The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5



Quote:>Adler: Unfortunately, tripping over Lemmy gave Avogadro enough time to catch up. Wait, tripped over... Why is Lemmy here?!
>Avogadro: Begin strangling Lemmy and demanding why he is following your magnificent mistress.
(Lemmy) Squeal in pain as you're tripped over. Realize that does blow your cover.

[Image: 0627chokelemmy_zps7s0vllv6.gif]

As I picked myself up off the ground, I noticed (to my chagrin) that the fall had given Avogadro enough time to catch up to me. How was I going to get a chance to change back to my proper form with this lovelorn mole following me?

Avogadro lunged at Lemmy and began throttling him. "How dare you trip my beautiful mistress!" he shrieked.

Wait a minute .. LEMMY?? What was he doing here? I was tempted to intervene in the throttling and talk to him, but then I remembered that he was snooping for the Duchess now. His presence here might not bode well. As I thought about it further, I realized with dismay that me must have followed me all the way from the Antglade.

Quote:(SALV Faufox) Try to sneak away to change back.
>Adler: turn back into your true form

The Relda disguise had lost its usefulness. I quickly darted away while Avogadro and Lemmy were distracted. I ducked around the corner and into an ant-stable, where I transmogrified back into myself.

[Image: 0627news_zpskwetspi9.gif]

"Sire, distressing news!" an Ixie informed me almost immediately. "We have been searching for thee! His Majesty, thy brother Estmere, is in the Hall of Ancestors with the fox-Scuti and the Queen, and one of our sisters who hath been hoodwinked into telling him the dreadful truth about himself! He faces the ultimate crisis, and we knew that thou wouldst wish to intervene if possible. Hurry! There is little time."
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