The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
Quote:>Unfortunately, that punch isn't quite enough to make up for the lifetime of torment and bullying Thomson had to endure. Surprisingly, it's Burnside that restrains her to prevent things from going too far.

[Image: 0124pummel_zps8tzu7qjw.gif]

Miss Thompson fell limply to the ground. Ms. Thomson pounced on her and continued viciously beating the unconscious Floozy.

"This is for all those times at the Academy!" Thomson snarled between punches. "This is for the incident at the dining hall! This is for short-sheeting my bed! This is for stealing my corset stays! And this one's for Gary!"

"All right, all right!" Burnside grunted as she tried to pull Thomson off of her victim. "You done made your point. She's had enough! Won't do no good to get carried away; that's my job. Come on now, simmer down!"

Quote:>That right hook had a bit too much payback in it. Thompson is out cold.
>Dang-it. You can't interrogate her if she's unconscious.
>Adler: Here's a thought, what if you put all that tainted weed-bread into a stew and offer it up to the opposing side
Adler, discover that things are starting to look odd. Realize too late that the fumes the P.U.S. blew into your face are affecting you.
P.U.S., break up the fight. Where would you get your special pipeweed if your sole supplier in town is gone? Be rather ineffective, though.

[Image: 0124desist_zpshx6rah9e.gif]

"THOMMMMSONNNN," I yelled while waving my hand very slowly. I felt as if I were moving through thick syrup. Blast it! The fumes from that infernal buck's weed-stick were starting to affect me! "SSSTOP! WE NEEED TO QUESSSSTION HERRRR!"

"Yeah man," the stranger chimed in. "Like, I can't stand the sight of violence. Plus, that chick is my only source for the good stuff, man. Don't hurt her!"

"Sorry," Thomson panted. "I don't know what came over me .. whew .. I'm okay now."

"Yeah, but the bread Floozy is out cold," Burnside observed. "Ain't gettin' nothin outta her right now."

"MAYBEEE THISSS GUY KNOWWWSS SOMMMMETHING," I theorized, pointing at the stranger.

Quote:>Burnside: It's up to you to interrogate that stoned buck. Crack your knuckles and grab your knife.

"Grab 'im," Burnside barked. Thomson immediately nabbed the stranger and pinned his arms behind his back.

[Image: 0124question_zpstoq6ajxf.gif]

"Now this here is somethin' I'm good at," Burnside chuckled as she pulled some sharp metal implements from her Elfintory. "The point is to make you talk, but don't start talkin' too quick, else I won't get to have no fun."

"I don't know anything, man!" the stranger protested. "I'm just an errand buck, man! They don't tell me spraint!"

"Let's start with maybe who 'they' are," Burnside suggested.

Quote:>Estvan: Be puffing about a dozen of those weedsticks all at once with no effect. You've been around awhile. Everyone else is just a lightweight.

[Image: 0124holdon_zpscmpjtfgz.gif]

"Not meanin' to usurp your command, boyo," Estvan muttered as he clapped his hand on my shoulder. "But begorrah, I can't stand by an' watch an elf bein' tortured. Sure an' the Antglade an' the Sisterhood may be comfortable with such Unseelie acts, but it isn't my style at all, at all."

"HOWW ARE YOU STILL FFFUNCTIONING WITH ALL THAAAT WEIRRRD WWWEED?" I asked, noticing three smoldering stubs in the old fox's mouth.

"Hudalaleigh, tis but a reminder of me youth. Back in the Long Ago, for fun we used to partake of such intoxicants as would knock you modern elves stone dead. Lightweights, ye are! Sure an' it'd be instructive as well as enlightenin' to show ye all how to properly indulge, but we haven't the time to waste. I'll take charge o' the surplus so you lot o' elflets don't hurt yourselves with it."


"Sure an' Buck Naked over there is too baked to tell ye much of use. He said he knew nothing, an' elves don't lie at all, at all. But that bonny hoof-lass might know quite a bit."


Quote:Estvan could do that bowl thing again to see into her thoughts.

[Image: 0124prank_zpsw055yfco.gif]

Estvan darted over to Miss Thompson's side and set a bowl of water on the ground next to her.

"Sure an' you'll recall there is a way to see what a sleeper is thinkin," he chuckled.
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