The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

Quote:(Queen Edessa) Go through the Royal Palace, scaring the living daylights out of many.
>Tell the ixies to report to Edessa truthfully for the time being, she needs to trust them so you can feed her lies when it becomes crucial.
>Be confused about the queen's prank/assassination attempt. What was her reason? Was it a message to stay away from estmere? or did she mean to kill you but realizing Avogadro wasn't you? maybe you should parley with her?
>Avogadro: Recall Queen Edessa being behind you just before you were assaulted.

[Image: 0912inform_zpscgmuayq2.gif]

"So let me get this straight," I finally managed to say. "You and your sisters have been spying on me for the Queen, and you didn't think this was maybe something you should have told me about?"

"Client confidentiality was a concern, Sire," the Ixie explained. "We collect information for a lot of people."

"Doesn't family loyalty override that?" I demanded.

"It was considered, but our ethical decision was that it did not," the Ixie shrugged. "This assignment did not seem to place thee in any danger."

"Oh, but now that I've been attacked -"

"FAKE attacked, Sire. Twas not thee, and furthermore twas not even a real dagger."

"She was wielding a real dagger in my psychometric vision off of that costume tail," I pointed out.

"Nevertheless, we would not have told thee, had Minister Lynne not commanded us to."

"Hey, thinking back on it .. I remember walking past Her Majesty just before I was attacked!" Avogadro interjected.

"It had to have been her," I deduced. "But if she was holding a real dagger, why did she suddenly switch it for a fake one? Was it because she knew you weren't me? In that case, why attack at all? Maybe I should go talk to her."

"I would advise against that, Sire," the Ixie warned.

"Good point," I said, thinking out loud. "It wouldn't do to approach the Queen with bizarre accusations until I have more information. Tell your sisters to continue reporting to her. Don't let her find out that her cover is blown, but I want to be informed of her activities from now on. When the time comes .. hmm .. elves do not lie, but perhaps we can give her misleading information."

Quote:The Ambassador dragging you off to her office could give you the perfect opportunity for some spying, or at the very least, a chance for some comedic mischievous pranks.

"In the meantime, another idea occurs to me," I continued, as I leaned around the edge of my office doorway and peeked inside.

[Image: 0912cautiouspeek_zpsahagq6hz.gif]

Quote:Adler> Be informed that you are using the touch wrong. They are suppose to forget about 5 or more minutes prior the touch and not remember you being there.
>Mara and Chesswick: Catfight, with clothes being torn off.
>Mara and Chesswick: Achieve ecstasy in each other's arms. Start impromptu tonsil hockey match.

Mara Supial and SALV Chesswick were lying in a tangle on the floor in front of my desk. Most of their clothing had been torn off and strewn about. Mara was unconscious, and the Ambassador seemed to be in a daze.

"Fuma's Mercy!" Avogadro murmured as he leaned in behind me. "What happened to them?"

"It looketh like the aftermath of an improperly done Orgasmic Touch," the Ixie theorized.

"Improperly?" I thought at her with Elfmind.

"Done correctly, the victim is put into a deep sleep and remembereth nothing of what happened," she explained.

Quote:We must stay professional! This is no time for dilly-dallying, and frankly, you've had quite enough already!

"Okay then," I sighed. "Stop gawking, Sergeant. I'll take that costume tail and we'll go to YOUR office to plan our next move."

I tucked the false tail into my Elfintory and we ambled down the hallway.


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