The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
Quote:>Adler: "Cleansed? I don't know what you're talking about. I feel FANTASTIC!"
>Cleansing: Involve washing his mouth with soap.
Brother Matthias, commence the cleansing, much to the horror of everyone watching.
Army, interfere. Explain what should happen to anybody intentionally inflicting bodily harm on their Irenaeus-descended leader.

"CLEANSING?" I scoffed. "Nonsense! I feel fine! FABULOUS, in fact!"

I twirled giddily to demonstrate how marvelous I felt, and the old priest deftly grabbed me in a Mephitist headlock.

[Image: 1023cleanse_zpsq34pvvvn.gif]

"I don't have all of the proper elements," Brother Matthias explained. "But I can do a quick field-cleansing which may ease some of your distress. First, I'll need to wash your mouth out with soap."

"YOU DARE??!" I yelled.

"AYE, TIS LESS THAN WISE TAE LAY UNWELCOME HANDS UPON OUR NOBLE COMMANDER," MacBrock bellowed as he sternly grasped the priest's shoulder.

"Yeah, back off, old goat," one of the other soldiers snarled. "Release him, or our next lesson won't be so academic."

"Fine," Brother Matthias grunted. "I can see I'm outnumbered."

He released me from his headlock and I darted away.

Quote:>Adler: Feel the Duchess' kick and the bush experience and react accordingly.
Catherine o'Daisies> Grab the rude little whippersnapper, put her over your knee and spank her.
Adler> all of a sudden you begin to scream and run about holding your backside!

[Image: 1023spanky_zpsrewjfckt.gif]

Suddenly my buttocks were stricken with a searing pain! I screamed and clutched them protectively, but a barrage of invisible blows continued to batter me upon my fundament! I scampered around frantically, but my unseen assailant continued its attack with unerring accuracy.

"See?" Matthias snorted at the soldiers who surrounded him menacingly. "The Prince is afflicted with a foul Unseelie curse and desperately needs Fuma's saving grace."


Before the army could give chase, I suddenly collapsed with a sensation of plunging into a prickly thorn bush. I lay in the road, unwilling to move lest I be jabbed by prickles, as my soldiers surrounded me.

Quote:>Thomson: Point out that since you're the one who hexed Adler in the first place, it would be much faster if they let you undo it.

[Image: 1023icanhelp_zpsfhxbom59.gif]

"You know," Thomson called from where she was tied up in the cart. "Since I was the one who cast this spell on him -"

"You reckon it's wise to call attention to yourself right now?" Burnside snapped as she pulled a knife from her elfintory.

"Since I cast this spell," Thomson continued, "it would be easier for me to remove it, than for you to waste time with a field cleansing."

Quote:Brother Matthias> realise there's a critical element missing (the poppet which is still in the Antglade).

"It would be easier, Wile-Witch," Brother Matthias retorted, "if you give me the foul poppet. I know there is one. This type of magick always requires a physical component."

Thomson lay quietly for a long moment.

"Well, witch?" Matthias barked. "Where is the poppet?"

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