The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
Quote:>Adler: "We've already had one potentially fatal surprise. Before we go through, we should take stock of our situation and progress very carefully. We don't know if another trap is on the other si-"
>Adler: Start planning. Because you're not gonna win just like that. And the plague o' Battle is both risky and kind of horific.
>Besides even if events have put you in this position, do you really want to kill your bro, even if he's technicaly a lowfolk now ? He's been pretty nice with you, even you knw didn't condemn you to death when it was a very likely possibility.
>Not to mntion you gotta think how to get rid or at least weaken the duchess O' daisy and the sisterhood if you dodn't wanna end up their puppet.

"The shrubs have agreed to let us pass," I announced. "Now we near the crisis; I need a moment to make plans."

[Image: 1220strategy_zpsi2ipdg9i.gif]

How was I going to do this? What might be awaiting us on the other side of the gate? Certainly Marshal Theronmyathus would have mustered his most capable forces to defend the Capital, and I couldn't count on them being equipped with Vulpitanian joke weapons. And what about Estmere? How could I get him to abdicate the throne and hand over his crown without killing him? Because killing my own brother was definitely out of the question. I also had no intention of using the horrible Unseelie weapon that the Duchess called "Plague of Battles."

Oh yes, and regarding the Duchess .. how could I put her off without incurring an unacceptable level of risk to my safety? For that matter, how was I going to subdue the Sisterhood and eliminate F.E.L.F. and put the Vulpitanians in their place? And what about the Scuti? Surely they were still lurking around somewhere, with a sinister agenda of their own.

"Hey," I said, turning to ask Brother Matthias a question.

Quote:Stare with utter terror and disbelief
>The only thing left to do is press forward.
>Army: "CHARGE!!!"
>Adler: "Oh for the love of..."
Gate, mysteriously do not lead to where it was supposed to lead.

[Image: 1220allgone_zpseegpxnil.gif]

"Where is everyone?" I asked as I nervously beheld the clearing around the Gate entirely empty except for the Shrub Knights.

"They have proceeded through to Albric Tor," Bonsai politely informed me. "Best of luck with your campaign."

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