The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
Quote:Adler: "at least I'm finally away from that no-good, dirty-rotten Ms. Thomson."
*look to your left*
Ms. Thomson: "Well actually..."

"I still ache all over," I muttered. "But at least I'm well away from that treacherous Floozy, Ms. Thomson."

[Image: 1009glowering_zpsaogrwvrf.gif]

"I had only your destined greatness at heart, Your Highness," Thomson insisted grimly from the other side of the cart.

"What in Fuma's name is she doing here?" I inquired.

"She's your prisoner, Adler honey," Burnside explained. "The Duchess figured this here Sisterhood agent was too dangerous to let outta your sight, and the consequences of killin' her'd be detrimental to your success. The Sisterhood may not be exactly on your side, but at the moment at least they ain't against you."

"All our hopes for Elvenkind rest on Adler Young," Thomson declared. "We want to ensure that he succeeds."

"You think he can't triumph on his own?" Burnside snorted. "He don't need none o' your magickal control. I seen what this here skunk can do, Sister."

Thomson just scowled sullenly and said nothing.


Quote:>Adler: Ravage Burnside
Fifi and Adler, due to the improper destruction of the poppet and failure to correctly reverse the bond, be now psychically linked

[Image: 1009woo_zpslqbhzy5a.gif]

Suddenly for some reason I started feeling strangely amorous.

"Their plan is for the birds," I murmured to Burnside. "The Sisterhood won't come between us, you delectable morsel you."

"Oh Adler honey!" Burnside giggled girlishly. "Surely you ain't a-gonna ravish me right here in this cart in front of everybody! Lemme get comfortable first."

Quote:>Army: With your spirits high, you endeavor to sing a jovial marching song. Half of you try singing a song praising Adler and the other half try singing a song mocking the enemy.
>A Convenient Method of Exposition: Exposite.
Army, get stopped by a peculiar roadblock.

"Nothing unseemly," I cooed. "Just a kiss for my right-hand femme."

Burnside and I smooched while Thomson muttered darkly to herself, and the army struck up a rousing martial song:

OH we're off to Albric Tor to kick some skunky butt,
Put Adler on the throne and then he'll be the King, eh what?
We'll overthrow the King, oh yes Adler is his name.
The skunks have fouled up everything and they're the ones to blame.
So on to victory, lads, we'll put the skunks to rout.
Young Adler is our Emperor, let's drive the Emperor out!

[Image: 1009halt_zpsywty4td0.gif]

I honestly wasn't paying much attention to the singing, until suddenly it stopped and the cart came to a halt.

"HOLD!" Brother Matthias yelled from where he stood in the road. "What army is this, and for what purpose does it march?"

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