The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
Quote:>Burnside: Your sudden love and amiration is real, ya knew the boss had it in him.
>Adler: As you come out of your fugue state start remembering fighting off your assailants and bystanders
>Burnside: You've never been this turned on in your entire life.
(Burnside) Babble at high speed.

[Image: 0828recall_zpslbwevaog.gif]

Despite the Army's raucous shouting, and Burnside's nonstop attestations of love and desire as she attempted to nuzzle and kiss me, my head began to clear .. and I began to recall, with mounting horror, what had happened in the woods a short while earlier.

"Ms. Thomson betrayed me," I murmured bleakly. "SALV Fofox approached me with some of the scariest-looking Wiles I have ever seen .. and some sort of mechanical bird showed up to menace me with a set of steel shears."

"I reckon so, darlin," Burnside cooed. "You ready to love me up again yet?"

Quote:Fifi, receive a close haircut

[Image: 0828whoah_zps9xfkwxbp.gif]

"The bird swung its chopping arm," I continued, remembering. "I ducked, and Fifi backed away just in the nick of time to avoid getting her snout chopped off."

"Sounds excitin, sugar," Burnside giggled. "I'm ready to go again now."

Quote:Griff, attempt to snip Adler's tail off. But in the struggle only succeed in cutting off one of Thomson's horns

[Image: 0828lop_zpsfsqydlih.gif]

"The bird cursed and ordered me to stay still," I recalled. "It was flailing wildly. I think maybe it was malfunctioning or something. It swung again, I ducked, and .. it .. it chopped off one of Thomson's horns! Great Fuma, her scream was chilling .."

"Yeah, that's what got my attention at first," Burnside admitted.

"There was blood," I remembered with a shiver. "So much blood. I couldn't believe it. I thought their horns were just dead material, like claws or hair."

"You'd be surprised," Burnside chuckled. "Near as I can tell, it's more like a tooth."

Quote:Adler > ask burnside what happened

[Image: 0828thenwhat_zpsc6atvvqd.gif]

"I don't remember what happened next," I said, scowling at Burnside. "How did I wind up out here, carrying you? And why are you naked?"

"Well, like I said, I heard the Floozy scream, so I come over real quick to check it out," the raccoon explained.

Quote:>That horrible ooze is from the automaton. Burnside .. heard the ruckus. Adler used the bow
Sticky substance, be a mixture of mostly hydraulic fluid and tree sap
Adler, go into your berserker rage. Shoot arrows everywhere. Hit mostly Griff
>adler destroys the giff automation but scuti prime escapes
(Mecha-Griff) Rest in Pieces

[Image: 0828pincushion_zpst7wwmx5j.gif]

"I could see clear across the clearin' big ol' Griff a-standin' there, leanin' into the bushes, with that nasty ol' Scuti hangin' off of him, so I figured he was up to somethin'. Right about the time I got up to him, I heard a noise like a volley of arrows, and Griff fell back with pert' near a whole quiver stickin' in him. The Scuti slithered into the bushes quicker'n a copperhead. I never knew they could move that quick. Before I could even think, he was gone - and then I started hearin' the most interesting noises from back in the bushes."

Quote:Thomson, be moderately injured. Lose the hair sample in a pile of white hair strewn all over the place. Be left unconscious under some battered trees.
Adler's berserk rage, switch from physical to love-based attacks.
>adler has a angry orgy
(Thomson) Rest in Peace

[Image: 0828supyall_zpsmrocqu07.gif]

"Well, I peeked in through them bushes and what did I see but Ms. Thomson layin' there lookin' mighty dead, and you a-ravishin' that ol' Vulpy gal senseless. Well sir, I had to speak up, so I says 'What yall doin in here? Looks like fun! Mind if I join ya?' and you turned, and you gave me a look that was so lecherous and Unseelie, why, it plum like to give me chills right down to the tips of my toes."

Quote:Adler and Burnside, have a "romp in the hay" right between the mangled remains of Griff and the unconscious body of Thomson.
Burnside, swear (and I mean swear) in your wile-induced haze to do anything to help Adler and his cause.
Several soldiers, witness the entire event.
>adler walks out of the forest with burnside
> adler wake up infront of his army covered in blood, automation oil and sex sweat

"Before I could even finish unbuttonin' my blouse, you was a-lungin' at me and a-tearin' my clothes off. You ravished me right there on top o' poor ol' Ms. Thomson, and then you drug me out into the clearin' and ravished me again in front o' the entire Army. They was all a-cheerin' and carryin' on about how you was a true Son of Irenaeus, and I seem to recollect swearin' by Fuma an' all the trees of the woods that I would stick by you an' serve you as my liege lord. Meant every word, too. I ain't never met an elf like you. After that, you ravished me one more time for good measure, and now here we are."

"ALL HAIL THE RIGHTFUL KING OF FAERIE!" the Army shouted as Burnside finished her tale. I waved them to silence.

"So .. was Ms. Thomson dead?" I asked, uneasily.

"She sure looked it," the raccoon femme shrugged.

"What about Fifi Fofox and the Scuti you saw?"

"I dunno, but we can go back to the spot an' look for 'em," Burnside suggested. "I'm a purty good tracker, so if they ain't there, I can maybe get some idea which way they went."

Quote:>Thomson: Be kinda okay, if shell-shocked.

[Image: 0828spoor_zpsnin4agsy.gif]

We returned to the spot marked by the wreckage of Griff lying in the grass. There was no sign of Ms. Thomson's body, nor of Fifi and the Scuti. Burnside crouched and looked at the ground.

"There's the spot where she was layin," Burnside said, pointing at some grass that was matted and stained with blood. "She either got up on her own, or somebody came and carried her, off toward the northeast. Took the cut-off horn with 'em too."

"And the others?"

"Don't know about the Scuti, but it looks like Fofox took off in the opposite direction," Burnside explained, pointing at some broken underbrush.

Quote:(HSH Prince Adler) Realize that you may have incurred the wrath of the Scuti, the Sisterhood, and Vulpitania all at once, on top of the issues with the Empire itself.

I could not suppress a sick, sinking feeling as I pondered the ramifications of these events. Had I just angered the Sisterhood, the Scuti, and Vulpitania all in one reckless blood rage? Not that I liked any of those groups, but still - considering my current state of conflict with the Imperial Crown, I'd have preferred to have them as allies rather than enemies.

"If you're feelin' up to it, I sure could use another ravishin' right about now," Burnside suggested.


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