The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
Sticky substance, be a mixture of mostly hydraulic fluid and tree sap, with a couple of blood drops mixed in.

Fight, occur in the following order:

1. Fifi and Thomson, start having a punch up over Adler.
2. Burnside, show up. Knock Griff into the Fifi/Thomson fight. Griff, loose another body part as well as your main hydraulics (hence the hydraulic fluid).
3. Griff, attempt to snip Adler's tail off. But in the struggle only succeed in cutting off one of Thomson's horns (hence some of the blood).
4. Adler, go into your berserker rage. Shoot arrows everywhere. Hit mostly Griff and several nearby tree trunks. (hence the sap).
5. Griff, now reduced to using only your scuti eyes for navigation, break what's left of your barely functional body out of the struggle and go for the nearest white fluffy object you detect.
6. Fifi, receive a close haircut.
7. Scuti Preston, snip the target tail off and attach yourself to Adler's succulent bum. (hence more blood)
8. Scuti Preston, once you gain control, come to an unpleasant realization that the white bum you're attached to might not belong to a skunk...
9. Scuti Preston, flee in your new body. Swear to return for Adler.
10. Thomson, be moderately injured. Lose the hair sample in a pile of white hair strewn all over the place. Be left unconscious under some battered trees.
11. Burnside, attempt to appropriate Adler for yourself.
12. Adler's berserk rage, switch from physical to love-based attacks.
13. Adler and Burnside, have a "romp in the hay" right between the mangled remains of Griff and the unconscious body of Thomson.
14. Burnside, swear (and I mean swear) in your wile-induced haze to do anything to help Adler and his cause.

Several soldiers, witness the entire event.
Adler, gain a reputation.
Alice and Scuti Preston, reunite.

Thomson, wake up after a while. Collect some of the white hair in the hope that some of it might be Adler's. Then make a tactical retreat.

A certain two SALVs in the capitol, also witness everything. Come to the conclusion that certain tactics will have to be altered.

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