The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
Quote:>What is this burning thing this fellow is holding in his hooves ?
>Stoned Buck: Inform Adler about those secret tunnels that lead into the city that even he didn't know about, chickabiddy.
>Adler: *cough* While that's good news, where did he get that horrible thing he's smoking?
P.U.S., continue asking Adler a bunch of questions while repeatedly offering him the weedstick.
Adler, remember a Wise Professor Skunk scroll from your youth, the one about being offered strange herbs.

[Image: 0117puff_zpsmfqhcsdb.gif]

"How many meals away from the Capital are you, man?" the stranger pried. "Is it more than nine? Army's gotta eat, man."

"Who are you, and what is that horrible thing you're smoking?" I asked.

"I'm just a helpful dude, man," the stranger replied. "It's my mission to like, tell you about the secret tunnels into Albric Tor that nobody knows about. You want a hit off of this thing, man?"

"No, it smells awful," I refused. "Besides, Wise Professor Skunk says you shouldn't smoke pipeweed, and especially never a mysterious foul-smelling blend offered by a stranger."

"Whatta square, man," the stranger wheezed after taking a long pull on his weedstick. "You sure? It's pretty good stuff."

Quote:>Stoned Buck: You, like, got it from that bread lady, hodad. She said something about it being left over from making bread.
Adler, turn the tables on the P.U.S. by starting to ask him questions.
Also ask him that one question: "How high is a roebuck?"

"Where did you even get it?" I asked as I tried to fan the fumes away.

"Can't tell you, man," the stranger smirked. "The bread floozy would be like totally pissed if I blabbed that it was left over from baking the latest batch."

"Indeed, she probably would," I smirked. "What's your name? Who sent you? How high is a roebuck?"

[Image: 0117nervous_zpswshcqnur.gif]

"Aw crap, man, I can't tell you that!" the stranger exclaimed with a panicked look in his eyes. "Not high enough, is all I'm gonna say."

Quote:one of their agent just offered 'free sandwiches'. ...Oh dear your troops might have a bad bad surprise
>Army: Start feeling a little funkier, and a whole lot groovier...
start noticing strange symptoms on every soldier who ate the bread.

"Arrest this interloper!" I commanded. "And seize that baker's floozy! And don't eat any more of that bread! It's tainted with .."

[Image: 0117whoooah_zpslhhemhja.gif]

Nobody responded to my orders. All of my soldiers seemed to be staring into space, in some sort of daze.

"D'YE KEN MY MEANIN?" MacBrock bellowed dreamily as he waved his hands in front of his face.

"Whooooahhhh," his dining companion exclaimed as he watched the badger's fingers with unfeigned fascination.

Quote:you found a much less violent but jsut as debilitating alternative to the Plague of battle to use on the loyalist troops...
>Thomson: Go beat up your rival at the bread stand. She may be better at law and floozing, but she can't throw a punch and has a jaw made of glass.
>ADLER: You can't trust any kind of floozy anymore, apprehend the baker and interrogate her

"Whatever herbalism or magick is at work here would be very useful if we can turn it to our advantage," I observed. "We need that recipe. How can we get the remaining loaves from that floozy?"

"Leave it to me, Your Highness," Thomson grunted. "I've wanted to do this for a long time."

[Image: 0117whap_zpsnhpqttvx.gif]

Without another word, she rushed up to Miss Thompson (for that is who the baker's floozy was) and clouted her in the jaw with a savage right hoof.
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