The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

When I returned to the scrying tower, I approached the alchemy set in the corner and began to examine it.

(What?  Did I forget to mention that there was an alchemy set in the corner of the scrying tower?  Well, there was.  It had been there the whole time!  Can't think why I never pointed it out before now...)


Alchemy, as far as I understood it, was very similar to cooking.  If I could make a stew, then I could most certainly make an alchemical concoction!  These vessels looked quite a bit different from any food-preparation apparatus I had ever seen .. but the principles were essentially the same .. weren't they?

I could tell right away that I would need much larger containers to process the lowfolk exploding powder in the quantities I would need for my war effort.  Where could I get larger containers?  Maybe I could figure out a way to apport them from the Royal Kitchen ...

I would also need to apport the powder here from where I had stowed it in the stone circle outside the Gate.


My musings were suddenly interrupted by Angela Weakflit chirping:  "What R U thinking about, Ur Higness??"

"How did you get in here?" I asked.

"I followed U, LOL," she giggled.  "I just want 2 say I M Xtreemly grateful 2 U 4 teh transmog.  Ill B 4evar N Ur debt & I M ready 2 serve U N any way I can."

"Well, I appreciate that, but I really meant for you to advise my War Marshal and Minister of Disinformation regarding their most effective strategy.."

"& I do meen ANY way," Angela reiterated.  "*WONK WONK*"


Then she landed on my shoulder and whispered into my ear things that I won't repeat here; things that would have made even Sheila na Gig blush!

"Th-that would be incest," I stammered.  "You're one of my daughters .. or granddaughters by now, maybe."

"Nope," she asserted with a grin.  "Im knot related, witch is another reason teh Ominous Orse wouldnt let me join @ 1st.  Now Im N & I got a sweet Ixie bod thanks 2 U .. & I want 2 no if its true what I herd about Ur legendary Mojo."
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