The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

Quote:are there foxes elves that aren't Vulpitian ?

"Why must I try to pass for Vulpitanian?" I asked. "Estvan Silverbrush isn't Vulpitanian. Surely there are plenty of foxes not from Vulpitania."

"Not in the Vulpitanian Embassy," Alice replied. "If you want access to Secure Areas then you'll need to look like you belong there."

"I'm not entirely certain I need to infiltrate the Embassy," I said, thinking aloud. "It is more important to foil the visiting thaumaturgists' plot. Honestly, I think repairing you is a secondary priority. No offense."

"None taken," Alice replied graciously. "However, consider this: Ambulatory, I could be of use to you. In my present condition there is little I can do."

"You really should put some effort into making yourself look hotter," Mara added. "Honestly, you look prettier as your regular self than you do right now."

Quote:Adler> Get your bottom spanked and pinched everywhere you go around the Embassy. "This is quite annoying!!!"
Have the lovestruck tods get the parts you want from the storeroom.
Amusingly you sorta look almost less feminine as a vixen than as you do your usual self sometime

"No way," I retorted. "I definitely do not want a bunch of randy tods groping me."

"It'll happen if you stick with this plain-Jane appearance," Mara scoffed. "You need to be aggressively sexy, to overwhelm and intimidate them into doing your bidding."

She had a point. I made a mental note to remind myself that Mara knew more Wiles than she let on. Without her Scuti in control, she could be dangerous.

Quote:try tweaking your form at Mara's and Alice's suggestions. Successfully become quite a vulpine "bombshell"
Adler > Make yourself a bit more curvy
Mara & Alice > Start inspecting Adler over. Make sure uniform is passable. Also show adler how to walk like a vixen. Rather then stomping around like a bloke
He encompasses the sly, alluring side of fey.
Consider using Jane, the Lowfolk Femme as a transmogrification model.

"Speaking of Jane," Alice chimed in, "I am sure you are familiar with the illustrated adventures of Jane, the Lowfolk Femme. Try to imitate her physique."

I adjusted my appearance.

[Image: 1019getgirly_zps9ebavrvx.gif]

"Better," Mara murmured, eyeing me thoughtfully. "But the uniform isn't doing you any favors. Unbutton those top buttons and cinch in the waist. Yeah, like that. Now we're getting somewhere."

"Turn the pants into a skirt," Alice advised. "Make it shorter. Shorter. No, shorter. Tighter. And you'll need to get rid of the royal stripes and add some Vulpitanian insignia."

Quote:Vixadler, try transmuting some nearby objects into a monocle and medals. Succeed in creating something that might pass a brief glance
Then come up with a believable title and backstory.
And remember, if you name your new form, you won't have to lie about your new identity.
make medals (it's not like the genuine Vulpitanian ones are any better).

[Image: 1019relda_zpsbqoywkf3.gif]

I transmuted my jacket's stripes into little Vs on my sleeves, turned a manacle and padlock from the Detention Center into a monocle and a medal, respectively. Then I threw a glamer over all of it to make it seem a little more convincing under scrutiny.

"Not bad," Alice approved. "You'd pass for Vulpitanian if nobody looks too close .. except with that white fur you could only be from the frozen plateau of Lengra-Cha. It's a remote and inhospitable place in the Northern reaches of Upper Vulpitania. Most of its inhabitants live elsewhere. I shall call you SALV Relda Fauxfox."

"I get to be a SALV?" I asked.

"Simulated Approximately Lifelike Vixen," she explained. "It was my rank in between Scuti Activated Locomobile Vehicle and Secretarial Administrative Liaison Vixen."

"Now let's practice your walk," Mara suggested, a bit too gleefully.

"NO WAY," I refused. "I've wasted too much time already on this disguise. I took several years of dance with Dame Chitterleigh; I know how to move gracefully. Now step aside! I have work to do. And remember, you two are to remain here."

I strode out of the Detention Center and down the hall toward the exit.

Quote:St. Avogadro, catch a sneak peak at the white "vixen", as "she" leaves the building.
Whoa mama!
(Sgt. Avogadro) Drop florin on Prince Adler as to what he's up to.
(Marshal T.) Insist that the proper Finking Forms be filled out. In triplicate.

[Image: 1019stride_zpsqlxehkfp.gif]

"Did you see that, sir?" Avogadro blurted as I hurried past the Marshal's office.

"What?" Theronmyathus croaked as he leafed through a file drawer.

"A Vulpitanian agent just walked past," the Sergeant explained as he leaned out the doorway to watch me. "What a vision of loveliness! I've never seen a snow-fox before. She moves with such forceful determination! None of the delicate mincing so typical of other vixens. How is it I've never noticed her around before?"

"Did you come in here to admire the scenery or to tell me something important?" Theronmyathus demanded. He pulled a sheaf of papers out of the cabinet and slapped them onto his desk. "I've got the Finking forms right here, so let's get started."

Quote:Silverbrush/Chesswick reunion
(HRH Prince Adler) Run into the Silverbrushes and the Ambassador.

[Image: 1019another_zpsna5h8uwx.gif]

I rushed out the doors of the building, to behold a small group of foxes standing just across the avenue.

"Hudalaleigh!" Estvan crowed, pointing at me. "Sure and there's another one! I wonder if we stand here long enough, they'll keep coming out, each one lovelier than the last?"

The three vixens looked me over and snorted contemptuously.

Quote:(Boo-Boo Silverbrush) Scoff at the obvious fakery of the disguise. Loudly.

"They're fake," the young tod remarked loudly.

[Image: 1019pinch_zpsafoew9up.gif]

"Boris Beauregard!" Yolanda hissed, pinching the kit's ear. "That's not a nice thing to say!"

"Ow! It's true," Boris protested.

"It's still not nice! Now apologize to the .. um .. lady."

[Image: 1019suspicion_zpsa7iojx5u.gif]

"Please," I chuckled nervously. "There is no need to apologize, and please don't punish your youngling on my account."

"I do not recognize you," Ambassador Chesswick muttered, peering at me suspiciously.

"I'm new," I stammered. "Just arrived. Haven't you heard of SALV Relda Fauxfox from Lengra-Cha?"

"I have not," the Ambassador admitted, still peering.

"Well, heh heh, that's what I am called," I chuckled.

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