The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

Quote:I am the descendant of gods and I have the divine right bestowed upon me by Fuma to rule and fix her mistake!
>Adler: Assure him that while there are certain unscrupulous entities that would somewhat benefit from your success, they are no true allies of yours and they will get what's coming to them when you get your say.

"I have been tasked by Lady Fuma Herself to correct the Mistake," I informed Bonsai. "Elves do not lie. The best way to do this will be from the Imperial throne."

[Image: 1213whisper_zpsazwqsa0j.gif]

"Between you and me," I whispered confidentially. "There are some Unseelie elements who think they will benefit from my ascension. I intend to let them help me as far as they will, and then when I am in power I'll put them in their place."

"Very clever, Highness," the tiny shrub admitted.

"Hey, what are you guys talking about over there?" Ms. Thomson called from the other side of the line of Shrub Knights.

"He's up to somethin," Burnside grunted suspiciously as she hopped up and down, trying to get a better look.

Quote:>Brother Matthias: Inform Adler that MacBrock is completely uninjured.

[Image: 1213hesfine_zps2iskne1g.gif]

"HEY!" Brother Matthias yelled. "What's the idea sending this lummox to me for Penultimate Rites? He's not injured! He's not even sick!"

"ARRAGH," MacBrock rumbled as he prodded himself curiously. "I COULD HAE SWOORN I WAS AT DEETH'S DOOR. ME WOUNDS SEEM TA HAE MENDED THEMSELVES!"

Quote:In fact, all the "dead" soldiers are fine. They're just being dramatic. All the shrub's weapons are Vulpitinian prank fake weapons.
>Shrub Knights: Join Adler on the realization that someone either tampered with your weapons or sent you out here to be killed.
Bonsai, send a message back to your HQ, asking for further explanation for some of your orders.
Ikebana, be envious at Bonsai for his promotion. Plot his downfall.

[Image: 1213nonlethal_zpsktk6n4sj.gif]

"I'm okay, too," one of the supposedly dead soldiers exclaimed as he sat up and plucked a fake arrow from his back.

"I totes should have seen that coming," a fox groaned as he sat up. "This blood is liek, fake & stuff. Nonsense liek this is Y I left teh Republic N teh 1st place."

"How can this be?" Bonsai rustled in astonishment.

"It looks like your squad has been issued Vulpitanian prank weapons," I observed.

"This looks like the work of that perfidious craven, Ikebana," Bonsai quivered. "He has envied my humble promotion and works ever to chip my bark and humiliate me. I request time to query my superiors and receive clarification of my orders."

"How long will that take?" I asked.

"Not long. Only twenty days with a favorable wind."

"We can't wait around that long!" I wailed. "Let us pass, and you can remain here to guard the gate."

Quote:>Shrub knights: Agree to stay behind and guard the gate

"Our orders were only to guard it, not to prevent anyone passing through," Bonsai admitted. "It is acceptable."
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