The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

Quote:Relda } this going to be tricky but play along so not to blow your cover.
Relda, remember that you're in a high level official's office inside the Vulpitanian embassy. Each one of the walls probably has eyes and ears. Maybe the floor and ceiling as well. Try not to arouse any suspicion.
Marshal Sweetcheeks: look forward to having fun with the new floozy.
(Marshal Sweetcheeks) Become nostalgic upon catching sight of a white-furred vixen, and recall your former co-worker, Snowpeax, on the "Gekkers for Brekkers" show
(Marshal Sweetcheeks) Become further nostalgic, relating to SALV Fauxfox your career since you lost your first job, and the amount of double-dealing and underpawed treachery

I realized I was going to have to be extremely careful. I was trapped in an important official's office, in the heart of the Vulpitanian Embassy. There were probably scrying devices hidden everywhere. I had no idea who might be listening in. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out the full extent of my Wiles training, so I sashayed slowly toward the Marshal's desk, putting a little extra sway into my hips.

"You remind me of a vixen I used to work with back in my early career, when I, Sweetcheeks, was a Scrycast Announcer, Loud & Vapid," the Marshal reminisced. "Did you ever hear me, Sweetcheeks, on 'Gekkers For Brekkers'?"

"I don't recall ever listening to it," I shrugged.

"Poor reception up there in Lengra-Cha, I suppose," the Marshal shrugged. "Of course, after that horrible roebuck sabotaged our biggest scry-cast tower, there was a shakeup in the DMV, and subsequently no market for programs like 'Gekkers For Brekkers.' But I, Sweetcheeks, am a tod not to be denied! I entered the Diplomatic Service, where I, Sweetcheeks, clawed my way to my present exalted position. Often literally." He held up one hand and flexed his fingers roguishly, showing off his claws. "I, Sweetcheeks, plucked my monocle from the face of my predecessor," he added, with a smug grin.

Quote:>So, he likes poise and grace, eh? try and be so unappealing that he'll be begging you
>SALV Fauxfox: Time to crank them there Wiles up to 11.
Relda, play along and try playing some subtle wiles on the Marshal.
>Relda: WELP. It would be a crying shame to let all that wiles training go to waste.
(SALV Fauxfox) Sit on the desk. Show some leg.
(Marshal Sweetcheeks) Lose the thread of the conversation.

[Image: 1128thewiles_zpsfykgbbbw.gif]

"That's quite a story, sir," I purred throatily as I perched on the edge of his desk. "Did you bring me up here just to tell me about your past, or did you have something a little more present-tense in mind?"

"Homina," the Marshal mumbled as he eyed me hungrily. He slithered out of his chair and shuffled on his knees toward me.

Quote:(SALV Fauxfox) Allow the Marshal to catch your fist. With the underside of his chin.
(SALV Fauxfox) Rifle the Marshal's Elfintory.

[Image: 1128kick_zpsnsmg3qlv.gif]

When he was within range to start reaching for me, I kicked him in the face. He fell to the floor with a muffled thud. I knelt over him and started to rifle through his Elfintory, in the off chance that there might be something of use to me in there.

Quote:Sam } break down the door which flings clowns everywhere

[Image: 1128frisk_zpsp6zqmcfy.gif]

Before I could find anything, the door to the office burst open, spilling a bunch of semi-conscious Klowns onto the floor.

"SALV Fauxfox!" Adoyret Sam shouted, as he lashed Klowns left & right with his beads. "Up the jig is! Raised has been the alarm! Fly, you must! FLY!!"

[Image: 1128buzzoff_zpsi7pbegtg.gif]

Taking the Adoyret's hint, I transmogrified into an Ixie.
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