The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

Quote:SALV Relda Fauxfox > Before you could say "what?" Both pies hit you in the face. The back of the Pie pans have a smiley face with googly eyes
SALV Chesswick and SALV Silverbrush, react to the holiday with a mixture of reverence and pure dread.
Pies, be rhubarb flavoured. Relda, enjoy the taste, but not the delivery.
(Moe, Larry and Curly) Bombard the three vixens with pie and seltzer.

[Image: 1101splat_zpsh0g29jw5.gif]

Before I could react, I suddenly had a face full of rhubarb cream. I heard some snickering and a muffled "nyuck nyuck nyuck" as I pried the pie pans away and scooped pie filling out of my eyes.

Quote:Trio > Apologize to SALV Relda Fauxfox as they where aiming for SALV Silverbrush and SALV Chesswick. They know them but not you.
>Vulpitanian Revelers: A new face? Time for orientation. Begin the holiday hazing!
>Adler: Become far more immersed in Vulpitanian culture seltzer than you ever wanted to be...

"A 1,000 pardons, SALV!" the tod with the seltzer bottle exclaimed apologetically. "We were totes aiming 4 teh other 2 vixens, I cant even understand Y they both hit U, Xcept maybe UR new & teh new girl always gets teh pie in teh face. Hear, let me help U get cleaned up, LOL."

[Image: 1101spritz_zpsvk5ie4vf.gif]

He sprayed me with a generous amount of seltzer.

Quote:Bored office vixen > Think that SALV Relda Fauxfox is the new "Sly Attractive Looking Vixen" they have been expecting. Give Relda a access pass and send her to the marshals office. The bored office vixen doesn't even bother to ask for your name or even look at you.
>Vulpitanian marshal: Receive word that the entertainment has arrived, instruct her to be delivered to your quarters right away.
Embassy receptionist, look eerily familiar.

[Image: 1101pass_zpstsjn6vqk.gif]

"Hey. New SALV," the receptionist muttered, after the seltzer fox went "nyuck"ing down the corridor. "The Marshal is ready for you. Take this pass and go on up."

I took the slip of paper she held out to me. "Do I know you?" I asked. "You look strangely familiar."

"I doubt it," she sighed. "The Marshal does not like to be kept waiting."

Quote:Relda, try to gather some information on the holiday. Succeed, but also draw some attention to yourself.
SALV Relda Fauxfox > Try and get into other areas of the embassy to find the Gizmo you need to steal while avoiding prank traps
(SALV Fauxfox) Promptly get lost in the Embassy.
(SALV Fauxfox) Find an icon of St. Reynard. Read the caption beneath it.
(SALV Fauxfox) Get sprayed by the flower in St. Reynard's lapel.

I stepped through the double doors on the other side of the room, and looked around. The stairs that used to be here were not here ... then I remembered that the old Embassy had exploded when I was there on that First Day of Winter so many years ago, and this was therefore a new building.

I wandered down a hallway and turned left at an intersection. After going through two empty anterooms and a small meeting hall, I was lost. The entire Embassy seemed deserted. All the foxes must have been off celebrating Saint Reynard's day somewhere. I stumbled past a set of unoccupied carrels and rounded a corner to come face-to-face with an elaborate carved shrine.

"BLESSINGS OF SAINT REYNARD," the plaque at the bottom stated. "SMELL MY FLOWER FOR LUCK."

[Image: 1101squirt_zpsmgxp8gl2.gif]

I leaned in for a closer look at the carved flower on the icon's lapel, and it squirted me.

Quote:An actual Lengra-Cha native, be present in the embassy. Try to get some alone time with your fellow contryvixen.

"Believe you fell for that, I cannot," a raspy voice murmured behind me.

[Image: 1101sandmonk_zpshxuefdy6.gif]

I turned to behold a short, stocky, sand-colored fox in a brown robe. He gazed at me with an enigmatic yet baleful expression.

"Back in Lengra-Cha, how are things?" he asked.
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