The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5




Quote:Avogadro, go please your mistress. Do not mind doing unseelie things for her.
>Advogadro: Being the abused servant of an uncaring, shallow vixen is what your entire life has been leading up to. Don't squander it.
Avagadro: Prostrate yourself on the ground before Relda and promise her, her every wish and desire. Begin kissing her feet
Grovel at her feet

[Image: 0425avogrovel_zps0tvumuuj.gif]

Suddenly Sergeant Avogadro rushed onto the stage and threw himself at my feet.

"Oh my icy beauty," he whimpered while clutching my ankles. "My lady, I am yours to command. Anything you wish, be it Seelie, Unseelie, or venery-related, I will do it without hesitation."

"Get zis sniveling sycophant off der stage!" SALV Chesswick exclaimed. "Haff you been usink der Viles on him? Because you know, Viles is verboten in zis competition!"

"No," I protested. "I mean, not intentionally .."

Quote:Audience, bring your own pies and other pie-like pastries, the quality of which varies drastically. The contest must go on!
(Con-goers) Start to get rowdy, since the contest is being held up.

"Quit stalling!" someone in the audience called out.

"On to the next event!" another attendee yelled.

"Look, I told you people, the shipment of pies for the next event has been delayed!" Vulpsmarshal Sweetcheeks reiterated.

"No excuse!" another voice called out. "We've got pies! This is PieFight ValKon! Come on everybody - let 'em have your pies!"

Quote:>Fifi: Suffer a sudden wardrobe malfunction
>SALV Chesswick: Remind Fifi Fofox that she was disqualified for already attempting to use wiles on the judges and to get off the stage.
>Fifi: "But this outfit is cheaply made..." (That what you get for using wiles on a merchant of bootleg Pie Fight Valkerie goods, Fifi)
>Fifi: Wonders why Relda's outfit's still on, you both got the outfits from the same merchant.

The crowd was distracted from following through on this provocative invitation by a loud "YIPE!" from Fifi.

"SALV Fofox!" Alberta snapped. "Vhat did I chust say about Viles? You already missed out on der pie-dodgink. Do you vish to be disqvalified from der entire competition?"

[Image: 0425cameloose_zps38xluhyf.gif]

"It's not my fault!" Fifi gekkered. "It's this crummy cheap costume! Why didn't hers break too? We got them from the same sleazy vendor."
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