The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
Quote:Adler > you start to move towards the forest again to retrieve your clothes, then realize its not a good idea, Thomson could be in there waiting to mind control you (if shes alive), the scuti could be readying another ambush.
Adler > send your army to find your clothes instead.

I needed to get dressed! Walking around naked may have been fine for the elves of old, but we were civilized. I had an army to lead, and some delicate negotiations to make with the Duchess of Daisies! I started toward the clearing where our recent tussle had taken place, but then paused.

What if Thomson was lurking somewhere nearby? Or SALV Fofox could be waiting to pounce me .. or that horrid Scuti could be crouching in the bushes, waiting for me to bend over and pick up my clothes. Perhaps it would be safer to order some of my soldiers to search for my missing garments. It would give them something to do, and help me get accustomed to the feeling of being in command.

Then again, what would Irenaeus think of me ordering my men into danger that I myself was unwilling to face? The mighty Lacktail King never commanded from the rear! He was always in the thick of battle, taking the greatest risk, inspiring his followers to ever greater excesses of valor!

[Image: 0911think_zpswmwf75gp.gif]

I decided to try to use magick to fetch my clothes. This way I could avoid an ambush without letting my men know I was afraid of an ambush. Besides, it would be good practice. As Burnside and the Duchess watched curiously, I focused my mind and pictured my clothes in as much detail as I could recall. I reached out toward the spot where the clothes were lying .. I carefully composed the Gramarye to bring the clothes to me and place them on my body...

Quote:Get thee clothed, sir.

[Image: 0911clothpook_zpssotqzrau.gif]

With a soft "pook" my garments apported onto me. EALA! It worked! I actually did it!

"Not bad," the Duchess murmured approvingly. "Now that the Prince is dressed, I reckon you better put some clothes on too, Burnside honey."

"Okay, if I have to," Burnside sighed.

Quote:Maybe gramayre some padded clothes so that it look transparent
>Adler: Burnside keeps hanging onto you.
Adler: You can probably ask for some sort of armored tail sleeve made of either leather or chainmail to defend your buttocks from unwanted scutis.
Burnside, come up with a cunning plan.

[Image: 0911watchback_zps3z1hqcsd.gif]

"I still need a way to protect my tail," I mused, craning my head around to examine the construction of my jacket's tail slit. "No telling when or where that Scuti will return for me."

"I'll watch your back, darlin," Burnside purred. "Ain't nobody but me gonna be layin' a finger nor a tooth nor nothin' on my sweet thang, not while I'm on the job."

I didn't quite like the tone of Burnside's offer, but decided it was best to play along. As long as the raccoon was hanging around me, she couldn't be off wreaking havoc somewhere else.

Quote:discuss strategies with the duchess. maybe a agreement to "make antglade great again"
>Addler: You aren't going to take the capital with the just ragtag army you have now so you need to recruit and reinforce ...but waiting without action means the other side could organise and reinforce as well.
> Not to mention the queen may be calling upon her father for reinforcement and that would be /bad.
> Maybe you could turn some of the crown allies to your side. Isolate the capital, turn the church, find way to be more legitimate.
> In fact the queen youre real enemy, if you could paint /her as the villain pu,petting your borther int he shadow in some gran cospiracy with the vulpitian and other groups (not that far from the truth even) you'd actualy look like the 'good guy' forced to take arms to save truth, persimon pie and the elf ways...
>Adler: Get in touch with the Mephitist church, tell them that you're working for Fuma to set things right and it's their duty to support your rebellion. Say, nail a list of theses on a church door explaining why Estemere's reign totally sucks.

[Image: 0911conference_zpsyhyfciuw.gif]

"I reckon we got some thangs to discuss now," the Duchess grinned. "Seems you is all outta friends after this lil' ol' ruckus."

"The Scuti attacked the Sisterhood floozie," I retorted. "So they can settle that between themselves. I had nothing to do with it."

"Good luck convincin' them that."

"I don't care what they believe. I am integral to the Sisterhood's plans, and they cannot afford to lose my goodwill. Hmm .. though in that case, why would Thomson try to use domination Wiles on me? Surely they wouldn't authorize that."

"Mighta been insurance," the Duchess theorized. "Or maybe Ms. Thomson was actin' on her own. Ain't so far-fetched to imagine a femme might wanna keep you all to herself. Anyhow, I wouldn't worry too much about it. All this means is, you can't trust 'em; but you knew that already, didn't you?"

"True. I'm more worried about the Vulpitanians. I have no idea what they're up to .. and they seem to be working with the Scuti. I can't figure that out."

"Scuti's a means of control," Catherine explained. "Which is useful if you got control o' the Scuti. But I ain't so sure they do. Everybody's got their own agenda, and they ain't none of 'em got your best interests at heart. And don't forget that Queen Edessa is plum out to get you. I'm the only friend you got right now."

"Uh-huh. And what is it you want?" I asked cynically. "My assurances that I'll make Gladsome Antglade great again?"

"Honey, the Antglade is already great," the Duchess asserted. "We just wanna be free an' have the same opportunities as other elves. Plus I wanna be Empress. It ain't much to ask."

"I've got a pretty good claim of legitimacy for the Crown," I mused. "Maybe I could rally the Church to my side if I could demonstrate my right, and the fact that Fuma supports my claim."

"Does she now? Well, my advice is, whatever you do, do it quick, because the longer you poke around, the more time they got to prepare their defenses. You don't wanna let Adland send reinforcements to the capital now, do ya?"

"Could they even get there through the Gaps?"

"Prob'ly bout as quick as you could," she answered with a shrug.



And back at the Rebel Camp:

Quote:the soldiers wish show their respect and admiration as well as apologize for silently doubting him earlier. They wish to bestow upon Adler the highest and most sacred honor a warrior may give to their commander. Each and every last one of them wishes to give Adler a noogie

[Image: 0911benedictio_zpsu91sz8wd.gif]

"Aye, tis a fine, bonny thing," MacBrock chuckled as he gave me a brisk Benedictio Interfalangeal. "Tae undergo this noble an' ancient ceremony, t'show all yon elves, each an' every one, that Fuma's blessed ye t'be our War Chief. After this, Highness, we'll be bound by a sacred bond t'follow ye tae th'Netherhells an' back if ye should so command."
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