The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5
RE: The Ballad of Adler Young, Canto 2.5

Quote:>Angela: Eep! Quickly make yourself scarce. You recognize this guy and he might recognize you.
Adler: Crap! Sam is here! Quick run from this terrible linguist, hide behind a nearby rock!


"OH NOES," Angela squeaked. "I think I totes know this guy & it will B super awkward if he recognizes me! L8R, Adler." She fluttered away behind me.

I too recognized Adoyret Sam, but did he know that I knew who he was? Either way, he was undoubtedly here on a sinister mission on behalf of whatever remained of the Vulpitanian government. Assassination perhaps? I needed to hide!

I stuffed the plate of food into my Elfintory and dashed behind the dolmen mound, where I crouched down and started thinking of mushrooms.

"Pick another hiding place!" Angela whispered from a tuft of grass. "I already got this 1! Or @ teh very leest U should strip down, Bcause who ever herd of a mushroom w/ clothes on?"

Quote:>Sam: Adler's vixen form was very attractive to you, very attractive indeed
>Angela: Also be unsubtly disappointed that Adler is clothed again


I didn't have time to consider this, nor ask how she could see me, before the Adoyret poked his head around the side of the mound.

"Now just embarrassing this is," he muttered. "Completely see you, I can. Up from there you must get."

"No way," I muttered in what I hoped was a mushroom voice. "How could you possibly have noticed me?"

"Ham, all is," Sam declared. "In the light of the Ham-Seeing Eye, like a sore thumb mushrooms stick out. Especially wearing clothes."

"Told U," Angela whispered. "U should of stripped."

"Only in your Fauxfox disguise," Sam muttered, looking around suspiciously. "SALV Weakflit I hear, but see I do not. Abandoned her mission, we assumed she had."

What was he insinuating?? Was he suggesting that Angela was a Vulpitanian agent?

Quote:>Adler: "You! YOU!! You're here to manipulate me aren't you?! Well, not if I manipulate you first!" * run in circles around him while waving your hands around*
Sam: Pinch your forehead in disdain, you know this idiot is part of Fuma's divine plan but seriously question your faith for half a second

"ALL RIGHT!" I yelled, jumping to my feet. "ENOUGH FUN AND GAMES! I can guess why you're here, Sam! Either to kill me or manipulate me .. but what if I manipulate YOU first?"


I proceeded to run in circles around him, waving my hands in a bewildering manner and projecting my Elfmind as hard as I could.


Quote:>Sam: "Good at this, you are not." Since Adler is paramount to Fuma's divine plan, you must assist him in any way you can. And from the looks of things, you will be doing a herculean amount of assisting. You're going to have to teach Adler the fine art of manipulation and not being stupid.
While Adler being incompetent is funny, he should learn from his experiences and be more cautious in the future.
>Adler: Start a cult


"This foolishness, cease at once!" Sam barked. He reached out, and with one deft motion snatched the false mustache off of my face. I stopped, mid-caper, and stared at him in shock. What had I been doing? What madness had overtaken me?

"That SALV Weakflit was indeed here, this mustache proves," Sam said, as he wagged the item scoldingly at me. "But to the Ham-Seeing Eye, The Plan reveals much which to the lowland SALVs it does not. Still vital to The Plan you are, Adler. Bumble you must not! Flail like a nincompoop you must not! So, teach you I will! Learn to fight you must. Learn to influence lowfolk you must. Get started right away we shall!"
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