The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
Quote:Agree to some of the Duchess' demands and stamp a "To Be Determined" on the rest. It's best not to deny her outright until you are in a position of power.
negotiations are with the Duchess of Daisies so the stakes are against you already...utter a silent prayer to Fuma to grant you the strength and the wisdom to get through this trial.

After receiving a Benedictio from EVERY MEMBER of the Volunteer Army, my head was throbbing. I was in no condition to negotiate matters of strategy and Statecraft with the Duchess of Daisies! Yet, that is exactly what I was going to have to do. I was momentarily tempted to ask Lady Fuma for strength and wisdom to get through this ordeal, but then I remembered that she had already blessed me with Luck. What more could I possibly need?

[Image: 0917negotiate_zpsdxnxe4ac.gif]

"Well," I began, diplomatically rubbing my tender scalp. "Now I officially command an army. Help me invade Albric Tor and take the crown, and I'll do what I can about easing the embargo and counteracting the geas against you and your people."

"Adler honey, why would I do that?" the Duchess smirked. "The geas is lifted when the Empire falls. Didn't you notice Burnside runnin' around wherever she pleased? Our restrictions done been lifted, I reckon on account of the current Emperor not bein' no proper Elf."

"Does that mean you are free to leave?" I asked nervously.

"Well, no, I still ain't," Catherine admitted with a shrug. "Burnside's only half-Antgladian, so she's got some wiggle room. Plus I got geased twice as hard as ever'body else, but still - the Empire is endin' and I'll be free purty soon. I'd be a fool to help you get the crown and reinstate the Empire .. unless you was gonna make me Empress. I could see my way to helpin' you if that was on offer."

"I think I'm sort of in a relationship with Burnside now," I theorized.

"Honey, the King can have concubines. Lil' Burnside'd make a fine Floozy."

"She's right, I would," Burnside confirmed.

"Well, I don't know how much use your people would be to me, since most of them still can't leave the Antglade," I countered.

"We'd keep reinforcements from comin' up from Caer Adland," Catherine offered. "And we can distract the Vulpitanians. Seems to me them foxes is interested in maintainin' this here half-assed Empire, that they think they can control with Scuti. Last thing they want is a bona-fide heir of Irenaeus on the throne. But we can keep 'em off your back."

"Very well," I sighed reluctantly. "If I prevail then I promise, after I am crowned, to come back here and get you."

"And marry me and make me Empress?" the Duchess prompted. "Elves don't lie, sugar."


Quote:>Lemmy: Having witnessed these events unfold, report back to the Duchess and Adler
Adler> The magic of the poppet starts to make you sleepy
you're exhausted and obviously not mentally prepared for negotiating

[Image: 0917warning_zpspzoeioig.gif]

Before I could respond to the Duchess' prompting, Lemmy barged onto the porch.

"Sorry to interrupt, Your Highness, Your Grace," he blurted, with fortuitous timing. "But I have witnessed something naughtier than is usually seen around these parts, and quite appalling in its implications."

"This better be important, Lemmy," the Duchess muttered grimly.

"Oh it is, ma'am. The Vulpitanians and the Scuti have formed an Unseelie union with the presumed Sisterhood agent, and she is headed this way with every appearance of looking for trouble."

"Well she's a-gonna find it," Catherine hissed.

Despite the fact that this news should have alarmed me, I found myself feeling incredibly sleepy. How long had it been since I had taken any decent rest? It seemed like it had been a while ...

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