The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

Quote:>Adler: You know what, 10 points would be enough to win you the tournament. Put the invasion on hold for a moment. Studying the Dinner from female perspective will strengthen your use of Wiles!
Relda, win first prize! As a reward, be taken to Vulpitania, where you soon forget your true identity as Adler and live for the rest of your life as Relda Fauxfox, legendary Lengra-Cha pie fighting champion. Even get your own picture scroll to compete with SALV Krakenhoefer's.

[Image: 0404wickedthought_zpsdudte3ka.gif]

As I stood on stage in front of the contest judges, I started to feel giddy at the prospect of winning. Attending a fancy dinner in disguise as the beautiful Relda Fauxfox would give me a perfect chance to study Wiles from a female perspective! This might be my key to fame and fortune! Maybe they would take me back to Vulpitania and make me a star, with my own scrycast show and series of illuminated adventure scrolls!


Quote:>Giraffebabe contestant: Attract Estmere's interest.

[Image: 0404sweetthang_zpszafohieg.gif]

"Oh, hey there long, tall, and beautiful," Estmere schmoozed as he turned to look at the con-goers subduing Avogadro, and suddenly noticed a giraffe femme standing nearby. "How come you weren't in the pie dodging contest? I bet you'd do great. I would totally give you bonus points for form, no question."

"Oh, Your Majesty," the giraffe giggled bashfully.

"Are you here alone? You wanna get together later?"

Quote:>Adler: Rememberyou weren't here for pie avoiding contest but for a /secret/mission so y'know, stop atractng attention to yourself and get the heck away.
>Adler: Wait, what's you're brother doing at a convention? The city's right in the middle of a potential siege. He should be in a secure location. There's something sinister going on here and you need to find out what
Adler's army, fall into starvation as you wait for your leader to return.

[Image: 0404ohright_zpsuhqonnkg.gif]

As I watched my half-brother's sleazy yet effortless approach, I was suddenly reminded of my duty. What was I thinking earlier?? Was I seriously considering running off to Vulpitania to become a pie fighter? I was starting to get too comfortable with this disguise. I needed to get out of it and back to my normal self soon! Furthermore, I needed to find out why Estmere was out here judging a contest at a blatantly Vulpitanian convention while the city faced an impending siege. Shouldn't he be in a secure location? Something strange, perhaps even Unseelie, was going on!

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