The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

Quote:>Have a shocking discovery! That's not water!
>on closer inspection the bowl of water is glowing. you can see what they are dreaming in the glowing water. In fact they are dreaming together, the bowl has linked them.
>Hmm, even if you sabotage their notes and samples, they will still know how to do it. I wonder could you use Gramayre or elfmind to make them forget ? (Or better to make them remember something else, it would be hilarious if they started clucking and dancing like chickens when presenting their research)
Adler, use elfmind on the unconscious foxes. Be disturbed by what you see.
Liquid in the bowl, do NOT be water.

[Image: 1223notwater_zpsr27flejo.gif]

I noticed that the surface of the water was flickering with a pale light, so I crouched down to investigate. A strong whiff of a strange pickle-like odor persuaded me that the liquid in the bowl was not actually water. As I peered into it, I could see ripples of phosphorescence flickering out from the hands of the two foxes. Where the ripples met, they coalesced into images. It looked like tiny replicas of Rotnev and Nexivydah; they were dancing amid a flock of flying .. herring? Perhaps this was a magickal projection of a dream they were sharing. Had Estvan done this? If so, where was he now?

I pondered using Elfmind on the sleeping SALVs, but I wasn't sure about intruding on the dreams of a sleeping elf - especially one in an enchanted sleep. According to some of the lore I had read, there was a risk of becoming caught in the dream and falling asleep along with one's victim. There were supposed to be ways to defend against this, as well as methods for making people forget information, but I was not familiar with the technique.

It certainly would have been handy to have met Estvan here, but I saw no sign of him.

Quote:>Adler: Realize that you don't actually know anything about their research, not even what it looks like. Why can't they have a large, well-formatted document detailing the steps in simple terms laying around, how inconsiderate!
Adler: > you got a kingdom to save and a lab to ruin! To the laboratory >>>>
Estvan: > Have a whale of a time with lab equipment and do some mad science of your own.
>Adler : Ransack the room. Time's-a-wastin', kiddo.
Adler > you see the magic stone tablet with "the old crow" on it. try to understand whats on it
Also around it are many jars with mishaped things in a weird fluid. you feel sick.

[Image: 1223alchemy_zpsrhxpytb2.gif]

I was feeling pressed for time, so I got up and hurried into the next room, where the SALVs had set up their alchemical and thaumaturgical equipment. I stopped, bewildered, in front of a table where some sort of condensing apparatus had been set up, next to a rack full of gross-looking things in jars. I wanted to disrupt whatever process was underway here, but without knowing exactly what it was, there could be risks of explosion, or meltdown, or poisonous gas .. I had no idea what might happen if the wrong things came into contact with each other. If only I had some technical data on these experiments! But even if I did find the foxes' research notes, did I really have time to study them?

I looked around and spotted, propped in the corner, a tablet with the name of the Old Crow carved on it. Why was this here? Maybe it was a clue.

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