah blah blah blah blah"

Ugh, that is it, you've got to, you can't listen to lies all day when you could be looking for ducks instead.

"S-s-sorry, I must go. I am sure you have many more tales, but..."

"Ah yes, indeed. I have to go too; I am going to investigate an occult flux in Surewood."


"I just need something to keep away the Elder Butterflies Swarm, but-"

[Image: crcPdHX.png]

"Oh well. Free tea!"

[Image: LE0mqXq.png]


RE: Treasurehats
"No, I said 'welded supperflies.' You catch more of them with honey than with flaming vinegar, you know."
[Image: 6LGz4x9.png]
RE: Treasurehats
>The famed elder butterflies? You are an expert in elder butterflies! You will gladly accompany him on his expedition, lead on!
RE: Treasurehats
(07-04-2016, 06:23 PM)The Blue Avenger Wrote: »"No, I said 'welded supperflies.' You catch more of them with honey than with flaming vinegar, you know."

[Image: kY85n7p.png]

"No, I said 'welded supperflies.' You catch more of them with honey than with flaming vinegar, you know."

"...O-okay. I ask again, did you say Elder Butterflies?"


"Okay. Y-you said you were a wizard?"

"Occultist, please, but I do know rituals. I have performed a few in The Land Of Dorsal Fins when-"

"Let me see your a-arm."


(07-06-2016, 09:38 AM)tronn Wrote: »>The famed elder butterflies? You are an expert in elder butterflies! You will gladly accompany him on his expedition, lead on!

[Image: 1YPktem.png]

"Y-yes, green blisters, magical allergic reaction. You WERE working near butterflies! But do not w-worry, I am actually a-an expert on butterflies, I know what you need for your safety. I will gladly - I c-can't believe i am saying this - accompany you to h-help!"

"I appreciate your help, but this is a lone operation, and-"

[Image: gyNvOdq.png]

"I h-have been waiting for a butterfly migration for all my life, s-so you are coming with me and let me h-help you, and that is FINAL."


[Image: qnNK6ZH.png]


[Image: hgLx7sS.png]

"Afternoon Chief Gertie."

"Hiya Effie! How goes the ducks? Wait, is that Meramis? Hmm, I don't think we will have a section for jerks in the next issue."

"Well, good to see you too, after all this time! You must be excited to hear that I am now famous in Eataleaf, and-"

[Image: aewJPNt.png]

"L-look at his arms."

"Elder butterfly blisters... I can't believe it, he really did learn magic!"

"A-And it also means there is a butterfly migration going on! A-after thirty years!"

"My gods. Effie, you need to go out there and cover it ASAP. What equipment do you need?"