The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
Quote:>Thomson: Your escape has less to do with you being an expert escape artist and more to do with whoever restrained you is terrible at tying knots.
> Burnside: Be completely tied up. That wasn't Thomson's doing. You got tangled up in the rope on your own.

[Image: 1106ropes_zpseggr2hnf.gif]

"Whoever tied me up did a woefully inadequate job," Thomson explained. "For someone with Floozy training, those knots were child's play."

"DAGNABBIT," Burnside snarled from the floor of the cart. "Get me outta this, or there's a-gonna be trouble!"

"I think you meant to say 'and there's going to be trouble'," Ms. Thomson sniffed. "Best, I think, to leave you where you are until trust has been re-established all around. Now then, give me the poppet and I shall undo its harmful influence."

Quote:>Thomson: After being shown trust and given the poppet, cackle maniacally and pook away. Those foolish fools!
Adler> Vehemently refuse to let Ms Thomson take the poppet.
Ms Thomson> Using logic, make a strong case for why she should do the cleansing.
Adler: When was the last time you slept?

[Image: 1106never_zpsllmsu0as.gif]

"NO WAY!" I yelped in between cringes from the mysterious prickling sensation. "Don't give her that object! She's the one who hexed me in the first place! OW! What's to stop her from pooking away as soon as she has the poppet in her nefarious hooves?"

"Your Highness, I assure you I was only following orders and wish no harm to come to you," Thomson insisted. "It's possible that you're over-tired. When was the last time you had a good rest?"

"Nice try," I sneered. "I've been unconscious for hours since getting magickally stomped back at the Outpost. I feel OW completely rested!"

"I promise you I won't abscond with the poppet," Thomson assured me. "I will simply undo its enchantment and dissolve it harmlessly."

"Better do it, lad, unless you'd prefer the Field Cleansing," Brother Matthias suggested, as he brandished a bar of soap.

"All right, OW, but no funny business."

Quote:>Poppet Unbinding Ritual: Be dissapointingly underwhelming.
Poppet de-enchantment, appear to proceed normally
(Thomson) Safely destroy the material

[Image: 1106dissolved_zpstnibtexk.gif]

The Ixie flew to Thomson and handed her the poppet. The Floozy whispered a few arcane words, untied the string binding the poppet together, and let the bundle of loose fur scatter on the breeze.

"Is that it?" one of the soldiers asked. "I was hoping for something a bit more .. er .. dramatic."

Quote:(Army) Realize you have not had anything to eat or drink.
(Army) Bring this matter to the attention of your commander after your own fashion.

[Image: 1106hungry_zpsxqm3mowv.gif]

"Beg pardon yer Heeghness," MacBrock whispered as he tapped my shoulder. "But me an' the lads were woonderin' when will it be time tae eat?"

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