The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5


Quote:>Adler: You are too angry to think rationally.
Everyone at the pie fight: Feel the palpable hate coming off of Adler's Aura
Adler: Anyone who gets in your way shall feel the wrath of your mighty backhand
Valkon Attendants: Feel the backhand


The flying pies were getting on my nerves, so I let the ValKon attendees feel my Wrath, and stalked on toward the gate. This was no time for fooling around! I had a crown to secure, and a long list of wrongdoers to punish .. and I was going to need my army to get that done.

Quote:>Adler: Right when you are about to step through the gate and leave the city, a certain someone steps out of the shadows


I had just reached the gate when I heard a familiar voice from a shadowy archway nearby.

"Nice work, Your Highness," Lemmy muttered. "The Duchess will be pleased, but I have to say I'm extremely disappointed. He was your brother."

"You talk as if I've done something Unseelie," I growled. "They killed him before I could stop them."

"So the King is really dead then?" he asked with a note of surprise mixed with sadness. "This is a dirty business indeed. And what about all those pie fighters?"

"They got what was coming to them," I growled. "They should never have raised a pastry to me. Is this all going in your report to your mistress?"

"I'm a family elf," Lemmy shrugged. "You left me there, and now I've got more important things to care about. I'll tell the Duchess something, not everything .. and meanwhile .. you be careful. You're not crowned yet."

The opossum ducked into the shadows and vanished. He had gotten a lot better at Snooping over the years!

I could see the scrying tower from here, so I pooked directly to it.

Quote:>Burnside and Ms. Thomson: Be pleased to inform Adler that you've gotten all the soldiers sober and in fighting form.
Proudly declare to your beloved king-to-be ... that you are but a scant few meals away from being ready.
(Royal Floozies) Update your resumes, and speculate as to the new King's mojo.


Burnside and Ms. Thomson greeted me as soon as I arrived.

"Your troops are sobered up and in good order, Your Highness," Thomson stated, with a salute.

"They's only three meals from bein' ready to take the city," Burnside declared proudly. "We reckon that's enough time for you to do venery with us, at least one time each. Maybe more since you got a mean look in yer eye that sez the ol' Irenaeid Mojo is workin."
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