The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
Quote:>Duchess: Suddenly become very hostile over someone seeing you be so wistful.
>Adler: What happened to the Duke anyway? Whether his passing was due to martial or marital causes makes a big difference in your plans!
(HG CO'D) Think of Vortigern.
Adler, ask the Duchess what those teeth originally belonged to.

"So, uh .. what ever happened to the Duke of Daisies anyway?" I asked hesitantly, thinking that the asnwer would greatly affect my future dealings with the Duchess. "And whose teeth are those? Vortigern's?"

[Image: 0807nosy_zpsatj6jx20.gif]

"They'll be yours if'n you don't quit hasslin' me," Catherine snarled. "Go on, shoo! Scat! Quit bein' so dang nosy, and just let a poor ol' femme reminisce in peace."

Quote:(Ms. Thomson) Lead HSH Prince Adler away for a bit of "instruction."
(HSH Prince Adler) Go along with Ms. Thomson, since you are a bit tired.

[Image: 0807comewme_zpsp7djawzg.gif]

"Come with me, Your Highness," Ms. Thomson suggested as she gently took hold of my arm. "With your army momentarily incapacitated, now is the perfect opportunity for me to give you some lessons in leadership and command. At any rate, it is high time I started performing my official duties."


Quote:(Lem, Junior) Discover that "your" army is smaller than you are.
Army, rest. Advance again once the Persoc-Itoome low ends.

[Image: 0807getup_zps1zixkb9x.gif]

Meanwhile, Lem Junior was haranguing the troops.

"Y'all worms!" the young possum bellowed. "Wallerin' on the ground like a buncha worms! Git up! March! Albric Tor ain't gonna sack itself!"

"Ssshhh," MacBrock shushed. "The city'll be there still after we've had a wee kip. Bide a while, Skipper, a wee while while we all west ... sweet west, sweet swumber ..."

"Dad-gum disgustin," Lem Junior snorted. "Cain't hold yer Usquebaugh, ya upland softies."

Quote:>Burnside: Be up to something hilariously macabre.

[Image: 0807bbq_zpsy8xxgmnn.gif]

"Don't you fret none, honey," Burnside enthused as she rounded the corner of the building. She carried an enormous platter laden with steaming hunks of unnaturally juicy meat. "I got good news what'll put your army back on its feet in two shakes: I done made us some BARBECUE!!"

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