The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

Quote:>Adler: Be subdued hilariously fast.
>Adler: Get some desperately needed sleep

[Image: 0925weary_zpsptkkvlgx.gif]

"I need to get some sleep," I mumbled drowsily as I stumbled across the veranda of the Diplomatic Outpost. "I just need to curl up for a while with my ultra-attractive Floozy, Ms. Thomson. She's the best. I think I'll make her my Queen. And that Scuti is all right in my book. He can be Regent and I'll just take a long, long nap ..."

"My liege!" Burnside exclaimed. "What's gotten into you? Don't tell me that lil' ol' bit of ravishin' done drained you of all your fightin' spirit!"

"Looks to me like the boy's went and got himself enchanted," the Duchess muttered darkly. "Let's foller him and see where he goes."

Quote:Preston > "come to me adler young!"
Adler > "ok!" walk towards the preston controlled thomson. Alice is opening and closing the pair of shears.
>Adler: You know, is possessing freewill really that important? Why not let someone else call the shots for now, or forever? This is a good thing. Don't fight it.
> Adler: Boldly announce that you like the cut of this scuti's jib, state your intentions of making Thomson your empress
your ixie daughters

[Image: 0925attack_zps1d9ukm9w.gif]

A few seconds later, Thomson burst out of the bushes, with Alice following close behond her. Thomson held the poppet aloft while Alice brandished a set of silver-steel choppers.

"COME TO ME, ADLER YOUNG!" Thomson demanded.

"On my way," I muttered as I stumbled sleepily across the lawn.

"Uh .. sire?" Alice whispered as she noticed a swarm of Ixies staring to gather. "Sire, we may want to rethink this.."

"Don't interrupt my moment of triumph, young one!" Thomson snapped angrily.

Quote:Duchess of Daisies: Be locked in a fierce struggle over Adler's possession.
>Catherine O'Daisies: Demonstrate your power in a truly terrifying way!
>Burnside: Go full on Attack-dog mode!

[Image: 0925dontmess_zpskk2284l6.gif]

"Not sure who you thank you are, missy," the Duchess hissed. "But I reckon you is countin' your ants before they's hatched. You wanna get to Prince Adler, first you gotta deal with lil' ol' me."

"And lil' ol' me!!" Burnside added, as she pulled several dangerous-looking blades out of her Elfintory.

"And us!" the Ixies chimed in, as sparks began to flicker in the air around them.

Quote:>Alice: Start missing your boring desk job at the embassy, tilt the tides.
A tail, get yanked.
Alice: GTFO! Umm I mean "Beat a hasty retreat" (It was folly to go against Alder with the Duchess in close proximity).

[Image: 0925withdraw_zpso1uy2fx6.gif]

"Forgive me, Sire," Alice exclaimed as she yanked the white Scuti free of Ms. Thomson's rump. The creature hissed furiously and waved its tiny arms. "We are outnumbered. There's no way we can prevail against the Duchess of Daisies and her murderous midget, and a swarm of the same vicious monsters that blew up our caravan and killed Mara."

Ms. Thomson collapsed unconscious on the ground. Alice, firmly grasping the thrashing Scuti in one hand, began to slowly back up toward the edge of the woods.

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